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A theoretical model will allow systematic study of a promising class of peculiar quantum states 29 November 2017
Semi-Synthetic Life Form Now Fully Armed and Operational 29 November 2017
‘Alien’ DNA makes proteins in living cells for the first time 29 November 2017
New 3-D printer is 10 times faster than commercial counterparts 29 November 2017
Why the future of clean energy storage lies in hydrogen 29 November 2017
This Graphene Researcher Is Making Computers You Can Wear 29 November 2017
A transistor of graphene nanoribbons 29 November 2017
How We Could Explore That Interstellar Asteroid 29 November 2017
Are we alone? NASA confirms new rover for Mars mission will search for alien life 29 November 2017
Physicists set new record with 10-qubit entanglement 29 November 2017
Quantum simulators wield control over more than 50 qubits, setting new record 29 November 2017
Why humanity is 20 years away from guaranteeing its immortality – physicist Brian Cox on space colonies and mining asteroids 29 November 2017
Why D-Wave quantum computers have not yet brought quantum supremacy?! 29 November 2017
The Physics Behind the Strange Interstellar Asteroid 'Oumuamua 28 November 2017
How Zero Mass is using solar panels to pull drinkable water directly from the air 28 November 2017
Samsung's new battery tech could charge your phone 5 times faster 28 November 2017
Basic Concepts of Einstein's General Relativity v1 28 November 2017
'Holy Grail' for batteries: Solid-state magnesium battery a big step closer 28 November 2017
New research could revolutionise the future of electronic devices 28 November 2017
Key component for quantum computing invented 28 November 2017
Earthworms can reproduce in Mars soil simulant 28 November 2017
NASA's Alien Planet Hunters Rethink Habitability --"Water and Oxygen Not the Only Factors" 28 November 2017
Proof of Alien life? Mysterious living bacteria found OUTSIDE International Space Station 28 November 2017
MIT membrane produces fuel from CO2 emissions 28 November 2017
One Scientist Has a Plan to Send the Building Blocks of Life to Distant Exoplanets 27 November 2017
‘Arrow of time’ reversed in quantum experiment 27 November 2017
Phase-change memory picks up speed 27 November 2017
Magnetic Order on Command 27 November 2017
Open-access quantum computer goes live in Japan 27 November 2017
Research team develops new composite material made of carbon nanotubes 27 November 2017
Possible vestiges of a Universe previous to the Big Bang 27 November 2017
US and China racing to deploy quantum ghost imaging in satellites for stealth plane tracking 27 November 2017
The Quantum Socket: Three-Dimensional Wiring for Extensible Quantum Computing 27 November 2017
Laws of physics still universal, studies find 27 November 2017
World's smallest tape recorder is built from microbes 26 November 2017
Lone researchers with radical ideas may hold the keys to science’s unanswered questions 25 November 2017
Cancer breakthrough: Potential cure could be ready as early as next year 24 November 2017
New X-ray spectroscopy explores hydrogen-generating catalyst 24 November 2017
Enhancing the quantum sensing capabilities of diamond 24 November 2017
Solar cell discovery opens a new window to powering tomorrow's cities 24 November 2017
Choosy Eggs May Pick Sperm for Their Genes, Defying Mendel’s Law 24 November 2017
Dark matter and dark energy: Do they really exist? 24 November 2017
Physicists develop faster way to make Bose-Einstein condensates 24 November 2017
The Earth is not a solid mass of rock: its hot, dark, fractured subsurface is home to weird and wonderful life forms 24 November 2017
Quantum internet goes hybrid 22 November 2017
Physicists open the door to the first direct measurement of Berry curvature in solid matter 22 November 2017
Quantum Circulators Simplified 22 November 2017
This scientist is quashing a leading theory for liquid water on Mars—but he still thinks life could exist 22 November 2017
Fly-By of Interstellar Asteroid Portends Quadrillion Trillion More in Galaxy 22 November 2017
Private mission may get us back to Enceladus sooner than NASA 22 November 2017
Young Again: How One Cell Turns Back Time 22 November 2017
New composite material made of carbon nanotubes 22 November 2017
Could Magnetic Sails Slow an Interstellar Spacecraft Enough? 22 November 2017
Extreme Conditions of Alien Worlds Damage Spacecraft Irreparably 22 November 2017
Are We the Aliens We Seek? 22 November 2017
New Keys to Help Extraterrestrials Unlock Our Messages 21 November 2017
Transparent, incredibly water repellent coatings for everyday applications 21 November 2017
Ocean-covered planets may not be the places to search for life 21 November 2017
Previous evidence of water on Mars now identified as grainflows 21 November 2017
Alien UFO 'cover up' claim after astronaut's ISS video of object heading to Earth emerges 21 November 2017
Chernobyl was actually a nuclear explosion, not a steam explosion 20 November 2017
Separate experiments show no evidence of violation of Lorentz invariance 20 November 2017
Exoplanet hunters rethink search for alien life 20 November 2017
New way to write magnetic info could pave the way for hardware neural networks 20 November 2017
This metamaterial does weird things under pressure 20 November 2017
The messages I’m sending to nearby aliens are no threat to Earth 20 November 2017
Artificial photosynthesis gets big boost from new catalyst 20 November 2017
First interstellar asteroid is like nothing seen before 20 November 2017
A fusion future 20 November 2017
Alien bugs may have been transported to Earth, scientists say 20 November 2017
Physicists unify quantum coherence with nonclassicality of light 20 November 2017
Big advances in our understanding of the character of symmetries in Nature 20 November 2017
Nano-'hashtags' could be the key to generating the highly sought Majorana quasiparticle 19 November 2017
Hope fades for axion-like dark matter 19 November 2017
Six Years After Fukushima, Robots Finally Find Reactors’ Melted Uranium Fuel 19 November 2017
Theory: Flexibility is at the heart of human intelligence 19 November 2017
The Holographic Universe Principle 19 November 2017
Hydrogen fuel from water by harnessing red and near-infrared regions of sunlight 18 November 2017
X-Rays from Accretion Disks around Rotating Black Holes Can Act as Carriers of Quantum Information 18 November 2017
SpaceX Is About to Launch A Mysterious Northrop Grumman Spacecraft Called "Zuma" 18 November 2017
Richard Feynman And John Wheeler Revolutionized Time, Reality, And Our Quantum Universe 18 November 2017
Time Travel Is Possible, But We’ll Need Lots Of Negative Energy, Says Astrophysicist 18 November 2017
White UFO Orb Affects Nearby Clouds [SIGHTING] 18 November 2017
Was It a Good Idea to Beam Our Best Techno to an Alien World? 18 November 2017
New periodic table sorts 3,700 known exoplanets into 18 categories 18 November 2017
Time travel is 'technically possible' says physicist - but you'll ONLY be able to go backwards 16 November 2017
Could Quantum Networking Be The Next Big (IT) Thing? 16 November 2017
Excess antielectrons aren’t from nearby dead stars, study says 16 November 2017
Excess positrons could come from dark matter after all 16 November 2017
Relativity Survives Scrutiny, Again 16 November 2017
New imaging technique peers inside living cells 16 November 2017
A baffling, long-lived supernova 16 November 2017
Interstellar Message Beamed to Nearby Exoplanet 16 November 2017
Paraplegic rats walk and regain feeling after stem cell treatment 16 November 2017
Perfecting the Growth and Transfer of Large Single-Crystal CVD Graphene: A Platform Material for Optoelectronic Applications 16 November 2017
NASA reveals 'nuclear engine' that could provide power to the first humans on Mars 15 November 2017
New Planet on the Block May Be Habitable 15 November 2017
Free-fall experiment could test if gravity is a quantum force 15 November 2017
China’s rise in science grabs media attention 15 November 2017
Pine and poplar wood improve sunlight-driven water purification 15 November 2017