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New results reveal high tunability of 2-D material, provide most precise band gap measurement for monolayer moly sulfide 25 August 2017
Faster, more precise, more stable: Study optimizes graphene growth 25 August 2017
Graphene Helps Catch Light Quanta 25 August 2017
Quantum superposition still adds up in three-slit experiment 25 August 2017
For Astronomers, a Neutron Star Merger Could Eclipse the Eclipse 25 August 2017
Once thought impossible, scientists demonstrate that liquid water can generate THz waves 25 August 2017
A Physicist Who Models ISIS and the Alt-Right 25 August 2017
Map reveals the invisible universe of dark matter 25 August 2017
Scientists Built a Virtual Reality 'Holodeck' for Lab Animals 25 August 2017
Watches, LEDs powered by yarn battery 25 August 2017
Tweaking thermoelectric voltage across atomic-scale gold junction by mechanical force 25 August 2017
Recipe for safer lithium batteries -- Just add diamonds 25 August 2017
High tunability of 2-D material 25 August 2017
‘Alien megastructure’ star may host Saturn-like exoplanet 25 August 2017
Crater Slope Avalanches Reveal Ceres’ Surface Water Ice 25 August 2017
'Dragonfly’ dual-quadcopter aims to explore Titan, Saturn’s largest moon 25 August 2017
Accumulated evidence that Rossi E-cat was fraud 25 August 2017
Alien life could have existed in the Milky Way for more than 10 BILLION years 25 August 2017
Major leap towards data storage at the molecular level 23 August 2017
Dynamical quantum phase transitions seen in ultracold ions and atoms 23 August 2017
A Precise Probe of the Quark-Gluon Plasma 23 August 2017
'Nano-hashtags' could provide definite proof of Majorana particles 23 August 2017
This scientist is building miniature guts, livers, and lungs that could save your life one day 23 August 2017
NASA insists it is going to Mars, but it really can’t afford to 23 August 2017
First underwater entanglement could lead to unhackable comms 23 August 2017
Unconventional quantum systems may lead to novel optical devices 22 August 2017
Electrons flowing like liquid in graphene start a new wave of physics 22 August 2017
These chip-sized spacecraft are the smallest space probes yet 22 August 2017
Intelligence and the DNA Revolution 22 August 2017
How heating up a quantum system can be used as a universal probe for exotic states of matter 22 August 2017
Can anti-aging research help future memory devices? 22 August 2017
Debate with Nick Herbert on QM Entanglement 20 August 2017
Graphene-like materials printed with inkjet printer 18 August 2017
A quick and easy way to shut down instabilities in fusion devices 18 August 2017
Light is seen to scatter off light 18 August 2017
Four Earth-sized planets detected orbiting the nearest sun-like star 18 August 2017
An Earth-like exoplanet could exist in the habitable zone of a nearby star system just 16 light-years away 18 August 2017
Progress in Conscious AI 17 August 2017
A New Computing Technology Mimics Aspects of Human Thought 16 August 2017
'Organismic learning' mimics some aspects of human thought 16 August 2017
Coherent neutrino scattering seen with compact detector 16 August 2017
Robot, heal thyself 16 August 2017
Transistor Breaks Law of Thermal Conductivity 16 August 2017
Quantum gases cooled to long-range antiferromagnetic order 16 August 2017
Mini-Brains Go Modular 16 August 2017
Superconductivity research reveals potential new state of matter 16 August 2017
Physicists measure complementary properties using quantum clones 16 August 2017
Water ice found near Mars’s equator could entice colonists and life-seekers 16 August 2017
Jellyfish galaxies may feed black holes with their long tendrils 16 August 2017
New thruster design increases efficiency for future spaceflight 15 August 2017
How US diplomats may have been attacked by sonic weapons in Cuba 15 August 2017
Graphene Computers Work 1000 Times Faster, Use Far Less Power 15 August 2017
Scientists from Colombia University have discovered a new fourth class of chemical reaction 15 August 2017
‘Brains linked to computers will kill our inner freedom’ 15 August 2017
How a NASA Spacecraft May Help Aliens Find Earth 15 August 2017
How a New U.S. Space Station Would Let Humanity Colonize the Solar System 14 August 2017
We Can Colonize the Moon by 2022—and for Less than the Cost of an Aircraft Carrier 14 August 2017
The Air Out There: Astronomers Aim to Find Atmospheres of Alien Earths 14 August 2017
Ships fooled in GPS spoofing attack suggest Russian cyberweapon 14 August 2017
Exotic quantum states made from light 14 August 2017
LHC spots first direct evidence of photon-on-photon scattering 14 August 2017
Single molecules can work as reproducible transistors—at room temperature 14 August 2017
This Device Could Power One-Third Of The U.S. Using Ocean Waves 14 August 2017
Universal quantum processor already exists and just waits for the proper programming 12 August 2017
The Future of Biohacking: Implanting Malware to DNA 12 August 2017
The implications of cosmic silence 12 August 2017
World’s Leading Physicist Says Quantum Computers Are “Tools of Destruction, Not Creation” 11 August 2017
Massive particles test standard quantum theory 11 August 2017
Super-light graphene and ceramic metamaterial possesses high strength, other attributes 11 August 2017
New ultrathin semiconductor materials exceed some of silicon's 'secret' powers 11 August 2017
Strong Force Model for Weak Force Reactions 11 August 2017
A multinational group of astronomers has detected four possible alien worlds circling tau Ceti, which is less than 12 light-years from our Solar System. 11 August 2017
This Dark Energy Discovery Could Rewrite Physics 11 August 2017
First stretchable holographic display revealed 11 August 2017
Chinese team sends quantum keys to ground stations and teleports ground to satellite signals 10 August 2017
Quantum Fluctuations in Mesoscopic Systems 10 August 2017
Are Dark Energy and Dark Matter Different Aspects of the Same Physical Process? 10 August 2017
How to Map the Circuits That Define Us 10 August 2017
Scientists shine new light on the 'other high temperature superconductor' 10 August 2017
Novel manufacturing method could lead to massive energy savings, new materials 10 August 2017
Could Using 3D Imaging Be Used to Detect Signs of Extraterrestrial Life in Space? 10 August 2017
Superconductors -- Powering Our Future 09 August 2017
Time crystals: a review 09 August 2017
With a gentle touch, scientists push us closer to flash memory successor 09 August 2017
From greenhouse gas to a 3-D surface-microporous graphene supercapacitor 09 August 2017
Magnetic fields turn up the heat on bacterial biofilms 09 August 2017
New solid lubricant shown to reduce friction and wear on steel surfaces 09 August 2017
Physicists Observe Hyperfine Spectrum of Antihydrogen 09 August 2017
New theory on the origin of dark matter 09 August 2017
Icy Worlds May Bypass Habitability 09 August 2017
Scanning Earth’s Interior with Neutrinos 08 August 2017
Nuclear reactors on rockets may fuel future crewed trips to Mars 08 August 2017
New CubeSat propulsion system uses water as propellant 08 August 2017
What Happens Next If We Find Proof of Space Aliens? ("If?") 07 August 2017
Self-propelling droplets creep towards heat to cool microchips 07 August 2017
Invisibility cloak takes one step closer to revealing itself 07 August 2017
Penny-sized nanochip pad to regrow organs and heal injuries 07 August 2017
STARSHIP CONGRESS 2017 - MONTEREY, CA August 7-9, 2017: Theme: Space is for Everybody (What does the Moon mean to Interstellar?) 06 August 2017
China built the world’s largest telescope, but has no one to run it 06 August 2017
What Made the Moon? New Ideas Try to Rescue a Troubled Theory 06 August 2017