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The Era of Anomalies 14 May 2020
Bug-sized aircraft flies by light 14 May 2020
Making quantum 'waves' in ultrathin materials 14 May 2020
Graphene: Making a wonder material more wonderful 14 May 2020
Atomically thin magnets for next generation spin and quantum electronics 13 May 2020
One Step Closer to Interstellar Travel. A Successful Microgravity Test of a Graphene Light Sail 13 May 2020
High strength steel at unprecedented levels of fracture resistance 13 May 2020
Researchers invent technology to remedy 3-D printing's 'weak spot' 13 May 2020
Machine Learning Has Cracked a Quantum Chemistry Quirk 13 May 2020
Breakthrough in Understanding the Physics of High-Temperature Superconductivity 13 May 2020
Is NASA Actually Working On a Warp Drive? 13 May 2020
MRI reveals long-term effects of space travel on the brain 10 May 2020
Scientists demonstrate quantum radar prototype 10 May 2020
How to Grow Vegetables on Mars 10 May 2020
On Believable Extraterrestrials 09 May 2020
Researchers Make Nuclear Fusion Safer and More Stable in Groundbreaking Discovery 09 May 2020
New 'planetary quarantine' report reviews risks of alien contamination of Earth 09 May 2020
NASA's EmDrive Leader Has a New Interstellar Project 09 May 2020
Galaxies Like the Milky Way are the Best for Life 09 May 2020
Quantum entanglement could fight a disease that kills 600,000 in the US a year 09 May 2020
To Infinity & Beyond! New Rocket Engine Promises Better Space Travel 09 May 2020
IBM now has 18 quantum computers in its fleet of strange machines 09 May 2020
Exotic matter experimentally verified for the first time 07 May 2020
Exoplanets: How we'll search for signs of life 06 May 2020
Researchers Find Nitrogen-Bearing Organics in Ancient Martian Meteorite 06 May 2020
Study: Could dark matter be hiding in existing data? 06 May 2020
The Race for Quantum Supremacy: 7 Reasons Why People Are so Excited about Quantum Computers 06 May 2020
Electric microwave plasma thruster could rival traditional jet engines 06 May 2020
Supercapacitor promises storage, high power and fast charging 06 May 2020
Life on Mars: 'Thousands of mushrooms' spotted in NASA Curiosity rover pics - shock claim 06 May 2020
Believable Extraterrestrials 04 May 2020
Hydrogen-breathing aliens? Study suggests new approach to finding extraterrestrial life 04 May 2020
Octopus-like creatures inhabit Jupiter’s moon, claims space scientist 04 May 2020
“The Search for Techno-Artifacts” –Did an Earlier Civilization Exist in the Solar System? 03 May 2020
New study examines which galaxies are best for intelligent life 02 May 2020
Quantum computers vastly outperform supercomputers when it comes to energy efficiency 01 May 2020
Next-Generation Telescopes Could Detect Signs of Life on Rocky Planets around White Dwarfs 01 May 2020
NASA's New Solar Sail Could Change Spaceflight Forever 01 May 2020
The Scientists Who Won't Give Up on the Warp Drive 30 April 2020
A newfound superconducting current travels only along a material’s edge 30 April 2020
Here’s what NASA’s Mars helicopter will look like when it makes history with the first extraterrestrial powered flight 30 April 2020
NASA Plans to Dig Water on Moon to Drink and Use as Fuel 28 April 2020
Next-generation batteries take major step toward commercial viability 28 April 2020
Our Space Junk Problem Is Getting Serious; Here Is What You Need to Know 28 April 2020
What Might Be Speeding Up the Universe’s Expansion? 28 April 2020
The Path to Interstellar Flight 28 April 2020
A quantum metasurface to control multiple properties of light 28 April 2020
New findings suggest laws of nature 'downright weird,' not as constant as previously thought 27 April 2020
Smartphone Physics on the Rise 27 April 2020
Quantum electrodynamics experiment 'major step toward' large-scale implementation 27 April 2020
Photonic metasurfaces provide a new playground for twistronics 27 April 2020
New hypothesis argues the universe simulates itself into existence 26 April 2020
Topological effect creates unidirectional light source 26 April 2020
Alien Invasion? Not a Problem, Russia Said 26 April 2020
Engineers open door to big new library of tiny nanoparticles 24 April 2020
Scientists Discover New Way to Get Quantum Computing to Work at Room Temperature 24 April 2020
What Real Secrets the U.S. Military Hid At Area 51 24 April 2020
Graphene reinforced carbon fibers 24 April 2020
Wiring the quantum computer of the future: A novel simple build with existing technology 23 April 2020
Researchers discover ferroelectricity at the atomic scale 23 April 2020
Quantum research unifies two ideas offering an alternative route to topological superconductivity 22 April 2020
A new way to cool down electronic devices, recover waste heat 22 April 2020
Astronomers May Have Captured the First Ever Image of Nearby Exoplanet Proxima C 21 April 2020
Advancing high temperature electrolysis: Splitting water to store energy as hydrogen 21 April 2020
We Are Probably Living in a Simulation, Here's What You Need to Know About Simulation Theory 20 April 2020
Quantum Steampunk: 19th-Century Science Meets Technology of Today 20 April 2020
New discovery helps close the gap towards optically-controlled quantum computation 20 April 2020
Scientists uncover principles of universal self-assembly 20 April 2020
New 'brick' for nanotechnology: Graphene nanomesh 20 April 2020
Hot qubits break one of the biggest constraints to practical quantum computers 17 April 2020
Earth-size, habitable-zone planet found hidden in early NASA Kepler data 17 April 2020
Wide-band-gap semiconductors could harvest sunlight underwater 17 April 2020
Acoustic Diode Hits the Perfect Note 17 April 2020
Study: Long-Duration Spaceflight Affects Brain Volume 17 April 2020
NASA, SpaceX Launching Americans Into Space on Crew Dragon on May 27 17 April 2020
Do We Live in a Lopsided Universe? 15 April 2020
New quantum computers can operate at higher temperatures 15 April 2020
Stephen Wolfram’s hypergraph project aims for a fundamental theory of physics 14 April 2020
New electronic cooling technology to enable miniaturization of quantum computers 14 April 2020
Discovery offers new avenue for next-generation data storage 14 April 2020
Holographist by Trade 14 April 2020
The Case for Past Life on Mars Gets Stronger 14 April 2020
Graphene heterostructures with black phosphorus, arsenic layers enable new infrared detectors 13 April 2020
Team designs carbon nanostructure stronger than diamonds 13 April 2020
Artificial intelligence is evolving all by itself 13 April 2020
Universe is Anisotropic on Large Scales, New Study Suggests 12 April 2020
Collisions reveal new evidence of ‘anyon’ quasiparticles’ existence 11 April 2020
Looking for dark matter 11 April 2020
Doubts about basic assumption for the universe 11 April 2020
Broad spectrum: Novel hybrid material proves an efficient photodetector 10 April 2020
First sighting of mysterious Majorana fermion on a common metal 10 April 2020
Are there aliens on far-away planets? Windspeed may blow us to the answer 09 April 2020
‘A huge step forward.’ Mutant enzyme could vastly improve recycling of plastic bottles 09 April 2020
Does Time Really Flow? New Clues Come From a Century-Old Approach to Math. 08 April 2020
New search methods are ramping up the hunt for alien intelligence 08 April 2020
Silicon-based light emitter is ‘Holy Grail’ of microelectronics, say researchers 08 April 2020
Researchers present revolutionary light-emitting silicon 08 April 2020
Universe Might Not Be Expanding the Same Way in All Directions, New Study Suggests 08 April 2020
Intel to unveil 10-core 5.3GHz processor 07 April 2020
Researchers expand search for new state of matter 06 April 2020