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A Neuroscientist Explores the "Sanskrit Effect" 03 January 2018
Your computer may run 30 per cent slower due to Intel chip bug 03 January 2018
Why Telepathic Based Technology Could Start Emerging In The Very Near Future 03 January 2018
UFO Investigations: The Science And The Will To Believe 03 January 2018
Scientists Still Don't Know How Fast The Universe Is Expanding 03 January 2018
The strangest star in the sky finally has an explanation for its flicker 03 January 2018
Wafer-Thin 'Metalens' Uses Nanotech to Blow Glass Out of the Water 02 January 2018
Top space boffin says UFO which chased US jets may be ‘HYPERSONIC drone’ – or ALIENS 02 January 2018
Are these scientists about to SWITCH-OFF GRAVITY - and if they do what will happen? 02 January 2018
Messages From The Future 02 January 2018
3 Brain Technologies to Watch in 2018 01 January 2018
High-TC Superconductivity in Ultra-thin Crystals: Implications for Microscopic Theory 01 January 2018
Air Force Could Test "Flying Aircraft Carriers" as Early as Next Year 01 January 2018
Arrow of time and its reversal on IBM quantum computer 01 January 2018
Are Aliens Zoo Keepers and secretly monitor our activities? Here’s what eye-popping ‘Zoo Theory’ say 01 January 2018
Here's What Will Happen 10,000 Years From Now, According to Science 01 January 2018
More on 2004 USS NIMITZ UFO ENCOUNTER 29 December 2017
Anyone Out There? METI Scientists Message Alien World 29 December 2017
Atmospheric escape from the TRAPPIST-1 planets and implications for habitability 29 December 2017
How scientists are expanding the spectrum for SETI and the search for alien life 29 December 2017
Non-Abelian braiding of Majorana time crystals 29 December 2017
Can Bose-Einstein condensates simulate cosmic inflation? 29 December 2017
3D Imaging of Hopping Molecules 29 December 2017
Bose–Einstein condensation in the blink of an eye 29 December 2017
Google offers update on its human-like text-to-speech system 29 December 2017
Is the James Webb Space Telescope "Too Big to Fail?" 29 December 2017
Forget lithium-ion — this graphene-based power pack recharges insanely fast 29 December 2017
The science behind the Pentagon UFO study 29 December 2017
The Guardian view on quantum computing: the new space race 29 December 2017
The strange lonk between the human mind and quantum physics 29 December 2017
USS Nimitz UFO Encounter 2004 28 December 2017
Bitcoin’s insane energy consumption, explained 27 December 2017
Dynamical Casimir effect and the possibility of laser-like generation of gravitational radiation 27 December 2017
Nuclear Masses Don’t Add Up 27 December 2017
Boosting solar energy conversion with nanofluids 27 December 2017
A new strategy for efficient hydrogen production 27 December 2017
Thermoelectric power generation at room temperature: Coming soon? 27 December 2017
A powerful guiding principle for topological quantum synthesis 27 December 2017
Everything we learned about (probable) aliens in 2017 27 December 2017
Berkeley Builds Shape-shifting Molecular Memory 27 December 2017
Discussion Eric Davis, Larry Lemke NASA ret on NY Times UFO 23 December 2017
Experts fear alien invasion would be more like 'Independence Day' than 'E.T.' 23 December 2017
A particle like slow light 22 December 2017
Electro-mechanical Casimir effect 22 December 2017
Quantum solid state superconductor coupling achieved 22 December 2017
Researchers chart the 'secret' movement of quantum particles 22 December 2017
The Truth About Those 'Alien Alloys' in The New York Times' UFO Story 22 December 2017
Physicists find evidence of an exotic state of matter 22 December 2017
Interstellar communication. VI. Searching X-ray spectra for narrowband communication 21 December 2017
These 2017 discoveries could be big news, if they turn out to be true 21 December 2017
New lensless camera creates detailed 3-D images without scanning 21 December 2017
We Have Souls, and So Do Crows 21 December 2017
Powerful new tool for looking for life beyond Earth 21 December 2017
Where Will NASA Go Next? Saturn's Moon Titan, or Maybe a Comet 21 December 2017
Mysterious X-Ray Signal from Perseus Galaxy Cluster Points to Dark Matter 21 December 2017
The origin of water's unusual properties found 21 December 2017
How humans might outlive Earth, the sun...and even the universe 21 December 2017
US Senator who set up Pentagon’s secret UFO unit: 'Now we have scientific evidence’ 21 December 2017
The Truth Is Out There 21 December 2017
Future Exoplanet Research: Science Questions and How to Address Them 21 December 2017
North Korea could create 'new SUPERHUMAN species with robot DNA to WIPE US OUT' 20 December 2017
Integrated circuits could make quantum computers massively scalable 20 December 2017
Chemists go 'back to the future' to untangle quantum dot mystery 20 December 2017
Inflammation drives progression of Alzheimer's 20 December 2017
Study: Simple Life Forms are Common throughout Universe 20 December 2017
Mars: Not as dry as it seems 20 December 2017
Has NASA cracked the mystery of dark matter? Researchers analysing X-ray data say unexplained energy spike could be 'hugely important' 20 December 2017
Graphene-based wearable e-textiles move closer to commercial production 19 December 2017
Interstellar object may hold 'alien' water 19 December 2017
Could Bitcoin technology help science? 19 December 2017
'Weyl-Kondo semimetal': Physicists discover new type of quantum material 19 December 2017
Physicists found the temperature at which carbon nanotubes become superconductors 19 December 2017
How quantum computing will change the world 19 December 2017
Theorists propose conditions needed to search for new form of matter 19 December 2017
Aliens FOUND? Nearby star system ‘almost CERTAINLY’ has mini planets raising hopes of Life 19 December 2017
We Shouldn’t Be Looking for Aliens. We Should Be Hiding From Them 19 December 2017
The Search for Life on Mars Should Go Underground, Scientists Say 18 December 2017
Reining in Alternative Gravity 18 December 2017
Engineers produce breakthrough sensor for photography, life sciences, security 18 December 2017
Luminescent paint makes LiFi networks more secure 18 December 2017
Process to transition two-layer graphene into diamond-hard material on impact discovered 18 December 2017
Floating solar fuels rig created for seawater electrolysis 18 December 2017
Alien object 'Oumuama was a natural body visiting from another solar system 18 December 2017
"Laws of Physics May Be a Sign of Extremely Advanced Alien Intelligence" 18 December 2017
Video—Nuclear Fusion in Hi-Def 17 December 2017
Graphene in zero G promises success in space 17 December 2017
Graphene Running Shoes Could up Your Jogging Potential 17 December 2017
Online Workshop Conscious AI 16 December 2017
The sun is blank, NASA data shows it to be dimming 16 December 2017
Why Don't We Have a 'Star Wars' Hyperdrive Yet? 16 December 2017
Prototype for two beam laser fusion system within a decade if no major hurdles arise 16 December 2017
Rapid Communication: Quasi-gedanken experiment challenging the no-signalling theorem 16 December 2017
Interstellar Visitor Stays Silent: for Now, No Signs of Aliens on ‘Oumuamua 14 December 2017
Doing without dark energy: Mathematicians propose alternative explanation for cosmic acceleration 14 December 2017
Physicists show feasibility of building a trapped Rydberg ion quantum computer 13 December 2017
Laser driven hydrogen-boron fusion is now within reach say researchers 13 December 2017
Long-lived storage of a photonic qubit for worldwide teleportation 13 December 2017
Mars mission sheds light on habitability of distant planets 13 December 2017
Oumuamua: Why scientists are scanning an object flying past Earth for proof of alien technology 13 December 2017
Engineers create artificial graphene in a nanofabricated semiconductor structure 13 December 2017