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Seeding Large Single-Crystal Graphene for Photonics Applications 22 January 2019
Scientists discover new quantum spin liquid 22 January 2019
Are We Ready for a Sky Full of Drones? Recent Airport Attacks Say No 21 January 2019
Problematic UAVs: These Are Some of the Ways People Are Misusing Drones 21 January 2019
Terraforming Will Define The Long-Term Future of Humanity 21 January 2019
Physicists stimulate Hawking radiation from optical analogue of a black hole 21 January 2019
New material to push the boundaries of silicon-based electronics 21 January 2019
Nuclear fusion, a disruptive power source for crowded cities 21 January 2019
The Invisible Energy Bonanza: Creating Wealth Out Of Nothing 21 January 2019
Toward ultrafast spintronics 21 January 2019
Information and demons: what to look for in the search for ET 21 January 2019
UK researchers develop 3D printed crystal inspired metamaterials for more damage-tolerant parts 21 January 2019
Scientists Find Way to Turn Carbon Emissions into Usable Energy 20 January 2019
A conversation on Photonics for Quantum Organizers of RIT’s Photonics for Quantum Workshop discuss the future of quantum technology 19 January 2019
The Anthropocene Is Coming to Mars 19 January 2019
Light-matter entanglement creates Schrödinger-cat states 19 January 2019
F-35s, Lasers, Drones and More: The U.S. Military’s Missile-Defense Plan Won’t Work 19 January 2019
“Why Astronomers Don’t See UFO’s” 19 January 2019
Polymorphism of bulk boron nitride 19 January 2019
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - scientific research 17 January 2019
US Navy to UNLEASH autonomous robot warships to OVERWHELM foes at sea 17 January 2019
A Fifth Dimension Could Make Star Trek Discovery's Spore Drive Physically Possible 17 January 2019
War game: If China or Russia downed an ISR aircraft, how would the US really respond? 17 January 2019
Hail the Perovskite Transistors 17 January 2019
New thermoelectric material delivers record performance 17 January 2019
3D printing mimics crystal microstructures to inspire stronger materials 17 January 2019
'Excitons' Show Potential for Low-Power Quantum Computing 17 January 2019
Putting a Spin on the Josephson Effect 17 January 2019
Extracting Power from Seawater without Nuclear Fusion 17 January 2019
Energy From Fusion In 'A Couple Years,' CEO Says, Commercialization In Five 17 January 2019
Physicists show quantum materials can be tuned for superconductivity 17 January 2019
DIA products produced under the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program 17 January 2019
Alien search receives huge boost thanks to new ET hunting tool 16 January 2019
NASA May Decide This Year to Land a Drone on Saturn's Moon Titan 16 January 2019
Scientists discover novel process to convert visible light into infrared light 16 January 2019
Fiery sighting: A new physics of eruptions that damage fusion experiments 16 January 2019
Spacetime Geometry near Rotating Black Holes Acts Like Quantum Computer, Physicist Says 16 January 2019
Researchers discover new evidence of superconductivity at near room temperature 15 January 2019
Tiny silicon particles could power lithium ion batteries with 10 times more capacity 15 January 2019
Ultra ultrasound to revolutionise technology 15 January 2019
Controlling Light with Trembling Nanoparticles 15 January 2019
Physicists Lay Out Plans for a New Super-Collider 15 January 2019
The orderly chaos of black holes 15 January 2019
Engineers 3D print smart objects with 'embodied logic' 15 January 2019
A New Approach to Understanding How Machines Think 15 January 2019
Oumuamua ‘may be one of QUADRILLION probes sent by alien civilisation’ 14 January 2019
Steam-powered spaceship could cruise the cosmos indefinitely without running out of gas 14 January 2019
Facial and emotional recognition; how one man is advancing artificial intelligence 14 January 2019
The Weaponization Of Artificial Intelligence 14 January 2019
Physicists Built a Machine That Breaks the Normal Rules of Light 14 January 2019
Pushing Towards Room-Temperature Superconductivity 14 January 2019
Why solid-state physics is like a Star Wars plot 14 January 2019
Researchers catalog defects that give 2-D materials amazing properties 14 January 2019
5000 times faster than a computer 14 January 2019
Microbes Might Be the Key to a Mars Mission 14 January 2019
Harvard Astronomer Defends Hypothesis That Object Is Alien Probe 14 January 2019
The Aliens Before Us –“We are Not the First Technological Civilization” (Or, are We?) 14 January 2019
Researchers Build Light-Based 3d Printer That's 100 Times Faster Than Normal 3D Printers 13 January 2019
Next generation photonic memory devices are 'light-written,' ultrafast and energy efficient 12 January 2019
New nanocarbon hits the scene 12 January 2019
Graphene's spectacular performance in high-speed optical communications 11 January 2019
Life is Physics 11 January 2019
Earth’s magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why 11 January 2019
Discovery adapts natural membrane to make hydrogen fuel from water and the sun 11 January 2019
Scientists May Have Witnessed The Birth of a Black Hole For The First Time 11 January 2019
Alien life may exist on giant Super-Earth 30 trillion miles from home 11 January 2019
IBM Unveils Q System One Quantum Computer 11 January 2019
Scientists study new optical effects for quantum computer 11 January 2019
AI Created in DNA-Based Artificial Neural Networks 10 January 2019
Spintronics 'miracle material' put to the test 10 January 2019
Americans want to regulate Artificial Intelligence but don’t trust anyone to do it 10 January 2019
A step closer to a data superhighway for future internet 10 January 2019
Americans want to regulate AI but don’t trust anyone to do it 10 January 2019
Measuring local invariants in topological materials 10 January 2019
Atmospheric Mystery on Saturn's Largest Moon 10 January 2019
Our Future in Space Will Echo Our Future on Earth 10 January 2019
One-Way Sound Transport 10 January 2019
What’s Better Than One Mysterious Cosmic Signal? 10 January 2019
Quantum computer: we’re planning to create one that acts like a brain 10 January 2019
NOVA: Einstein's Quantum Riddle 10 January 2019
Weyl sonic crystal expected to aid photonic electronics 10 January 2019
Abstract-Broadband terahertz metamaterial absorber with two interlaced fishnet layers 09 January 2019
Repeating fast radio bursts from deep space 'could be aliens' 09 January 2019
Large, Rotating Black Holes Could Be Gentle Wormholes Allowing for Hyperspace Travel 09 January 2019
Scientists discover a process that stabilizes fusion plasmas 09 January 2019
Canada's CHIME telescope detects second repeating fast radio burst 09 January 2019
U.S. Should Go Back to the Moon, But Not Because the Chinese Have 09 January 2019
A Wild 'Interstellar Probe' Mission Idea Is Gaining Momentum 09 January 2019
Reimagining information processing 09 January 2019
RIP F-35: The Air Force's Sixth-Generation Fighter Could Make Everything Obsolete 09 January 2019
IBM’s new quantum computer is a symbol, not a breakthrough 08 January 2019
Programming light on a chip 08 January 2019
Drones caused havoc at Gatwick, so why are governments still spending billions on tanks and aircraft carriers? 08 January 2019
Space microbes aren't so alien after all 08 January 2019
Evidence for aliens around one of the weirdest stars in our galaxy — Boyajian's star — is not looking promising 08 January 2019
Bevy of mysterious fast radio bursts spotted by Canadian telescope 08 January 2019
Scientists move quantum optic networks a step closer to reality 08 January 2019
A weird type of zirconium soaks up neutrons like a sponge 08 January 2019
A Metamaterial for Next Generation Particle Accelerators 08 January 2019
Single-photon exchange confirmed over record-breaking distance of 20,000 km 08 January 2019