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Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles 16 April 2018
Ultra-Accurate Clocks Lead Search for New Laws of Physics 16 April 2018
For the first time, researchers place an electron in a dual state—neither freed nor bound 16 April 2018
Wormholes Could Cast Weird Shadows That Could Be Seen by Telescopes 16 April 2018
Some superconductors can also carry currents of 'spin' 16 April 2018
We think we're the first advanced earthlings—but how do we really know? 16 April 2018
‘It’s going to happen’: is the world ready for war in space? 15 April 2018
How the Universe Got Its Big Bounce Back 14 April 2018
Could holey silicon be the holy grail of electronics? 14 April 2018
Russia Also Planning To Send Humans To The Moon 14 April 2018
Trouble Detected in Infamous Dark Matter Signal 14 April 2018
America Needs To Join The International Artificial Intelligence Arms Race, Claims The Pentagon’s Top Scientist 14 April 2018
'There is no such thing as past or future': physicist Carlo Rovelli on changing how we think about time 14 April 2018
A Spooky Quantum Experiment Creates What May Be the Most Entangled Controllable Device Yet 14 April 2018
China is deploying metamaterials and railguns using SR-71 like development speed and flexibility 14 April 2018
Scientists find 'SEMI-INFINITE' trove of rare-earth materials in shock discovery in Japan 12 April 2018
Plan for quantum supremacy 12 April 2018
Stretching Graphene Localizes its Electrons 12 April 2018
Deep learning transforms smartphone microscopes into laboratory-grade devices 12 April 2018
What if a nuke goes off in Washington, D.C.? Simulations of artificial societies help planners cope with the unthinkable 12 April 2018
A physicist probes the metaphysical 12 April 2018
Scientists build custom molecules with optical tweezers 12 April 2018
NASA readies ALIEN hunting spaceship and promises BOMBSHELL discovery 12 April 2018
Are viruses the new frontier for astrobiology? 12 April 2018
ET Won’t Phone Home: Psychologists Say SETI Has Faulty Alien Contact Methods 12 April 2018
Superconductivity spotted in a quasicrystal 11 April 2018
What is Alpha Centauri hiding? Searches for Earth-like planets ramp up around our nearest stellar neighbor 11 April 2018
Researchers engineer new pathways for self-assembled nanostructures 11 April 2018
'Everything-repellent' coating could kidproof phones, homes 11 April 2018
The thermodynamics of computing 11 April 2018
Five Years After The Higgs, What Else Has The LHC Found? 11 April 2018
The Russians Are Jamming US Drones in Syria Because They Have Every Reason To Be 10 April 2018
Polarization has strong impact on electrons, study shows 10 April 2018
Robust and inexpensive catalysts for hydrogen production 10 April 2018
Is photosynthesis a quantum phenomenon? 10 April 2018
Thin engineered material perfectly redirects and reflects sound 10 April 2018
Psychological Weapons of Mass Persuasion 10 April 2018
New Brain Maps With Unmatched Detail May Change Neuroscience 10 April 2018
A cosmic gorilla effect could blind the detection of aliens 10 April 2018
Bitcoin would be a calamity, not an economy 10 April 2018
Once-Hot Material Graphene Could Be Next Battery Breakthrough 10 April 2018
How Close are we to Quantum Infrastructure? An Introduction 09 April 2018
Silicon-based quantum dots have a path to scalable quantum computing 09 April 2018
China gaining momentum in quantum-computing arms race 09 April 2018
Why nuclear fusion is gaining steam – again 09 April 2018
The search for mysterious dark matter underdogs steps up 09 April 2018
Homing in on Axions? 09 April 2018
Solid research leads physicists to propose new state of matter 09 April 2018
Study Casts Doubt on Existence of a Potential “Earth 2.0” 09 April 2018
f a Cosmic Bubble Destroys the Universe, Scientists Now Know When It’ll Happen 09 April 2018
Trump administration seeks authority to intercept drone communications to thwart domestic attacks 09 April 2018
New Charge Quantum Interference Device developed 09 April 2018
A different spin on superconductivity 08 April 2018
Thermoelectric nanodevice based on Majorana fermions is proposed 08 April 2018
Researchers Create A New Type Of Superconductor Thanks To Graphene And The ‘Magic Angle’ 08 April 2018
First Rechargeable Battery Uses Cheap Carbon Instead Of Lithium 08 April 2018
David Deutsch Research Papers 08 April 2018
What life wants 07 April 2018
Sarfatti on Bohm in Iran, the USS Nimitz Close Encounter, and Conscious AI 07 April 2018
AI Experts Threaten to Boycott a University Over Reports of Killer Robot Research 06 April 2018
Why AI isn’t going to solve Facebook’s fake news problem 06 April 2018
So many new and exotic materials 06 April 2018
Creating a 2-D platinum magnet 06 April 2018
Elon Musk Worries That AI Research Will Create an 'Immortal Dictator' 06 April 2018
Dark matter might not be interactive after all 06 April 2018
The Scientific Paper Is Obsolete 06 April 2018
Time, the arrow of time, and Quantum Mechanics 05 April 2018
Human brains make new nerve cells — and lots of them — well into old age 05 April 2018
How do very small particles behave at very high temperatures? 05 April 2018
Are Water Worlds Habitable? 05 April 2018
Physicists zoom in on mysterious ‘missing’ antimatter 05 April 2018
The Drake Equation Is Broken; Here's How To Fix It 05 April 2018
Substantial Lack Of Phosphorus In The Universe Makes Finding Alien Life Unlikely 05 April 2018
Study suggests the elusive neutrino could make up a significant part of dark matter 05 April 2018
How the DNA Computer Program Makes You and Me 05 April 2018
Smart ink adds new dimensions to 3-D printing 05 April 2018
Irreproducible astronomy 04 April 2018
Earth's stable temperature past suggests other planets could also sustain life 04 April 2018
Breakthrough made in atomically thin magnets 04 April 2018
Resisting Technology, Appalachian Style 04 April 2018
Tens of thousands of black holes may exist in Milky Way's center 04 April 2018
“Frogs” and “mushrooms” bubble up in quantum fluids 04 April 2018
Space travel may hold the key to cardiac repair 04 April 2018
Apple Hires Google’s A.I. Chief 04 April 2018
Google Workers Urge C.E.O. to Pull Out of Pentagon A.I. Project 04 April 2018
A self-sustained traversable scale-dependent wormhole 04 April 2018
Ames Laboratory Researchers Use 3D Printed Manifold in Advanced Magnetocaloric Cooling System 04 April 2018
X-rays could sterilise alien planets in otherwise habitable zones 04 April 2018
Challenges and Characteristics of Intelligent Autonomy for Internet of Battle Things in Highly Adversarial Environments 04 April 2018
DARPA is looking for new technologies to improve autonomous drone SWARMS 04 April 2018
IBM is changing the way computers think 04 April 2018
Creating new materials: from the quantum level to the car battery 04 April 2018
Artificial intelligence may help predict alien life: study 04 April 2018
NAU physicist contributes to new optomechanical theory with potential application in quantum computing 02 April 2018
Researchers engineer yeast to manufacture complex medicine 02 April 2018
Wave Trick May Lead to Wireless Charging at a Distance 02 April 2018
Shadows of rotating wormholes 02 April 2018
Nuclear weapons dangers and policy options 02 April 2018
Why getting back to the moon is so damn hard 02 April 2018
Easing uncertainty: How Heisenberg's uncertainty principle can be relaxed 02 April 2018