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‘Twistronics’ tunes 2D material properties 13 December 2018
Topological off-on switch could make new type of transistor 13 December 2018
Data use draining your battery? Tiny device to speed up memory while also saving power 13 December 2018
How unconventional metals behave, with an eye on high-temperature superconductors 13 December 2018
New device could help answer fundamental questions about quantum physics 13 December 2018
Quantum Computing Needs You to Help Solve Its Core Mystery 13 December 2018
Experimental realization of on-chip topological nanoelectromechanical metamaterials 12 December 2018
Could ‘negative mass’ unify dark matter, dark energy? 12 December 2018
Finding Alien Life May Require Giant Telescopes Built in Orbit 12 December 2018
Low-cost catalyst boosts hydrogen production from water 12 December 2018
Physicists Create Quark-Gluon Plasma Droplets 12 December 2018
Deep-learning technique reveals 'invisible' objects in the dark 12 December 2018
IonQ Has the Most Powerful Quantum Computers With 79 Trapped Ion Qubits and 160 Stored Qubits 12 December 2018
Copper compound as promising quantum computing unit 11 December 2018
UFO spotted 'hovering' over UK just hours after RAF scrambled to intercept Russian bombers 11 December 2018
China could lead world in AI research in coming years, Elsevier report finds 11 December 2018
Cutting and pasting with graphene 11 December 2018
Defined: how to talk about ET 11 December 2018
Brain-computer interface gives people with paralysis full control of a tablet computer 11 December 2018
Three Weird Quantum Phenomena You Didn't Realize You Were Using 11 December 2018
Is Government Ready for the Brewing Quantum Storm? 11 December 2018
With quantum race on, Google rushing to prove new computer’s super speed 11 December 2018
Chemical engineers develop new theory to build improved nanomaterials 11 December 2018
Topological material switched off and on for the first time 11 December 2018
Terahertz laser for sensing and imaging outperforms its predecessors 11 December 2018
Ripples and Fireworks in Bose-Einstein Condensates 11 December 2018
Silicon resonators pass the Bell test for quantum entanglement 11 December 2018
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx finds signs of water on the asteroid Bennu 11 December 2018
What a Newfound Kingdom Means for the Tree of Life 11 December 2018
Can humans have babies on Mars? It may be harder than you think. 11 December 2018
Topological matters: Toward a new kind of transistor 10 December 2018
Engineers produce smallest 3-D transistor yet 10 December 2018
Voyager 2 spacecraft enters interstellar space 10 December 2018
Scientists Develop Long-Lasting, Easy-to-Use Rewritable Paper 10 December 2018
New optical device brings quantum computing a step closer 10 December 2018
Black Hole Evolution Traced Out with Loop Quantum Gravity 10 December 2018
The record for high-temperature superconductivity has been smashed again 10 December 2018
Astrophysicist Ben Moore in the Interview 10 December 2018
'Sun in a box' would store renewable energy for the grid 09 December 2018
Is ‘Oumuamua An Alien Spacecraft? SETI Finds No Artificial Signal From Interstellar Object 09 December 2018
Twisted Light in a Photonic Chip 08 December 2018
Magnets make a new soft metamaterial stiffen up in a flash 08 December 2018
New traffic rules in 'Graphene City' 08 December 2018
Molecular insights into spider silk 08 December 2018
China Launches First-Ever Mission to the Moon’s Farside 08 December 2018
Tiny 'Iron-rich Blueberries' on Mars Continue to Baffle Scientists 08 December 2018
New organic plastic material allows electronics to function at extreme temperatures without sacrificing performance Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2018-12-plastic-material-electronics-function-extreme.html#jCp 08 December 2018
Three Everyday Things That Couldn't Exist Without Quantum-Mechanical Spin 08 December 2018
Water plumes on Europa: Tasting an extraterrestrial ocean 08 December 2018
Supercomputers without waste heat 08 December 2018
A retired Navy captain explains how drones will shape the future of war 06 December 2018
Why Black Hole Interiors Grow (Almost) Forever 06 December 2018
Researchers use a biological virus to speed up modern computers 06 December 2018
Researchers develop method to transfer entire 2-D circuits to any smooth surface 06 December 2018
Quantum computers pose a security threat that we’re still totally unprepared for 06 December 2018
Scientists enter unexplored territory in superconductivity search 06 December 2018
Researchers examine competing states in high-temperature superconductors 06 December 2018
Is the U.S. Lagging in the Quest for Quantum Computing? 06 December 2018
Bizarre ‘dark fluid’ with negative mass could dominate the universe – what my research suggests 06 December 2018
Dark matter mystery solved? Oxford University scientists may have answered one of universe's biggest questions 06 December 2018
Is There Really A Fourth Neutrino Out There In The Universe? 06 December 2018
What happens when you nearly die? Science reveals the truth behind ‘supernatural’ hallucinations 05 December 2018
Lord Martin Rees On the Best Use of Science to Safeguard Humanity 05 December 2018
A controversial sighting of dark matter is looking even shakier 05 December 2018
The quantum heretics 05 December 2018
A step closer to fusion energy 05 December 2018
Russia Suspected Of Launching Secret Space Weapon Into Orbit 05 December 2018
Yes, a NASA Scientist Said Aliens May Have Visited Earth. But There’s Some Nuance 05 December 2018
Retired Astronaut: NASA Left Earth Defenseless Against Asteroids 05 December 2018
NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrives at asteroid Bennu 04 December 2018
The force of the vacuum 04 December 2018
New Quantum Paradox Clarifies Where Our Views of Reality Go Wrong 03 December 2018
Revisiting the Dyson Sphere 03 December 2018
New quantum materials could take computing devices beyond the semiconductor era 03 December 2018
What every physicist should know about string theory 03 December 2018
New material, black silver, discovered 03 December 2018
Graphene unlocks new potential for 'smart textiles' 03 December 2018
Combination of space-based and ground-based telescopes reveals more than 100 exoplanets 03 December 2018
New observations challenge universe model 03 December 2018
The Clovis Comet and the Forging of Human Civilization as We Know it 02 December 2018
Great strides made in carbon capture using earth-abundant elements as photocatalytic system 02 December 2018
Could The Present Ever Change The Past? 02 December 2018
Inside the world of AI that forges beautiful art and terrifying deepfakes 01 December 2018
Probing quantum physics on a macroscopic scale 01 December 2018
Varying graphene’s conductivity modulates THz waves 01 December 2018
Brilliant iron molecule could provide cheaper solar energy 01 December 2018
A new light on significantly faster computer memory devices 01 December 2018
Scientists find a way to enhance the performance of quantum computers 30 November 2018
Major graphene breakthrough: "Epigraphene," a new type of graphene, epitaxial layered epigraphene, has emerged 30 November 2018
Dipolar quantum mixture makes its debut 30 November 2018
Russian scientists unveil plan to colonize the moon 30 November 2018
Topological Dirac magnons spotted for the first time at zero magnetic field 30 November 2018
Adding graphene to jute fibres could give natural alternative to man-made materials 30 November 2018
Computing with Wi-Fi Waves 30 November 2018
Light triggers gold in unexpected way 30 November 2018
Do Brain Waves Conduct Neural Activity Like a Symphony? 30 November 2018
Artificial magnetic field produces exotic behavior in graphene sheets 30 November 2018
New catalyst produces cheap hydrogen fuel 30 November 2018
There Could be Hundreds of Interstellar Asteroids and Comets in the Solar System Right Now That we Could Study 29 November 2018
The U.S. Air Force of the Future: Hypersonic Weapons, Swarm Strikes and Stealth Fighters 29 November 2018