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Former NASA Rocket Scientist On Why We're Still Going Nowhere Fast 01 February 2019
Is the future as real as the present? 01 February 2019
Physicists Created Quantum Structures That May Have Birthed Dark Matter 01 February 2019
The quantum internet comes closer 31 January 2019
Environmentally stable laser emits exceptionally pure light 31 January 2019
Estimation of technology level required for low-cost renewable hydrogen production 31 January 2019
Carbon-capture technology scrubs CO2 from power plants like scuba-diving gear 31 January 2019
This bacteria-fighting protein also induces sleep 31 January 2019
When the structure of tunneling nanotubes (TNTs) challenges the very concept of cell 31 January 2019
Star Trek–like replicator creates entire objects in minutes 31 January 2019
Quantum sensors providing magnetic resonance with unprecedented sensitivity 31 January 2019
CIA And Skunk Works Secretly Planned To Turn The A-12 Spy Plane Into A Space Launch Mothership 31 January 2019
Graphene, Silicon Combo Could be Key to Next-Gen Lithium-Ion Batteries 31 January 2019
Material systems used in 4D printing 31 January 2019
Dark Energy Gets Weirder: Mysterious Force May Vary Over Time 31 January 2019
The Universe's Fate Rests on the Hubble Constant—Which Has So Far Eluded Astronomers 30 January 2019
How does a quantum particle see the world? 30 January 2019
Can quantum ideas explain chemistry’s greatest icon? 30 January 2019
A new AI training program helps robots own their ignorance 30 January 2019
Experimental Brain-Computer Interface Translates Brain Signals into Recognizable Speech 30 January 2019
Two-Dimensional Electrons Raise Eyebrows by Pairing Incoherently 30 January 2019
Scientists use Nobel-prize winning chemistry for clean energy breakthrough 30 January 2019
Artificial intelligence ARTIST instantly captures materials' properties 30 January 2019
Graphene: Large, stable pieces of graphene produced with unique edge pattern 30 January 2019
The Drake Equation: Could It Be Wrong? 30 January 2019
“Wrong?” –The Drake Equation: ‘Eclipsed Only By Einstein’s E=mc2’ 30 January 2019
Active galaxies point to new physics of cosmic expansion 30 January 2019
Waterproof graphene electronic circuits 30 January 2019
Black hole jets create ‘negative energy’ particles, simulation reveals 29 January 2019
An optical analogue to Schrödinger’s cat 29 January 2019
Physicists Uncover Quantum Structure of Buckminsterfullerene 29 January 2019
Better batteries: The energy implications of organic radical polymers 29 January 2019
Earth’s core may have hardened just in time to save its magnetic field: More teleological evidence for the strong anthropic principle? 29 January 2019
New quantum system could help design better spintronics 29 January 2019
Spintronics Breakthrough Could Help Create High-Powered Devices 29 January 2019
Engineer's 'metallic wood' has the strength of titanium and the density of water 29 January 2019
Sixty years, $200 million and still no lasers in the air or space - inside the U.S. military's long-running Star Wars plans as research warns Trump 'Death Rays' are a long way off 29 January 2019
Speed of light: Toward a future quantum internet 29 January 2019
It’s time to start taking the search for E.T. seriously, astronomers say 28 January 2019
Squeezed graphene becomes a superconductor 28 January 2019
Superconductors: Resistance is futile 28 January 2019
A Cooler Computer 28 January 2019
Converting Wi-Fi signals to electricity with new 2D materials 28 January 2019
Nanomaterials That Can Assemble Themselves Could Advance Solar Panel Tech 28 January 2019
Quantum Internet Can Offer Virtually Unbreakable Encryption 28 January 2019
Creating attraction between molecules deep in the periodic table 27 January 2019
Inside Earth, Microbes Approach Immortality 27 January 2019
Scientists Complete Axolotl Genome Sequence That Could Hold Key To Human Regeneration 27 January 2019
Powerful Aluminum Alloy Is Now Weldable Thanks to Nanotechnology 27 January 2019
Is Science Fiction Right About Wormholes? 27 January 2019
An Incredible New 3D Printer Is 100X Faster Than What Was Possible: Video 27 January 2019
Talk at MIT Advanced Propulsion Conference 1-16-19: “Who Are We, Where Do We Want to Go, and Why?” 27 January 2019
The Ultimate Weapon of War No One Is Talking About 26 January 2019
Israel Kamikaze Drones are Destroying Syria’s Air Defenses 26 January 2019
Do-it-yourself DNA design 26 January 2019
'GO dough' makes graphene easy to shape and mold 26 January 2019
Engineers develop novel strategy for designing tiny semiconductor particles for wide-ranging applications 26 January 2019
Static electricity could charge our electronics 26 January 2019
Advanced Extraterrestrials as an Approximation to God 26 January 2019
Quantum generative adversarial learning in a superconducting quantum circuit 26 January 2019
Brian Cox reveals ‘Alien intelligence’ lurks in our oceans 26 January 2019
NASA’s New “Fermi Guide” to Advanced Alien Life 26 January 2019
Hydrides come within a whisker of room temperature superconductivity 26 January 2019
What Would be the Benefits of an Interstellar Probe? 26 January 2019
DeepMind’s AI agents conquer human pros at Starcraft II 26 January 2019
IBM launches commercial quantum computing – we’re not ready for what comes next 26 January 2019
Environmental protection in outer space? 26 January 2019
Is This Concept Art Of A Mysterious Space Launch Mothership A Missing Link In Area 51's Past? 26 January 2019
New paper on Bohm pilot wave quantum mechanics 25 January 2019
New method yields higher transition temperature in superconducting materials 25 January 2019
What If They Don’t Come in Peace? 3 Alien Encounter Scenarios 25 January 2019
Possible phonon-induced electronic bi-stability in VO2 for ultrafast memory at room temperature 25 January 2019
On the road to room-temperature superconductivity 25 January 2019
Testing Hawking radiation in laboratory black hole analogues 25 January 2019
Technologies to watch in 2019 25 January 2019
Spin excitations in a cavity hop coherently over long distances 25 January 2019
Multicolor holography technology could enable extremely compact 3D displays 25 January 2019
Seeing double could help resolve dispute about how fast the universe is expanding 25 January 2019
New detector fails to confirm would-be evidence of dark matter 25 January 2019
Spin excitations in a cavity hop coherently over long distances 25 January 2019
Graphene can hear your brain whisper 25 January 2019
Scientists observe a new form of strange matter 25 January 2019
A Child’s Puzzle Has Helped Unlock the Secrets of Magnetism 25 January 2019
Artificial Intelligence WARNING: AI 'capable predicting and manipulating YOUR future' 24 January 2019
Transparentizing Black Holes to Eternal Traversable Wormholes 24 January 2019
How to escape a black hole: Simulations provide new clues about powerful plasma jets 24 January 2019
Taking the Temperature of a Bose-Einstein Condensate 24 January 2019
Can we make artificial intelligence ethical? 24 January 2019
Is This Russia's 'Hunter' Stealthy Flying Wing Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle? 24 January 2019
Multiple excitons make a surprise appearance in 2D hybrid perovskites 24 January 2019
New method allows direct conversion of carbon fibers and nanotubes into diamond fibers 24 January 2019
Semiconductors combine forces in photocatalysis 24 January 2019
Materials chemists tap body heat to power 'smart garments' 24 January 2019
Breakthrough reported in fabricating nanochips 24 January 2019
Mechanical engineers develop process to 3-D print piezoelectric materials 24 January 2019
Scientists Make Breakthrough Discovery of New State of Matter 24 January 2019
We May All Be Star Material, Finds New Study 24 January 2019
Prolonged spaceflight could weaken astronauts' immune systems 24 January 2019
‘Cooking’ of Ancient Organics Created Titan’s Mysterious Atmosphere 24 January 2019
Maxwell’s demon and the hunt for alien life 24 January 2019