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Nuclear reactors on rockets may fuel future crewed trips to Mars 08 August 2017
New CubeSat propulsion system uses water as propellant 08 August 2017
What Happens Next If We Find Proof of Space Aliens? ("If?") 07 August 2017
Self-propelling droplets creep towards heat to cool microchips 07 August 2017
Invisibility cloak takes one step closer to revealing itself 07 August 2017
Penny-sized nanochip pad to regrow organs and heal injuries 07 August 2017
STARSHIP CONGRESS 2017 - MONTEREY, CA August 7-9, 2017: Theme: Space is for Everybody (What does the Moon mean to Interstellar?) 06 August 2017
China built the world’s largest telescope, but has no one to run it 06 August 2017
What Made the Moon? New Ideas Try to Rescue a Troubled Theory 06 August 2017
Possible explanation for the dominance of matter over antimatter in the Universe 06 August 2017
A quick course in time travel 06 August 2017
Carbon fuel conversion chemistry 05 August 2017
Dual-surface graphene electrode splits water into hydrogen and oxygen 05 August 2017
Is Space Full of Quantum Foam? 05 August 2017
Cosmic map reveals a not-so-lumpy Universe 05 August 2017
New Antimatter Study Lends Strength to Fundamental Theory 04 August 2017
Scientists Unveil a New Inventory of the Universe’s Dark Contents 04 August 2017
Really high temperature superconductors 04 August 2017
Lightweight catalyst for artificial photosynthesis 04 August 2017
Scientists are one step closer to answering the question of why matter exists 04 August 2017
A Monumental Advance for Science: Ever-Elusive Neutrinos Spotted Bouncing Off Nuclei for the First Time 04 August 2017
Bacteria Form Waveguides 04 August 2017
Physicists investigate fundamental limits of quantum engines 04 August 2017
The race to reveal antimatter’s secrets 04 August 2017
North Korea isn’t bluffing, the nuclear threat to the US is real 04 August 2017
The uncertain future of solar electric propulsion 04 August 2017
Stanford’s surprise discovery may lead to new breakthrough metamaterials 04 August 2017
The Future of Search Engines 04 August 2017
Growing Nearly Perfect Graphene At Industrial Scale 02 August 2017
Bell's Theorem for Temporal Order 02 August 2017
What if? -- Exploring the Multiverse through Euclidean wormholes 02 August 2017
The Thermodynamic Cost of Measuring Time 02 August 2017
2-D materials clean up their act 02 August 2017
Logic circuits with diamond-based transistors 02 August 2017
Scientists watch 'artificial atoms' assemble into perfect lattices with many uses 02 August 2017
Brave New World? Not Even Close 02 August 2017
Biological Teleporter Could Seed Life Through Galaxy 02 August 2017
Early gene-editing success holds promise for preventing inherited diseases 02 August 2017
SETI's New Search for Pulsed Alien Light Signals --"May Have Been Overlooked Before" 02 August 2017
Fast radio bursts may be dark matter ‘stars’ hitting black holes 02 August 2017
Teleportation Through the Wormhole 02 August 2017
Modern-day Alice trades looking glass for wormhole to explore quantum wonderland 02 August 2017
Physicists Take Big Step Towards Quantum Computing and Encryption with new Experiment 01 August 2017
Could extra dimensions be detected by a Bose–Einstein condensate? 01 August 2017
Organically Made Quantum Spin Liquids 01 August 2017
Carbon nanotube transistors are scaled down to record size 01 August 2017
Self-Destructing Materials Could Create Vanishing Ink 01 August 2017
Molecular nanoparticles lead to major advancement in the development of solar cells 01 August 2017
It's never too cold for quantum 01 August 2017
Earth-like atmosphere may not survive Proxima b's orbit 01 August 2017
You’re wrong, Amber Rudd – encryption is for ‘real people’ 01 August 2017
Should the World Tap Undersea Methane Hydrates for Energy? 01 August 2017
How the search for mythical monsters can help conservation in the real world 01 August 2017
With Malta, Alphabet’s X is exploring a salt-based solution to store renewable energy 01 August 2017
Scientists photograph BIRTH OF TIME with astonishing new dark matter camera 31 July 2017
Russian 6th-generation fighter will employ powerful lasers to burn enemy missile 31 July 2017
Causality in the Quantum World 31 July 2017
Diamond joins the realm of 2-D thin films, study suggests 31 July 2017
Clues emerge in mystery of flickering quasars 31 July 2017
Single molecular layer and thin silicon beam enable nanolaser operation at room temperature 30 July 2017
How Hackers Can Use 'Evil Bubbles' to Destroy Industrial Pumps 29 July 2017
Longstanding biological mystery of DNA organization now solved 29 July 2017
Bacteria-coated nanofiber electrodes clean pollutants in wastewater 29 July 2017
Optical lens can transfer digital information without loss 29 July 2017
The Brightest Light Ever Produced On Earth Discovered 29 July 2017
Storing Data in DNA Brings Nature into the Digital Universe 29 July 2017
North Korea launches ICBM with potential to reach New York 29 July 2017
A New Breakthrough in Quantum Computing is Set to Transform Our World 29 July 2017
Possible key ingredient for life rains down on Saturn's moon 29 July 2017
A brief history of quantum alternatives 29 July 2017
Does doom and gloom convince anyone about climate change? 28 July 2017
Spintronic neuron recognizes speech 28 July 2017
Potential ingredient for alien life found on Titan 28 July 2017
Fundamental breakthrough in the future of designing materials 28 July 2017
China Ramping Up Quest to Become a Space Science Superpower 28 July 2017
Ultracold molecules hold promise for quantum computing 28 July 2017
Half the atoms inside your body came from across the universe 28 July 2017
Experimental method measures quantum coherence, the ability of being in two states at once 28 July 2017
Novel Role of Superfluidity in Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions 28 July 2017
Neuroreality: The New Reality is Coming. And It’s a Brain Computer Interface 28 July 2017
Blastoff for the tiny spaceship that could travel to Alpha Centauri to hunt for alien life: Breakthrough Starshot launches first prototype 'StarChips' 28 July 2017
Reality check for 'wonder material' 28 July 2017
Converting Crystals into Erasable Electronics 28 July 2017
Scientists produce robust catalyst to split water into hydrogen, oxygen 26 July 2017
Why looking for aliens is good for society 26 July 2017
More hints of Martian hot springs may hold promise for Mars 2020 mission 26 July 2017
Strange electrons break the crystal symmetry of high-temperature superconductors 26 July 2017
First Support for a Physics Theory of Life 26 July 2017
Physicists Find Strong Evidence of Higgs Boson Decay to Bottom Quarks 26 July 2017
Brain’s stem cells slow ageing in mice 26 July 2017
Reaching for the Stars, Breakthrough Sends Smallest-Ever Satellites into Orbit 26 July 2017
Stephen Hawking once again warns earth to be hesitant about contacting extraterrestrials 26 July 2017
Google enters race for nuclear fusion technology 26 July 2017
China’s quest to become a space science superpower 25 July 2017
Why looking for aliens is good for society (even if there aren’t any) 25 July 2017
China’s New Quantum Communication Network Will Be “Unhackable” 25 July 2017
Room Temperature Superconductors? 25 July 2017
Large single-crystal graphene is possible, say scientists 25 July 2017
New Approach Could Someday Yield Invisibility Cloaks 25 July 2017
Baffling New 'Angel Particle' Is Matter and Anti-Matter at Once 25 July 2017