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Astronomers discover a star that would not die 08 November 2017
Dark-matter hunt fails to find the elusive particles 08 November 2017
Hard computing problem might be solvable only by quantum computers 08 November 2017
What Happens If China Makes First Contact? 08 November 2017
Are there other planets like Earth? Nasa reveals planets for aliens and human life 07 November 2017
The future is fusion 07 November 2017
A new concept for a unidirectional waveguide 07 November 2017
We’ve figured out how to ensure quantum computers can be trusted 07 November 2017
Hand-drawn organic photovoltaics 07 November 2017
Experiment Backs Up Bogoliubov Theory 07 November 2017
Need entangled atoms? Get 'Em FAST! with NIST's new patent-pending method 07 November 2017
Two-dimensional materials unlock the path to ultra-low-power transistors 07 November 2017
Earth’s Nearest Neighbor May Harbor More Planets 07 November 2017
Laser Weapons May Arm Air Force Fighter Jets 07 November 2017
The Subatomic Discovery That Physicists Considered Keeping Secret 07 November 2017
Observing Curved-Space Quantum Physics in Nano-Sized Metals 07 November 2017
Can Sapphire Crystals Capture Exotic Dark Matter? 07 November 2017
Scientists identify mechanism that helps us inhibit unwanted thoughts 06 November 2017
Beyond good vibrations: New insights into metamaterial magic 06 November 2017
Doubly Magic Nickel 06 November 2017
Enceladus’s hot, gritty core may cook up ingredients for life 06 November 2017
Researchers develop data bus for quantum computer 06 November 2017
Black holes with 'dreadlocks' offer insight into quantum matter 06 November 2017
‘Discovery’ in nuclear fusion produced by melting quarks 06 November 2017
Scientists find potential 'missing link' in chemistry that led to life on Earth 06 November 2017
Cells driving gecko's ability to re-grow its tail identified 05 November 2017
Quantum Computing: Superconductors vs Time Crystals 04 November 2017
How to Build a Robot That Wants to Change the World 04 November 2017
Mail-Order CRISPR Kits Allow Absolutely Anyone to Hack DNA 04 November 2017
Cosmic-ray particles reveal secret chamber in Egypt's Great Pyramid 03 November 2017
Study unveils changes in the brain during extended missions in space 03 November 2017
NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Will Have 23 Cameras 03 November 2017
The new thermodynamics: how quantum physics is bending the rules 03 November 2017
Another close-by planetary system? 03 November 2017
Physicists show how lifeless particles can become 'life-like' by switching behaviors 03 November 2017
New and faster method to determine material properties of graphene 03 November 2017
Alien Communication: Here’s What Messages From Extraterrestrial Civilizations Would Look Like 03 November 2017
Astronomers race to learn from first interstellar asteroid ever seen 01 November 2017
Earth-sized alien worlds are out there. Now, astronomers are figuring out how to detect life on them 01 November 2017
One step closer to defining dark matter, GPS satellite atomic clocks on the hunt 01 November 2017
Eugenics 2.0: We’re at the Dawn of Choosing Embryos by Health, Height, and More 01 November 2017
Theoretical Physicists Are Getting Closer to Explaining How NASA’s ‘Impossible’ EmDrive Works 01 November 2017
What would aliens look like? More similar to us than people realise, scientists suggest 01 November 2017
10 Spacetime Mysteries That Quantum Gravity Could Solve 01 November 2017
Theoretical physicists get closer to explaining how NASA’s ‘impossible’ EmDrive works 31 October 2017
We Can’t Alter The Flow of Time But, According to Physics, We Can Bend It 31 October 2017
Quantum control of chemical reactions achieved with electrons for the first time 31 October 2017
Connecting Higgs to Dark Matter 31 October 2017
Lens trick doubles odds for quantum interaction 31 October 2017
Photons are caught behaving like superconducting electrons 31 October 2017
Graphene enables high-speed electronics on flexible materials 31 October 2017
Thermoelectric power: New ways to power portable electronics, sensors 31 October 2017
We may have found 20 habitable worlds hiding in plain sight 31 October 2017
On the hunt for new and peculiar superconductors 31 October 2017
A Timeline for Humanity’s Colonization of Space 31 October 2017
Tilting at Windmills?: The Relentless Hunt for Dark Matter 30 October 2017
Colliding Neutron Stars Could Settle the Biggest Debate in Cosmology 30 October 2017
Spider silk could be used to power microphones in hearing aids, cell phones 30 October 2017
Combatting viruses: Code breakers turn code writers 30 October 2017
Cobalt and tungsten key to cheaper, cleaner hydrogen 30 October 2017
It's mathematically impossible to beat aging, scientists say (that doesn't mean that aging cannot be significantly slowed down) 30 October 2017
3D printing doubles the strength of stainless steel 30 October 2017
Teleportation and traversible wormholes are all real 29 October 2017
Physicists create first 'topological' laser 28 October 2017
Scientists Have Discovered a New Material That Could be Crucial to Quantum Computers 28 October 2017
The physics of time travel isn’t just the stuff of science fiction 28 October 2017
Astronomers capture first visiting object from outside our solar system 28 October 2017
Steven Weinberg: Science’s Path From Myth to Multiverse 27 October 2017
An interstellar asteroid might have just been spotted for the first time 27 October 2017
A Nearby Neutron Star Collision Could Cause Calamity on Earth 27 October 2017
Space changes how your brain thinks and it starts right away 27 October 2017
New technique produces tunable, nanoporous materials 27 October 2017
Russian scientists find flaws in popular theories of gravity 27 October 2017
Inside the race to get the first nuclear fusion reactor on the power grid 27 October 2017
Here’s What a World Powered by Quantum Computers Will Look Like 27 October 2017
How quantum materials may soon make Star Trek technology reality 27 October 2017
Poking a Dimple in a Black Hole Shows Explicitly that Black Hole Complementarity Violates Causality 25 October 2017
Space-Based Test Proves Light's Quantum Weirdness 25 October 2017
To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells 25 October 2017
Extraordinarily strong nonlinear optical graphene-like material could renovate nonlinear photonics 25 October 2017
Laser beams for superconductivity: Research sheds light on unexpected physical phenomena 25 October 2017
Novel CRISPR-derived 'base editors' surgically alter DNA or RNA, offering new ways to fix mutations 25 October 2017
Silicon waveguide shows zero refractive index 25 October 2017
Rapid cellphone charging getting closer to reality 25 October 2017
A quantum spin liquid 25 October 2017
Saturn Moons Stained by Enceladus’ ‘Ingredients for Life’ 25 October 2017
Ion plasma thruster for Mars mission breaks records 25 October 2017
"Strange, Saturn-Sized Alien Moon May Be a Harbinger of Habitable Worlds" 25 October 2017
What detecting gravitational waves means for the expansion of the universe 25 October 2017
Has liquid metallic hydrogen on Jupiter been recreated in the lab? 24 October 2017
Charged wormholes in f(R,T) extended theory of gravity 24 October 2017
How we could make oxygen on Mars, plus fuel to get home 24 October 2017
Possible exomoon may be an ocean-covered world as big as Saturn 23 October 2017
Resistive memory components the computer industry can't resist 23 October 2017
Taming 'wild' electrons in graphene 23 October 2017
Newfound Wormhole Allows Information to Escape Black Holes 23 October 2017
Quantum Machine Goes in Search of the Higgs Boson 22 October 2017
Fermi’s Paradox finished? Perhaps ET is abundant and we just can’t see it 22 October 2017
Intel Nervana NNP: first neural network processor to revolutionize AI computing 21 October 2017
Is Einsteinian no-signalling violated in Bell Tests? 20 October 2017