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U.S. powerless to fight drone attacks, top official says 25 September 2018
Chemical engineers first to functionalize boron nitride with other nanosystems 25 September 2018
Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics will be proved wrong in the future... 25 September 2018
Scientists discover new mechanism for information storage in one atom 25 September 2018
Superconducting and diamond qubits get a boost 25 September 2018
Solar Gamma Rays Behaving Strangely 25 September 2018
‘Quantum Atmospheres’ May Reveal Secrets of Matter 25 September 2018
Understanding the Fermi Paradox and the Drake Equation 25 September 2018
Wigner crystal -- not Mott insulator -- in 'magic-angle' graphene 25 September 2018
If Extra Dimensions Do Exist, They Must Be Really, Really Small 25 September 2018
A quantum leap toward expanding the search for dark matter 25 September 2018
Worried about AI taking over the world? You may be making some rather unscientific assumptions 24 September 2018
Quantum pancake reveals clues to better electronics 24 September 2018
Non-Hermitian Topological Systems 24 September 2018
Graphene plasmon devices take on quality and scale 24 September 2018
Smaller, faster and more efficient modulator sets to revolutionize optoelectronic industry 24 September 2018
Breakthrough in blending metals 24 September 2018
New battery gobbles up carbon dioxide 24 September 2018
Ancient Mars had right conditions for underground life, new research suggests 24 September 2018
Aliens could be lurking undetected somewhere in the universe, scientists claim 24 September 2018
Explainer: The US push to boost 'quantum computing' 24 September 2018
“We are Galactic Babies” –‘Something Similar to the AI Revolution May Have Happened On at Other Points in the Universe’ 22 September 2018
Scientists discover how to directly upload knowledge to your brain 22 September 2018
Enduring importance of the paranormal 22 September 2018
Eye-Tracking Glasses Are All You Need to Control This Drone 21 September 2018
Tailoring emergent spin phenomena in Dirac material heterostructures 21 September 2018
Spray-on antennas unlock communication of the future 21 September 2018
In the AI Race, China Is Mere Steps Behind the U.S. 21 September 2018
A new way to launch rockets without fuel? 21 September 2018
On-demand room-temperature single photon array: a quantum communication breakthrough by CCNY physicists 21 September 2018
Alien discovery IMMINENT: Scientists on the BRINK of finding new life, astrobiologist says 21 September 2018
Does A New Paradox Offer Hope For Progress In Quantum Foundations? 21 September 2018
“Mystery Glitch” –NASA: Curiosity Rover Halts Mars’ Science Discovery 21 September 2018
Hunt for ET rests on size of MOONS, astronomer reveals 20 September 2018
Topological photons could make qubits for quantum computers 20 September 2018
Circuit Simulates One-Dimensional Quantum System 20 September 2018
Cheap Alternative To Lithium Could Be Used In Next Generation Of Batteries 20 September 2018
A Short History of the Missing Universe 19 September 2018
Chemists Demonstrate Sustainable Approach to Carbon Dioxide Capture From Air 19 September 2018
Strange Infrared Signal Travels Through Space, But What is The Source? 19 September 2018
What Is 13,000 Feet Tall, Millions of Years Old, and Spews Out Ice? 19 September 2018
The Pentagon’s Wild Plan for Mind-Controlled Drones 19 September 2018
Graphene tunnelling junctions: beyond the breaking point 19 September 2018
China’s leaders are softening their stance on AI 19 September 2018
Boron nitride: A material without limits 19 September 2018
Reimagining of Schrödinger's Cat Breaks Quantum Mechanics—and Stumps Physicists 19 September 2018
Three new physics experiments could revamp the standard model 19 September 2018
Fiber optic sensor measures tiny magnetic fields 19 September 2018
Researchers push the boundaries of optical microscopy 19 September 2018
Device uses graphene plasmons to convert mid-infrared light to electrical signals 19 September 2018
Light controls a ‘living biomaterial’ 19 September 2018
Two quantum dots are better than one: Using one dot to sense changes in another 19 September 2018
How long does a quantum jump take? 19 September 2018
Clearing out old cells might help the brain 19 September 2018
Scientists receive $1.3 million to study new propulsion idea for spacecraft 19 September 2018
Quantum anomaly -- breaking a classical symmetry with ultracold atoms 19 September 2018
Matter, Mind, Consciousness 19 September 2018
Is the search for dark energy a dead end? 18 September 2018
Air Force head in favor of boosting number of space warfighting squadrons ahead of Space Force split 18 September 2018
Gravity Appears Not Be Leaking Into Other Dimensions in the Universe 18 September 2018
Wave concentrator could help capture renewable energy from the sea 18 September 2018
This Experiment Will Shoot Ghostly Particles Through Earth, Answer Why We Exist 18 September 2018
Does IBM Have The Quantum Computing Advantage? 18 September 2018
Can scientists crack the secret of Nasa's 'impossible' fuel-free thruster? US government awards British researcher £1m to develop a rocket that converts sunlight into thrust 18 September 2018
After 150 years, a breakthrough in understanding the conversion of CO2 to electrofuels 17 September 2018
Dielectric nano bowties allow ultrahigh light confinement 17 September 2018
The Environment’s New Clothes: Biodegradable Textiles Grown from Live Organisms 17 September 2018
Keep cool: Researchers develop magnetic cooling cycle 17 September 2018
Google China Prototype Allows Government To Track Search Queries Of Citizens 17 September 2018
‘Vaporized’ electrons in graphene boost signals into the terahertz range 17 September 2018
3,2,1: SpaceX counts down to reveal mystery Moon traveller (Update) 17 September 2018
New world record magnetic field 17 September 2018
New nanoarchitecture generates hydrogen 16 September 2018
AI-generated fake videos may be a security threat, lawmakers warnTo read more, click here. 16 September 2018
Applying metamaterials to quantum optics paves the way for new interdisciplinary studies 16 September 2018
How Will Police Solve Murders on Mars? 16 September 2018
New Study Identifies Possible Ancestors of RNA 16 September 2018
Alien life BREAKTHROUGH: Earth’s ‘next door neighbour’ could hold WATER 16 September 2018
AI helps unlock ‘dark matter’ of bizarre superconductors 16 September 2018
The bright light of fusion might burn away climate doomsters’ fears 13 September 2018
A New Scientific Field: Quantum Metamaterials 13 September 2018
Quantum information science on the verge of a technological revolution 13 September 2018
How close are we to achieving quantum networks? 13 September 2018
A whale of a tale 13 September 2018
The Problem With Terraforming Mars 13 September 2018
Why the Military Must Learn to Love Silicon Valley 13 September 2018
Has The Large Hadron Collider Accidentally Thrown Away The Evidence For New Physics? 13 September 2018
Spider silk, bone and wood inspire 3D printed polymers 13 September 2018
The Cloud is Where Quantum Competition Gets Real 12 September 2018
Impossible Aerospace: Startup shakes up drones with new battery tech 12 September 2018
A plan to advance AI by exploring the minds of children 12 September 2018
Engineers at the University of British Columbia have developed a new, banadage-sized ultrasound transducer, or probe, that could dramatically lower the cost of ultrasound scanners to as little as $100 12 September 2018
Quantum-level control of an exotic topological quantum magnet (HUGE discovery!) 12 September 2018
Probing individual edge states with unprecedented precision 12 September 2018
NASA Planning To Build Outpost On Moon In Next Half Decade 12 September 2018
Fast-Forwarding the Search for New Particles 12 September 2018
Could AI allow you to live forever? 11 September 2018
Quantum mechanics defies causal order, experiment confirms 11 September 2018
Diamond dust enables low-cost, high-efficiency magnetic field detection 11 September 2018
Here’s how graphene could make future electronics superfast 11 September 2018