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Nearly Hard as Steel: Aluminum with Fullerenes 17 July 2010
NY TIMES July 13, 2010 on Hologram Universe 16 July 2010
Topological Computation With Anyons in 2D Quantum Wells & Our Future Cosmic Horizon 16 July 2010
Rockefeller Foundation Study: Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development 16 July 2010
Single star count ups odds of ET 16 July 2010
DOE Researchers Take Major Stride Towards Creating Room Temperature Superconductors 16 July 2010
Dreams of other planets starting to hold water 16 July 2010
Royal Air Force's New Super Drone Hunts Bad Boys 15 July 2010
Topological insulators: Star material 15 July 2010
Quantum entanglement holds together life's blueprint 15 July 2010
Our Eavesdropping-on-ET Strategy Not Likely to Work 15 July 2010
Quantum memory takes a leap forward 14 July 2010
John Bell and the Nature of Reality 14 July 2010
New research may solve key problem in physics 14 July 2010
Key advance in understanding 'pseudogap' phase in high-Tc superconductors 14 July 2010
Rainbow Trapping in Light Pulses 13 July 2010
Remote Terahertz Scanners Could See What's in Your Pockets From Miles Away 13 July 2010
Whisker Stimulation Prevents Strokes in Rats; Similar Stimulation May Also Work in Humans 13 July 2010
For a Proton, a Little Off the Top (or Side) Could Be Big Trouble 13 July 2010
Antiaging protein also boosts learning and memory 13 July 2010
Why Our Universe Must Have Been Born Inside a Black Hole - crank idea? 13 July 2010
Perturbing Discovery: Does an Exoplanet's Orbital Oddity Reveal a Neighboring World? 13 July 2010
Higgs discovery rumour unfounded 13 July 2010
Huge telescope will struggle to find extraterrestrial life 13 July 2010
Long odds of finding ET, say researchers 13 July 2010
Sun's dark matter trap 13 July 2010
Higgs found at LHC? - a new rumor. 12 July 2010
Is Gravity Real? A Scientist Takes On Newton 12 July 2010
Revised theory of gravity doesn't predict a Big Bang 12 July 2010
UT professor leery of new cosmic claim 12 July 2010
Quantum Theory is for CSI Pathologists and Morticians 11 July 2010
Nanogenerators for energy harvesting technology 10 July 2010
My dark matter theory passes an observational test that could have proved it wrong 09 July 2010
Dark Matter May Be Building Up Inside the Sun 09 July 2010
The Destiny of the Universe - Sarfatti's idea swiped? 09 July 2010
A New Way to Find Earths 09 July 2010
A new ultrabright source of entangled photon pairs 09 July 2010
Improvement of superconductors within reach 09 July 2010
Quantum non-demolition measurement allows physicists to count photons without destroying them 09 July 2010
Superconductors carry record current flow 09 July 2010
Soviet Use of Nuclear Devices to Put Out Gas Well Fires 09 July 2010
Chemical Makes Brain Cells Grow, Thwarts Mental Decline in Aging Rats 08 July 2010
Scalable Quantum Computer Chip Technique Revealed 08 July 2010
Fluorine could energize fuel cells, superconductors 08 July 2010
NASA's future Mars rover will be better equipped to find Martian life 08 July 2010
Superconductivity: Revelations of the fullerenes 08 July 2010
‘Horrendously Intense’ Laser Shrinks the Proton 08 July 2010
The Fight for Survival as the World Overheats 08 July 2010
Bridge to the Quantum World 06 July 2010
JILA Team Finds New Parallel Between Cold Gases and 'Hot' Superconductors 06 July 2010
Incredible New Microwave Map of the Entire Sky 06 July 2010
A pinch of light: Laser 'tweezers' for medicine, communications and harvesting energy 06 July 2010
How to Time Travel 06 July 2010
Cassini to Dive Low through Titan Atmosphere 06 July 2010
Shocking results from diamond anvil cell experiments 06 July 2010
With Magnetic Nanoparticles, Scientists Remotely Control Neurons and Animal Behavior (w/ Video) 06 July 2010
Physicist Predicts Gravitational Analogue Of Electrical Transformers 06 July 2010
Red dwarfs may be safe havens for extraterrestrial life 06 July 2010
David Bohm's book "Undivided Universe" free online 05 July 2010
Methane releases in arctic seas could wreak devastation 05 July 2010
Japanese lab finds 'minute particles' in asteroid pod 05 July 2010
Planck satellite unveils the Universe -- now and then (w/ Video) 05 July 2010
Could some entangled states be useless for quantum cryptography? 05 July 2010
It's too late to worry that the aliens will find us 05 July 2010
From sea to sky: Submarines that fly 05 July 2010
What may be lurking under Europa's ice? 05 July 2010
Stem cells from blood a 'huge' milestone 04 July 2010
Researchers use super-high pressures to create super battery 04 July 2010
Study shows how sunlight on Titan yields life-precursor compounds 04 July 2010
Diary: David Kaiser 04 July 2010
Radiationless Bohr Orbits with advanced potentials 1924 04 July 2010
Causality and Scattering Dispersion Relations John Toll 04 July 2010
Time and the Multiverse 02 July 2010
Search for the bridge to the quantum world 02 July 2010
Humanoid Robots on the Moon in 1,000 Days? 02 July 2010
Costs of an Interstellar Probe 02 July 2010
A trip through Weinberg's world 01 July 2010
'Immigrants' Make Up Galaxy's Oldest Stars 01 July 2010
The Parallel Universe Experiment 01 July 2010
"First" Picture of Planet Orbiting Sunlike Star Confirmed 01 July 2010
Making lemonade with quantum lemons 01 July 2010
How 'spooky' quantum mechanical laws may affect everyday objects (Update) 01 July 2010
Graphene 2.0: A new approach to making a unique material 01 July 2010
Scientists find planet with sun-like star 01 July 2010
World’s Most Intense X-Ray Laser Takes First Shots 01 July 2010
Large Hadron Collider gains pace: CERN 29 June 2010
Voyager 2 at 12,000 Days: The Super-Marathon Continues 29 June 2010
Diamonds and the holy grail of quantum computing 29 June 2010
Schrödinger's kit: Tools that are in two places at once 29 June 2010
Obama declares war on space junk 29 June 2010
Trouble With Physics? 28 June 2010
China pushing the envelope on science, and sometimes ethics 28 June 2010
Quantum Entanglement Holds DNA Together, Say Physicists 28 June 2010
Looking at the Earth Through Extraterrestrial Eyes 28 June 2010
latex equation tests 27 June 2010
New Clues Suggest Wet Era on Early Mars Was Global 27 June 2010
Physicists explain why superconductors fail to produce super currents 27 June 2010
Most Efficient Quantum Memory for Light Developed 27 June 2010
Harnessing Power From Space 27 June 2010
Harnessing Power From Space 27 June 2010