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Roadmap to enhance human physiological radioresistance for space colonization 24 February 2018
Physicists Uncover A Geometric ‘Theory Space’ 24 February 2018
Not even IBM is sure where its quantum computer experiments will lead 24 February 2018
'Memtransistor' Forms Foundational Circuit Element to Neuromorphic Computing 24 February 2018
Quantum recurrence: Everything goes back to the way it was 23 February 2018
Two-way communication is possible with a single quantum particle 23 February 2018
Researchers discover novel exciton interactions in carbon nanotubes 23 February 2018
On second thought, the Moon's water may be widespread and immobile 23 February 2018
Model based on hydrothermal sources evaluate possibility of life on Jupiter's icy moon 23 February 2018
NASA planetary protection officer suggests loosening limits on exploring Mars for life 23 February 2018
Developing reliable quantum computers 23 February 2018
Turning light upside down 23 February 2018
HASC Seapower Chair Wittman Presses For Hypersonic Focus 23 February 2018
Improved Hubble Yardstick Gives Fresh Evidence for New Physics in the Universe 23 February 2018
20 Mind-Boggling Facts About Quantum Computing Everyone Should Read 23 February 2018
Down the Quantum Rabbit Hole 23 February 2018
The Toolset of an Elite North Korean Hacker Group On the Rise 22 February 2018
Physicists beat Lorentz reciprocity for microwave transmission 22 February 2018
Reinventing the inductor 22 February 2018
'Memtransistor' brings world closer to brain-like computing 22 February 2018
New symmetry-breaking method opens way for bioactive compounds 22 February 2018
Smart Swarms Seek New Ways to Cooperate 22 February 2018
New quantum memory stores information for hours 22 February 2018
Interstellar travel and biosphere reboots means there are a lot of aliens in the galaxy 22 February 2018
Activating the dark side reveals brighter nano 'building blocks' 21 February 2018
Physicists plan antimatter’s first outing — in a van 21 February 2018
Can We Change The Past? 21 February 2018
'The Future of Humanity' recommends evacuating Earth in order to save the species 21 February 2018
In the future will we all be wearing lab-grown leather and mushroom skin? 21 February 2018
Earth Analogues Likely Number In 'The Tens Of Billions' 20 February 2018
Some black holes erase your past 20 February 2018
Three photons bind together to make a ‘molecule’ of light 20 February 2018
How to build a human brain 20 February 2018
Using a laser to wirelessly charge a smartphone safely across a room 20 February 2018
MEMS chips get metatlenses 20 February 2018
Deep learning for biology 20 February 2018
Astronomers’ Dark Energy Hopes Fade to Gray 19 February 2018
Soft tissue fossil clues could help search for ancient life on Earth and other planets 19 February 2018
Unconventional superconductor may be used to create quantum computers of the future 19 February 2018
Major discovery in controlling quantum states of single atoms 18 February 2018
The future of humans' relationship with space and alien life 18 February 2018
Researchers create first superatomic 2-D semiconductor 18 February 2018
Why You Can't Prove Extra Terrestrials and UFOs 18 February 2018
Why too many sinister happenings forced UFO hunter to give up 18 February 2018
Humans will actually react pretty well to news of alien life 18 February 2018
Oxygen ions may be an easy-to-track sign of life on exoplanets 18 February 2018
Non-Magnetic Topological Insulator Lasers 15 February 2018
The search for dark matter—axions have ever-fewer places to hide 15 February 2018
Fingerprints of quantum entanglement 15 February 2018
A single magnetic skyrmion detected at room temperature for the first time 15 February 2018
Scientists discover almost 100 new exoplanets 15 February 2018
New form of light: Newly observed optical state could enable quantum computing with photons 15 February 2018
Imaging at 1,000fps with a single pixel 15 February 2018
Is time travel possible, is there proof and what do the 2030 and 2118 time-travellers say about the future? 15 February 2018
Intel claims breakthrough in quantum computing with spin qubits invention 15 February 2018
Stock market forces can be modeled with a quantum harmonic oscillator 14 February 2018
Topological Photonics Explained 14 February 2018
Implanting germanium into graphene 14 February 2018
Atoms Oscillate Collectively in Large Optical Lattice 14 February 2018
Perspective on fuel cells 14 February 2018
Chemical cluster could transform energy storage for large electrical grids 14 February 2018
Cutting off a brain enzyme reversed Alzheimer’s plaques in mice 14 February 2018
Astronomers Find One of Most Massive and Dense Super-Earths Yet: Gliese 9827b 14 February 2018
Silicon qubits plus light add up to new quantum computing capability 14 February 2018
Trump’s Science Advisor, Age 31, Has a Political Science Degree 14 February 2018
Messages received from aliens could ruin life on earth, scientists warn 14 February 2018
The quantum internet has arrived (and it hasn’t) 14 February 2018
TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets could harbour significant amounts of water 13 February 2018
If We Found Life on Mars, How Would We Know? 13 February 2018
Determinism and the Theory of Every Thing 13 February 2018
The Education of Kim Jong–un 13 February 2018
Neutron Lifetime Puzzle Deepens, but No Dark Matter Seen 13 February 2018
Physicists extend stochastic thermodynamics deeper into quantum territory 13 February 2018
New hole-punched crystal clears a path for quantum light 13 February 2018
Tricking photons leads to first-of-its-kind laser breakthrough 13 February 2018
Missing link to novel superconductivity revealed 13 February 2018
Drones that dodge obstacles without guidance can pursue you like paparazzi 13 February 2018
A single atom is visible to the naked eye in this stunning photo 13 February 2018
Quantum Computer Simulates Excited States of Molecule 12 February 2018
5 ways the heaviest element on the periodic table is really bizarre 12 February 2018
This new fuel cell could turbocharge renewable power 12 February 2018
New process allows 3-D printing of nanoscale metal structures 12 February 2018
Nuclear Fusion Could Be A Silver Bullet -- And Just Around The Corner 12 February 2018
Water filtration breakthrough using metal-organic frameworks 11 February 2018
Hyperunified field theory and gravitational gauge-geometry duality 11 February 2018
Scientists identify hundreds of atomically-thin materials 11 February 2018
Researchers build alien ocean to test NASA outer space submarine 10 February 2018
US Nuclear Posture Review 2018 10 February 2018
Forging a Quantum Leap in Quantum Communication 10 February 2018
Wormholes in conformal gravity 08 February 2018
LHC Sees No Dark Photons 08 February 2018
Interference as a new method for cooling quantum devices 08 February 2018
Experimenters Observe Strange Magnetic Phenomenon First Predicted In The 1930s 08 February 2018
Could Nuclear Fusion Rockets Be The Key To Interstellar Space Travel?(in a word, 'no!') 08 February 2018
Largest Genome Ever Sequenced: 32 Billion Base Pairs! 07 February 2018
Unexpected friction found in superfluid helium-3 07 February 2018
Intense laser experiments provide first evidence that light can stop electrons 07 February 2018
Stronger Than Steel, Able to Stop a Speeding Bullet—It’s Super Wood! 07 February 2018
Crushed wood is stronger than steel 07 February 2018
The Argument Against Quantum Computers 07 February 2018