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Echoes of gravitational waves could point to quantum gravity 15 May 2018
Ten-Year Search Finds No Signs of Dark Matter Annihilation 15 May 2018
Making carbon nanotubes as usable as common plastics 15 May 2018
Weird new form of nuclear matter might lie just beyond experimenters’ grasp 15 May 2018
Will NASA Go Nuclear to Return to the Moon? 15 May 2018
Here's What's Needed for Self-Flying Taxis and Delivery Drones to Really Take Off 15 May 2018
Carbon-recycling system: Two-electron chemical reactions using light energy, gold 15 May 2018
Scientists Transfer Memories From One Sea Slug Into Another Via Injection: How Are Memories Stored? 15 May 2018
Pros and Cons of Various Methods of Interstellar Travel 15 May 2018
Lasers Could Make Computers 1 Million Times Faster 14 May 2018
How Human Detectives Catch AI Thieves 14 May 2018
WIMP Alternatives Come Out of the Shadows 14 May 2018
New quantum probability rule offers novel perspective of wave function collapse 14 May 2018
Deeper understanding of quantum chaos may be the key to quantum computers 14 May 2018
Simple equation directs creation of clean-energy catalysts 14 May 2018
Decades-Old Data Unveils Plumes Spewing from Europa 14 May 2018
The singularity is not near: The intellectual fraud of the “Singularitarians” 14 May 2018
Could a Multiverse be hospitable to life? 14 May 2018
Army's New Weapon: Special Goggles Allow Soldiers To Shoot Around Corners 13 May 2018
This New Video Showing DARPA's Master Plan For Its Gremlins Drones Is Awesome 13 May 2018
Why the Discovery of Room-Temperature Superconductors Would Unleash Amazing Technologies 13 May 2018
Air Force deployed mysterious drone to Afghanistan to catch terrorists planting roadside bombs 12 May 2018
Nasa will send helicopter to Mars to test otherworldly flight 12 May 2018
You Can Buy Boston Dynamics' SpotMini Robot Dog In 2019 12 May 2018
House spending bill could brighten prospects for two giant telescopes 12 May 2018
Freeman Dyson's Solution to the Problem of Evil 12 May 2018
Octopuses came to Earth from space as frozen eggs millions of years ago 12 May 2018
Chinese scientists develop largest-scaled photonic quantum chip 12 May 2018
This is the most important tech contest since the space race, and America is losing 11 May 2018
Can artificial intelligence help find alien intelligence? 11 May 2018
A.I. could help cameras see in candlelight, research suggests 11 May 2018
Duplex shows Google failing at ceative and ethical AI design 11 May 2018
A look inside Richard Feynman’s calculus notebook 11 May 2018
Punching holes in graphene to boost hydrogen production 11 May 2018
Nanodiamond lubricants are forever 11 May 2018
Chemists create faster and more efficient way to process information 11 May 2018
DARPA's Semi-Disposable Gremlin Drones Will Fly by 2019 10 May 2018
Google wants artificial intelligence to choose your news 10 May 2018
Artificial intelligence needs to be socially responsible, says new policy report 10 May 2018
Microsoft’s Snip Insights puts A.I. technology into a screenshot-taking tool 10 May 2018
Fitting a Bose-Einstein Condensate inside an Atom 10 May 2018
Cloaking devices—it's not just 'Star Trek' anymore 10 May 2018
NASA eyes versatile carbon-nanotube technology for spaceflight applications 10 May 2018
Congress Wants to Put a Bunch of Money into the Search for Aliens 10 May 2018
Forget WIMPs, Axions And MACHOs: Could WIMPzillas Solve The Dark Matter Problem? 10 May 2018
Physicists Just Measured One of the Four Fundamental Forces of Nature. Now They're Bummed. 10 May 2018
Lightwave Computing Could Make Traditional Computing Methods Obsolete 09 May 2018
The Big Bell Test: Global physics experiment challenges Einstein 09 May 2018
Researcher develops a new generation of graphene 09 May 2018
Google Lens actually shows how AI can make life easier 09 May 2018
Artificial Intelligence Takes Scientists Inside Living Human Cells 09 May 2018
Searching for Life Beyond Earth, Finding Our Dreams Instead 09 May 2018
Quantum Hall Effect in a Josephson Junction 09 May 2018
Revealing the mysteries of superconductors: Team's new scope takes a closer look 09 May 2018
Neutron Decay May Hint at Dark Matter 09 May 2018
Method assembles cellulose nanofibres into a material stronger than spider silk 09 May 2018
Particle Physicists Turn to AI to Cope with CERN’s Collision Data Deluge 09 May 2018
Atmospheric seasons could signal alien life 09 May 2018
Artificial Neural Nets Grow Brainlike Navigation Cells 09 May 2018
Laser-powered cell phone transmitters could be in your future 09 May 2018
Time travel in vacuum spacetimes 09 May 2018
Is your planet too frigid for life? Just add methane 09 May 2018
Universe’s coolest lab set to open up quantum world 09 May 2018
DEATH AND THE MACHINE Siobhan Lyons Intersections of Mortality and Robotics 09 May 2018
Stephen Hawking's search for aliens gets a boost 08 May 2018
Ramping Up The Search For Intelligent Life On Other Planets 08 May 2018
DJI partners up with Microsoft to give drones A.I. superpowers 08 May 2018
'Orbital-selective pairing' theory applied to first 'heavy fermion' superconductor 08 May 2018
Crystal Defects Mimic Elusive Theoretical Fractons 08 May 2018
Crystal Defects Mimic Elusive Fractons 08 May 2018
Scientists make strong, super-tough carbon sheets at low temperature 08 May 2018
Real numbers don’t cut it in the real world, this physicist argues 08 May 2018
3-D printing of weapons threatens security on global, national and personal level 08 May 2018
Unexpected behavior of atom clouds challenges existing theories 08 May 2018
Taking CRISPR from clipping scissors to word processor 08 May 2018
Particle Physicists Turn to AI to Cope with CERN’s Collision Deluge 08 May 2018
Theory for one type of superconductor solves puzzle in another 08 May 2018
Laser-powered travel to nearby stars a step closer 08 May 2018
The Story of a Once-Unusual Material With a Still-Unusual Property 08 May 2018
How Frightened Should We Be of A.I.? 07 May 2018
The apparent inner calm of quantum materials 07 May 2018
Google AI Expert: Machine Learning Is No Better Than Alchemy 07 May 2018
Astronomers find exoplanet atmosphere free of clouds 07 May 2018
The Exoplanet Revolution --"May Reveal Artifacts of Extinct Civilizations" 06 May 2018
A Super-Simple, Non-Quantum Theory of Eternal Consciousness 06 May 2018
What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About AI (Artificial Intelligence) 05 May 2018
Engineers upgrade ancient, sun-powered tech to purify water with near-perfect efficiency 05 May 2018
Nanoscale measurements 100x more precise, thanks to improved two-photon technique 05 May 2018
Water filter inspired by Alan Turing passes first test 05 May 2018
How Close Could Two Alien Civilizations Get To One Another? 05 May 2018
Picking One Photon Out of the Flow 05 May 2018
Halifax tech firm says new metamaterial eyewear protects against laser attacks 05 May 2018
Interpreting Quantum Mechanics Is All About Observers 05 May 2018
The Air Force Desperately Wants Hypersonic Weapons 04 May 2018
Terrorists Are Going to Use Artificial Intelligence 04 May 2018
Marines Reorganize Infantry For High-Tech War: Fewer Riflemen, More Drones 04 May 2018
Roach-like Robots Act Collectively 04 May 2018
Dark energy’s weakness may be why supernovae didn’t kill us all 04 May 2018
Long-distance relationships of particles: Electron-hole pairs in two-dimensional crystals 04 May 2018
Researchers Say 1000-Year-Old Tapestries Might Prove The Existence Of The Mysterious 'Planet Nine' 04 May 2018