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Researchers develop a method for predicting unprecedented events 24 July 2020
Scientists discover a topological magnet that exhibits exotic quantum effects 23 July 2020
While birds chirp, plasma shouldn't: New insight could advance fusion energy 23 July 2020
How the Bits of Quantum Gravity Can Buzz 23 July 2020
Saturn-Like Exoplanet Found in Habitable Zone of Gliese 3470 23 July 2020
This is the first picture of a sunlike star with multiple exoplanets 22 July 2020
New 5G exemption may jam GPS devices 22 July 2020
New 'super light source' should allow fascinating insights into atoms 22 July 2020
Diamonds shine a light on hidden currents in graphene 22 July 2020
Quantum Tunneling Is Not Instantaneous, Physicists Show 22 July 2020
How Quickly Can Atoms Slip, Ghostlike, Through Barriers? 22 July 2020
A Lost World's Rediscovery Is A Step Towards Finding Habitable Planets 22 July 2020
“Physics of Alien Life” 22 July 2020
Who Wants to Be a Cyborg? 22 July 2020
Rare Area 51 pictures show giant hangar has mysteriously vanished 22 July 2020
Quantum squeezing is achieved at room temperature 21 July 2020
A High-Energy Take on Black Hole Encounters 21 July 2020
First 'Non-Cuttable' Material in the World: Proteus Could Upgrade Bike Locks, Armor 20 July 2020
The secret to renewable solar fuels is an off-and-on again relationship 19 July 2020
Atomtronic device could probe boundary between quantum, everyday worlds 19 July 2020
Mind-Melting Ideas Offered by Quantum Physics 19 July 2020
Aliens? Possible Explanations for the Odd Behavior of Tabby's Star 18 July 2020
Replacing lithium with sodium in batteries 18 July 2020
New metasurface lens banishes chromatic aberration 17 July 2020
Scientists achieve major breakthrough in preserving integrity of sound waves 17 July 2020
Mystery over Universe’s expansion deepens with fresh data 16 July 2020
How Many Aliens Are in the Milky Way? Astronomers Turn to Statistics for Answers 16 July 2020
Magnetic Solitons in a Bose-Einstein Condensate 16 July 2020
'Blinking' crystals may convert CO2 into fuels 16 July 2020
New technology promises to revolutionize nanomedicine 16 July 2020
Mediator atoms help graphene self-heal 16 July 2020
Wireless Tiny Cameras Can Be Mounted On Insects 16 July 2020
Spotting Quantum Black Holes in the Lab 16 July 2020
Physicists introduce novel mechanism for electron optics in solid-​state systems 14 July 2020
Underused part of the electromagnetic spectrum gets optics boost from metamaterial 14 July 2020
Review of progress towards advanced Lithium-sulfur batteries 14 July 2020
Artificial 'neurotransistor' created 14 July 2020
Artificial intelligence predicts which planetary systems will survive 14 July 2020
NASA Launches 'Watts on the Moon Challenge' Together with HeroX to Light Up the Moon For Future Lunar Missions 14 July 2020
Why Is China Going to Mars? 14 July 2020
How Quantum Mechanics will Change the Tech Industry 14 July 2020
The Universe’s Clock Might Have Bigger Ticks Than We Imagine 14 July 2020
Simulation Shows Potential for Glowing Gravitons 13 July 2020
Generator developed for harvesting energy from droplets 13 July 2020
Scientists have discovered a new physical paradox 13 July 2020
New materials for extra thin computer chips 13 July 2020
Aliens could steer stars across galaxy to avoid cosmic disaster, scientist says 12 July 2020
The biggest flipping challenge in quantum computing 12 July 2020
The quest to find signs of ancient life on Mars 11 July 2020
Best evidence yet for existence of anyons 10 July 2020
Physicists Must Engage with AI Ethics, Now 10 July 2020
Beyond Mars, Other Places in Our Solar System We Could Colonize 10 July 2020
MIT's New Diamond-Based Quantum Chip Is the Largest Yet 10 July 2020
The F-16's Replacement Won’t Have a Pilot at All 10 July 2020
Ground-breaking new footage captures nuclear reaction that unlocks deep space travel 10 July 2020
Physicists have ‘braided’ strange quasiparticles called anyons 09 July 2020
New biomaterial could shield against harmful radiation 09 July 2020
Observation of the Quantum Spin Liquid State in Novel Material Advances Spintronics 09 July 2020
Scaling up the quantum chip 08 July 2020
Physicists use oscillations of atoms to control a phase transition 08 July 2020
Purifying water with the help of wood, bacteria and the sun 08 July 2020
Graphene: It is all about the toppings 08 July 2020
Air Force tech stops drones from being shot down 08 July 2020
Tabletop device might snare gravitational waves using tiny diamonds 07 July 2020
Shock-dissipating fractal cubes could forge high-tech armor 07 July 2020
Summer on Mars: NASA’s Perseverance Rover Is One of Three Missions Ready to Launch 07 July 2020
Countdown to Mars: three daring missions take aim at the red planet 07 July 2020
New Liquid-State Battery Can Function in Room Temperature, Has Many Lucrative Applications 07 July 2020
NASA Curiosity Rover Is Embarking on a Summer Road Trip Across Mars 07 July 2020
Build a National Counter-Drone Network 07 July 2020
Scientists create new device to light up the way for quantum technologies 07 July 2020
Researchers foresee linguistic issues during space travel 07 July 2020
Contest between superconductivity and insulating states in Magic Angle Graphene 07 July 2020
L3Harris developing a constellation of small spy satellites for U.S. Air Force 07 July 2020
Meet the first and only Air Force pilot to shoot down a satellite 07 July 2020
Researchers develop novel approach to modeling yet-unconfirmed rare nuclear process 07 July 2020
Self-destructive civilizations may doom our search for alien intelligence 07 July 2020
A 'breath of nothing' provides a new perspective on superconductivity 06 July 2020
2-D semiconductors found to be close-to-ideal fractional quantum Hall platform 06 July 2020
New nano-engineering strategy shows potential for improved advanced energy storage 06 July 2020
Some exoplanets may be covered in weird water that’s between liquid and gas 06 July 2020
Light-activated catalysts make nearly perfect water-splitters 06 July 2020
Welcome Anyons! Physicists Find Best Evidence Yet for Long-Sought 2D Structures 06 July 2020
New breakthrough in 'spintronics' could boost high speed data technology 04 July 2020
Harvesting hydrogen from nanogardens 04 July 2020
Towards lasers powerful enough to investigate a new kind of physics 04 July 2020
Quantum Fluctuations Affect MIT’s 88-Pound Mirrors on Macroscopic Level 04 July 2020
Spooky Music Action At A Distance: A Human Musician Communicates Directly With A Quantum Computer 02 July 2020
Could plasma thrusters replace jet engines? 02 July 2020
This Scientist Says He’s Built a Jet Engine That Turns Electricity Directly Into Thrust 02 July 2020
‘Hybrid’ Quantum Networking Demonstrated for First Time 02 July 2020
Spintronics: Faster data processing through ultrashort electric pulses 02 July 2020
The lightest electromagnetic shielding material in the world 02 July 2020
Additional Data Confirms Particle Anomaly 02 July 2020
Magnonic nano-fibers opens the way towards new type of computers 02 July 2020
Lunar Subsurface May Be Richer in Metals than Previously Thought 02 July 2020
Four-charm tetraquark has been spotted at CERN 02 July 2020
The Hidden Magnetic Universe Begins to Come Into View 02 July 2020
I used an algorithm to help me write a story. Here’s what I learned 02 July 2020
Quantum fluctuations can jiggle objects on the human scale 01 July 2020
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