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Artificial Intelligence: What Side Of History Do You Want To Be On? 11 June 2018
Physicists create new class of 2-D artificial materials 11 June 2018
Building a Molecule Atom by Atom 11 June 2018
How to measure quantum behaviour in nanocrystals 11 June 2018
Boson sampling with photons found to produce useful output in spite of photon leaks for quantum supremacy 11 June 2018
How to suck carbon dioxide from the sky for fuels and more 11 June 2018
Planets Orbiting Alpha Centauri Stars Not Bombarded By X-Ray Radiation Hazardous To Life 11 June 2018
Why Earth’s Cracked Crust May Be Essential for Life 11 June 2018
Life on Mars: Scientists find ALIEN LIFE could live in ancient Red Planet climate 11 June 2018
Minerology on Mars points to a cold and icy ancient climate 10 June 2018
Artificial Intelligence: A Question Of Principles? 09 June 2018
NASA Confirms Organic Molecules On Mars — Will Life Evidence Be Next? 09 June 2018
Physicists Observe Simultaneous Production of Higgs Boson with Top Quark-Antiquark Pair 09 June 2018
Silicon provides means to control quantum bits for faster algorithms 09 June 2018
Recovered Moon Landing Data From Apollo Missions Solve 40-Year-Old Mystery 09 June 2018
In desert trials, next-generation water harvester delivers fresh water from air 09 June 2018
Extracting carbon dioxide from air is cheaper than scientists thought 09 June 2018
The expanding materials multiverse 09 June 2018
Why the Pentagon fears the U.S. is losing the hypersonic arms race with Russia and China 09 June 2018
A New Way to Find Alien Civilizations: Look for Their Satellites 09 June 2018
Why interstellar travel is so damn hard 09 June 2018
The Clarke exobelt, a method to search for possible extraterrestrial civilizations 09 June 2018
Evidence Builds for a New Kind of Neutrino 07 June 2018
NASA rover hits organic pay dirt on Mars 07 June 2018
Curiosity finds that Mars’ methane changes with the seasons 07 June 2018
Dark Matter Undetectable in Gravitational Waves 07 June 2018
North Korean disarmament: build technology and trust 07 June 2018
Sucking carbon dioxide from air is cheaper than scientists thought 07 June 2018
New laser makes silicon 'sing' 07 June 2018
A laser that can smell like a hound 07 June 2018
New model sheds light on key physics of magnetic islands that halt fusion reactions 07 June 2018
Dark inflation opens up a gravitational window onto the first moments after the Big Bang 07 June 2018
System with three Earth-sized planets discovered 07 June 2018
Organic matter found on Mars, Nasa reveals in major announcement 07 June 2018
Are There Enough Chemicals on Icy Worlds to Support Life? 06 June 2018
Single molecular insulator pushes boundaries of current state of the art 06 June 2018
Lost Photons Won’t Derail Quantum Sampling 06 June 2018
Can We Really Resurrect a Dinosaur? 06 June 2018
A new 3-D printer builds temporary electronics on your skin 06 June 2018
Why Do Genes Suggest Most Men Died Off 7,000 Years Ago? 06 June 2018
Climate Change Killed the Aliens, and It Will Probably Kill Us Too, New Simulation Suggests (BS) 06 June 2018
NASA to reveal alien 'life' findings TODAY claims expert 06 June 2018
If real, dark fusion could help demystify this physics puzzle 06 June 2018
Image Of China's Stealthy 'Dark Sword' Fighter-Like Combat Drone Emerges 05 June 2018
Spider glue research resolves sticky problem 05 June 2018
Gravitational Waves Reveal the Heart of Neutron Stars 05 June 2018
Physicists use terahertz flashes to uncover state of matter hidden by superconductivity 05 June 2018
Tiny, far-flung worlds could explain outer Solar System’s strange geometry 05 June 2018
Transferring quantum information using sound 05 June 2018
Researchers devise new way to make light interact with matter 05 June 2018
World War 3 WARNING: Hundreds of 'Kamikaze drones' could fill the sky in new age of WAR 05 June 2018
SpaceX postpones its first space tourism commercial flight to the moon 05 June 2018
What has NASA found on Mars? Space agency prepares for Curiosity Rover announcement 05 June 2018
The 'universal language' that could let us speak to aliens: Researchers reveal new plans to try and communicate with extraterrestrial life 04 June 2018
Is Explainability Enough? Why We Need Understandable AI 04 June 2018
A Bose–Einstein condensate inside an atom 04 June 2018
Sizing Up the Top Quark’s Interaction with the Higgs 04 June 2018
Research could lead to more efficient electronics 04 June 2018
Photoexcited graphene puzzle solved 04 June 2018
Does Small Fraction of Dark Matter Particles Carry Electric Mini-Charge? 04 June 2018
Scientists Detect Existence Of Ghost Particle That May Make Up Dark Matter 04 June 2018
Another black project or alien craft? UFO sighting at Australian military base sparks debate 03 June 2018
Novel insulators with conducting edges 02 June 2018
Meet NOTCH2NL, the human-specific genes that may have given us our big brains 02 June 2018
Where the brain processes spiritual experiences 02 June 2018
Incredible nuclear battery that lasts for 100 YEARS could help power everything from pacemakers to a mission to Mars 01 June 2018
Future smart clothes could pack serious gadgetry 01 June 2018
Here’s why scientists are questioning whether ‘sonic attacks’ are real 01 June 2018
Atomically thin nanowires convert heat to electricity more efficiently 01 June 2018
The right squeeze for quantum computing 01 June 2018
Topological semimetals go thermoelectric 01 June 2018
Synthetic 'tissues' build themselves 01 June 2018
These stunning 3D models are transforming scientists’ raw data 01 June 2018
AI-based method could speed development of specialized nanoparticles 01 June 2018
The researchers who study alien linguistics 01 June 2018
NASA Astrobiology --"Early Earth is a Model for Emerging Life on Alien Planets" 01 June 2018
World’s smallest autonomous drone takes flight in Europe 01 June 2018
Evidence found of magnetism at the edges of graphene 01 June 2018
Pioneering physicist Brian Greene explains why it’s okay to not have all the answers 01 June 2018
Security Needs a Quantum Leap 01 June 2018
END OF THE WORLD: 70 percent of humanity will DIE in shock DOOMSDAY scenario 01 June 2018
Quantum is key to securing blockchain, say researchers 01 June 2018
NASA Removes All But Three Ceres Photos From Public Index, June 2, 2018 01 June 2018
Unravelling spider silk: UV technique weaves the clues 01 June 2018
The galaxy builders 31 May 2018
China steps up pace in new nuclear arms race with US and Russia as experts warn of rising risk of conflict 31 May 2018
A Quarter Million Gamers Helped Build This Incredibly Detailed Map of the Brain 31 May 2018
Composite metamaterial bends the rules 31 May 2018
Why Can't We Remember Our Dreams? 31 May 2018
From face recognition to phase recognition: Neural network captures atomic-scale rearrangements 31 May 2018
Electrons Film Phonon Dynamics in Full 31 May 2018
Carbon nanotubes share the load 31 May 2018
Building nanomaterials for next-generation computing 31 May 2018
Less is more when it comes to predicting molecules' conductivity 31 May 2018
Trio of genes supercharged human brain evolution 31 May 2018
Magic in metal could help put excess carbon dioxide to good use 31 May 2018
XENON1T experimental data establishes most stringent limit on dark matter 31 May 2018
Cometh the cyborg: Improved integration of living muscles into robots 31 May 2018
What Is Spacetime? 31 May 2018
What Is Consciousness? 31 May 2018