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The 'electronic Griffiths phase' in solid-state physical systems 14 February 2020
Researchers develop device that mimics brain cells used for human vision 14 February 2020
NASA’s next missions will explore Venus or the moons Triton and Io 14 February 2020
Quantum anomalous Hall effect in intrinsic magnetic topological insulator 14 February 2020
Study uncovers new electronic state of matter 14 February 2020
Slide Show on How Tic Tac UFOs fly 13 February 2020
Time crystals and topological superconductors merge 12 February 2020
New class of materials shows strange electron properties 12 February 2020
New quasiparticle unveiled in room temperature semiconductors 12 February 2020
Classical time crystals could exist in nature, say physicists 11 February 2020
Nanowires made of tellurium and nanotubes hold promise for wearable tech 11 February 2020
DNA-like material could bring even smaller transistors 11 February 2020
Quantum technologies: New insights into superconducting processes 11 February 2020
New technology could help solve AI's 'memory bottleneck' 10 February 2020
3D printing gets bigger, faster and stronger 09 February 2020
Controlling light with beams of light 09 February 2020
DNA origami assembles 3D arrays of nanomaterials 08 February 2020
Japanese Scientists Develop AI to Show What The Universe is Made Of 08 February 2020
Do not trust Sci Tech Daily articles 08 February 2020
NASA scientist reveals potential black hole home for ET 07 February 2020
Scientists unravel mystery of photosynthesis 06 February 2020
Controlling light with light 06 February 2020
New Graphene Amplifier Unleashes New Frequencies in Electromagnetic Spectrum 06 February 2020
Intense terahertz pulses generated with unprecedented efficiency 06 February 2020
A barrier to colliding particles called muons has been smashed 06 February 2020
The Air Force Desperately Needs Far More Long-Range Stealth Bombers 06 February 2020
World's most powerful particle accelerator one big step closer 06 February 2020
Exotic new topological state discovered in Dirac semimetals 05 February 2020
Making high-temperature superconductivity disappear to understand its origin 05 February 2020
Looking for Life Beyond Earth: The Search for Habitable Exoplanets 03 February 2020
Scientists discover hidden symmetries, opening new avenues for material design 03 February 2020
Graphene amplifier unlocks hidden frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum 03 February 2020
Glass sphere is cooled to its motional quantum ground state 03 February 2020
New electrode design may lead to more powerful batteries 03 February 2020
Surviving Mars 02 February 2020
Nanospirals that form as molten metals solidify could be key to new materials—and invisibility 02 February 2020
Detection of very high frequency magnetic resonance could revolutionize electronics technology 02 February 2020
What’s Wrong with Physics 01 February 2020
Multidimensionally entangled photons travel through single-mode fiber-optic cable 01 February 2020
Planet Mars Slowly Melts Down its Ice As Seen on a Before-And-After Images From Mars Orbiter Spacecraft 01 February 2020
Scientists develop a concept of a hybrid thorium reactor 31 January 2020
The Pentagon Wants Laser-Wielding 6th Generation Stealth Fighters 31 January 2020
DOD launches swarming drone in test of C-130 “drone mothership” concept 31 January 2020
Constructing Field Theories Using Quantum Simulators 29 January 2020
New metal detector finds small objects by how they disrupt Earth’s magnetic field 29 January 2020
These are the most detailed images of the sun ever taken 29 January 2020
Coupled quantum dots may offer a new way to store quantum information 29 January 2020
As seen in movies, new meta-hologram can be used as a communication tool 29 January 2020
An ultrafast microscope for the quantum world 29 January 2020
Multidimensional Quantum Communications with Legacy Fibers 29 January 2020
Stress test reveals graphene won't crack under pressure 29 January 2020
Fully Autonomous Weapons Pose Unique Dangers to Humankind 28 January 2020
Researchers discover a unique orbital texture in single-layer of 3-D material 28 January 2020
Explaining Matter-Antimatter Imbalance with Gravitational Waves 28 January 2020
Detection of very high frequency magnetic resonance could revolutionize electronics 27 January 2020
Spies Like AI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence for the US Intelligence Community 27 January 2020
Topological defects produce exotic mechanics in complex metamaterials 27 January 2020
Graphene for physicists, materials scientists, and engineers 27 January 2020
Mysterious particles spewing from Antarctica defy physics 26 January 2020
US feds, states could join forces on Google probes: report 26 January 2020
A quantum strategy could verify the solutions to unsolvable problems — in theory 26 January 2020
Artificial intelligence reveals how light flows around nanoparticles 25 January 2020
How Pi Connects Colliding Blocks to a Quantum Search Algorithm 25 January 2020
Gravity: We might have been getting it wrong this whole time 25 January 2020
What is the Probability of a Huge Civilization-Ending Asteroid Impact? 25 January 2020
Could Invisible Extraterrestrial Life Forms Really Exist Among Us? 23 January 2020
Engineers develop recipe to dramatically strengthen body armor 23 January 2020
Mars' water was mineral-rich and salty 23 January 2020
Twisted bilayer graphene enters a new phase 22 January 2020
Astrophysicists Believe Man Will Soon Migrate to A Flora and Fauna-Filled Exoplanet 22 January 2020
Quantum networking is projected to be a $5.5 billion market in 2025 22 January 2020
Death on Mars 21 January 2020
Addressing global warming with new nanoparticles and sunshine 21 January 2020
Try Again: Why Nothing Can Stop Stealth F-22s or F-35s in a War 21 January 2020
The other dark matter candidate 21 January 2020
The Coolest Physics You've Ever Heard Of 20 January 2020
Nanomaterial-coated fabric destroys chemical warfare agents 20 January 2020
Evolution of circuits for machine learning 20 January 2020
The Pentagon May Finally Get The Fighter-Sized Stealth Aerial Target Drone It Badly Needs 19 January 2020
America's F-35 Stealth Fighter Won't Be Able To Compete With These Jets 19 January 2020
The ESA Is Building an Oxygen Plant that Makes Breathable Air out of Simulated Moondust 18 January 2020
How ‘spooky’ is quantum physics? The answer could be incalculable 16 January 2020
Large Military-Grade Drones Could Soon Be Flying Over Your Backyard 16 January 2020
Study finds billions of quantum entangled electrons in 'strange metal' 16 January 2020
Researchers demonstrate first stable semiconductor neutron detector 15 January 2020
Nano-engineering technique could aid exploration, scalability of next-gen electronics 15 January 2020
Researchers gain control over internal structure of self-assembled composite materials 15 January 2020
‘Frankenstein’ material can self-heal, reproduce 15 January 2020
The Curious Case of Proxima C 15 January 2020
There might be another exoplanet hiding around our closest star 15 January 2020
The kill-switch for CRISPR that could make gene-editing safer 15 January 2020
Artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed computers to solve problems that were previously thought to be beyond their capabilities, from defeating the best human opponents in complex games1 to automating the identification of diseases2. There is therefore 15 January 2020
Reinventing the computer: Brain-inspired computing for a post-Moore's Law era 15 January 2020
Mars: Communist Propaganda from the Red Planet 15 January 2020
Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe? 14 January 2020
Man versus machine: Can AI do science? 14 January 2020
Does A Time-Stopping Paradox Really Prevent Black Holes From Growing Over Time? 14 January 2020
Top-secret UFO files could ‘gravely damage’ US national security, Navy says 14 January 2020
Transfer of Life by Earth-Grazing Objects to Exoplanetary Systems 14 January 2020
US said to be planning to halt nearly 1,000 civilian drones over concerns of China spying 14 January 2020