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Fastest supercomputer in the world capable of running more than a quintillion calculations PER SECOND will be built in the US by 2021 09 May 2019
How metamaterials could one day bring the impossible to life 09 May 2019
An AI System Spontaneously Develops Baby-Like Ability to Gauge Big and Small 08 May 2019
Experimental cosmologist group launches its first iterations of space-traveling 'wafercraft' 08 May 2019
Could unmanned underwater vehicles undermine nuclear deterrence? 08 May 2019
For a Split Second, a (Simulated) Particle Went Backward in Time 08 May 2019
Researchers violate Bell's inequality with remotely connected superconducting qubits 08 May 2019
New material also reveals new quasiparticles 08 May 2019
USAF Titan mobile anti-drone system to be deployed 08 May 2019
Charge rather than atomic disorder responsible for Cooper pair insulators 07 May 2019
A tectonic plate may have peeled apart—and that could shrink the Atlantic Ocean 07 May 2019
Could quantum mechanics explain the existence of space-time? 07 May 2019
Graphene-Based Logic Gate Could Support Photonic Quantum Computing 07 May 2019
Can we bend it? The challenge for Samsung and others to make flexible technology 07 May 2019
Plastic gets a do-over: Breakthrough discovery recycles plastic from the inside out 07 May 2019
Ink Not Required for Graphene Art Work 07 May 2019
Duking It Out with Quantum Mechanics 07 May 2019
Spacetime Metamaterials 07 May 2019
The DroneBullet Is Built to Seek and Destroy Other Drones 06 May 2019
How to live without free will 06 May 2019
China's police now have laser rifles that can 'set a whole person on fire' up to a kilometre away 06 May 2019
Scientists Alter Consciousness Without Drugs Using 'Hallucination Machine' 06 May 2019
New holographic technique opens the way for quantum computation 06 May 2019
Can 3-D Printing Produce Lung and Liver Tissue for Transplants? 06 May 2019
When it comes to planetary habitability, it's what's inside that counts 06 May 2019
A decay with an extraordinary half-life 06 May 2019
Spin-Swapping Particles Could Be “Quantum Cheshire Cats” 06 May 2019
Could life on Earth have been seeded from another star system? 05 May 2019
Obstacles to overcome before operating fleets of drones becomes reality 05 May 2019
‘Thermal inductor’ could convert boiling water to ice with no energy input 05 May 2019
Graphene semiconductor bandgap breakthrough 05 May 2019
Brains Speed Up Perception by Guessing What’s Next 05 May 2019
Could Russia Shoot Down America's New B-21 Raider Stealth Bomber? 05 May 2019
From basic research to innovations in quantum technologies 05 May 2019
Monitoring the lifecycle of tiny catalyst nanoparticles 04 May 2019
Bottom-up approach can synthesize microscopic diamonds for bioimaging, quantum computing 04 May 2019
Diamonds: Tears of the Gods 04 May 2019
Two Types of Cooling Require Different Designs 04 May 2019
Antimatter keeps with quantum theory. It’s both particle and wave 04 May 2019
From Point A to Point B: How Do We Achieve Interstellar Flight? 04 May 2019
Could Life on Earth Have Come from Another Star System? 03 May 2019
Study says ancient Romans may have built “invisibility cloaks” into structures 03 May 2019
Lockheed's Sixth-gen Fighter Jet could have Laser Weapon, Drone Swarm Control 03 May 2019
What makes a planet habitable? 03 May 2019
Graphene sponge helps lithium sulphur batteries reach new potential 02 May 2019
Scientists Create Artificial Atoms That Can Power Quantum Technology 02 May 2019
Storing info in molecules, for millions of years 02 May 2019
Building better life support systems for future space travel 02 May 2019
Machine ready to see if magic metal - lithium - can help bring the fusion that lights the stars to Earth 01 May 2019
Cosmos, Quantum and Consciousness: Is Science Doomed to Leave Some Questions Unanswered? 01 May 2019
Water has been found in the dust of an asteroid thought to be bone-dry 01 May 2019
Navy will keep UFO investigation reports secret 01 May 2019
Transforming waste heat into clean energy 01 May 2019
Are New Physics Needed To Explain Discrepancy In Universe’s Expansion Rate Measurement? 01 May 2019
Winston Churchill SHOCK: How hero PM's views on ALIENS were revealed in lost letter 01 May 2019
The Army Took Us Inside Their Plan (And Weapons) To Kill Enemy Drones 30 April 2019
How to purify water with graphene 30 April 2019
With a Simple Twist, a ‘Magic’ Material Is Now the Big Thing in Physics 30 April 2019
How Wearable AI Will Amplify Human Intelligence 30 April 2019
Cosmology Has Some Big Problems 30 April 2019
What Was Universe Like before Big Bang? 30 April 2019
Many Exoplanets Are 'Water-Worlds,' a Fresh Study Suggests 30 April 2019
Why Aliens Might Message Us With Encoded DNA 30 April 2019
China begins work on telescope to decipher ALIEN SIGNALS to crack centuries-old mysteries 30 April 2019
EXCLUSIVE: I-Team confirms Pentagon did release UFO videos 30 April 2019
UFOs Won’t Go Away 30 April 2019
Why the idea of alien life seems inevitable and possibly imminent 29 April 2019
Scientists Make Artificial Atoms That Can Power Quantum Technology 29 April 2019
Magnets can help AI get closer to the efficiency of the human brain 28 April 2019
Giant ‘breathing’ spy drone which can stay afloat FOREVER tipped to change warfare 28 April 2019
Oxford professor believes alien-human hybrid species will save Earth 28 April 2019
NASA and FEMA Will Simulate an Impending Asteroid Strike Next Week 28 April 2019
Why the idea of alien life now seems inevitable and possibly imminent 28 April 2019
No More 'Stealth' Submarines: Could Quantum 'Radar' Make Submarines Easy to Track (And Kill)? 28 April 2019
Asteroid which 'could have been alien spaceship' was NOT ALONE, scientists claim 28 April 2019
Just Don’t Call Them UFOs 28 April 2019
Hunting for Alien Worlds 26 April 2019
New ‘flexoelectret’ material creates thousands of volts when bent 26 April 2019
Is It Possible to Violate the Law of Conservation of Energy? 26 April 2019
Remote connections? Detangling entanglement in quantum physics 26 April 2019
The Lowest Bid Universe 26 April 2019
What The Hell Is Going On With UFOs And The Department Of Defense? 26 April 2019
Ready, Aim, Fire: Hypersonics, Directed Energy, Lasers 25 April 2019
Taking Down Drones Is Turning Into a Big Business 25 April 2019
Is the U.S. Military About To Be Left Behind Thanks to a Technology Revolution? 25 April 2019
Russia launches sub that will carry doomsday nuke drone torpedo 25 April 2019
Navy updates guidelines for UFO reporting; what about the Air Force? 25 April 2019
We are closer than ever to making drones safe for our skies 25 April 2019
Quantum computer prospects improve on the surface 25 April 2019
New method proposed for studying hydrodynamic behavior of electrons in graphene 25 April 2019
Into the overworld: Ex–spy plane to see whether towering storms pose new threat to ozone layer 25 April 2019
Brain signals translated into speech using artificial intelligence 25 April 2019
The first laser radio transmitter 25 April 2019
New Hubble measurements confirm universe is expanding faster than expected 25 April 2019
Tiny CubeSat on a Mission to Clean up Space Junk 25 April 2019
Is the Higgs boson actually a ‘portal to the dark world’? 25 April 2019
A breakthrough in the study of laser/plasma interactions 24 April 2019
Rapid destruction of Earth-like atmospheres by young stars 24 April 2019
New robust device may scale up quantum tech, researchers say 24 April 2019
US Navy Drafting New Guidelines for Reporting UFOs 24 April 2019