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Can A Laser Really Rip Apart Empty Space? 04 February 2018
Quantum Memory Storage is More Efficient and Secure Than Ever 04 February 2018
Saturday Night Science: Life 3.0 04 February 2018
Has the muon magnetic moment mystery been solved? 03 February 2018
Cloud based quantum computing used to calculate nuclear binding energy 03 February 2018
New textile weathers temperature shift 03 February 2018
New technique can capture images of ultrafast energy-time entangled photon pairs 03 February 2018
The surprising chemistry at the core of a white dwarf 03 February 2018
Strange things happen when a crystal gets split in two 03 February 2018
Physicists harness twisted mathematics to make powerful laser 03 February 2018
Meet the 'odderon': Large Hadron Collider experiment shows potential evidence of quasiparticle sought for decades 03 February 2018
A quantum computer will find EVERYTHING you've EVER done online and there's ZERO you can to stop it 03 February 2018
New quantum computing algorithm could help AI think faster 03 February 2018
Quantum algorithm could help AI think faster 03 February 2018
New controls scale quantum chips 03 February 2018
"Alien Vinyl Lifeforms?" Saturn's Titan --"May Prove That Life Can Flourish Without Water" 03 February 2018
New research advances spintronics technology 01 February 2018
Gravity doesn’t leak into large, hidden dimensions 01 February 2018
Spectacular Martian Panorama by NASA's Curiosity Rover 01 February 2018
The Four Scientific Meanings Of 'Nothing' 01 February 2018
A small-scale demonstration shows how quantum computing could revolutionize data analysis 01 February 2018
Quantum Algorithms Struggle Against Old Foe: Clever Computers 01 February 2018
Generalized Hardy's paradox shows an even stronger conflict between quantum and classical physics 01 February 2018
How the Universe Got Its Bounce Back 01 February 2018
This UFO Changes Everything 31 January 2018
Speed of light drops to zero at 'exceptional points' 31 January 2018
Interplanetary GPS 31 January 2018
Skin-inspired coating that's as hard as teeth and can heal itself 31 January 2018
The serendipity test 31 January 2018
Silk fibers could be high-tech ‘natural metamaterials’ 31 January 2018
What’ll It Take to Find Life? Searching the Universe for Biosignatures 30 January 2018
Applied Fusion Systems targets smaller fusion reactor for interstellar travel 30 January 2018
Quantum computing advances spur excitement and confusion 30 January 2018
Detecting Energy-Time Entanglement 30 January 2018
Found: Three Super-Earths in Orbit around Cool Dwarf Star 30 January 2018
Universes with no weak force might still have stars and life 30 January 2018
Mars BREAKTHROUGH: Humans could live on Red Planet 'in FIVE years' 30 January 2018
Gravity and decoherence: the double slit experiment revisited 30 January 2018
Eric Davis, Hal Puthoff Coast to Coast Jan 28. 2018 29 January 2018
Networking, data experts design a better portal for scientific discovery 29 January 2018
Quantum Multiverses 29 January 2018
Does general relativity violate determinism inside charged black holes? 29 January 2018
Missing Neutrons May Lead a Secret Life as Dark Matter 29 January 2018
Artificial neurons compute faster than the human brain 29 January 2018
Are We Living in a Hologram? 29 January 2018
An updated Feynman experiment could lead to a Theory of Everything 28 January 2018
Superconducting Synapse could enable artificial brains 28 January 2018
Small modular nuclear reactors are a crucial technology, says report 27 January 2018
Mad-Dog Everettianism: Quantum Mechanics at Its Most Minimal 27 January 2018
Is Science Infinite? 27 January 2018
"Evolutionary Leap?" AI is Mimicing the Human Brain --"But Several Orders of Magnitude Faster and More Efficiently" 27 January 2018
Quantum race accelerates development of silicon quantum chip 27 January 2018
The idea that everything from spoons to stones are conscious is gaining academic credibility 27 January 2018
How NASA Plans to Send Humans Back to the Moon 27 January 2018
15th-century Voynich manuscript with 'alien' characters finally decoded 27 January 2018
Sonic tractor beam grabs hold of large objects 25 January 2018
A Clearer View of the Atomic World 25 January 2018
Spintronics and nanophotonics combined in 2-D material 25 January 2018
New technology standard could shape the future of electronics design 25 January 2018
The Era of Quantum Computing Is Here. Outlook: Cloudy 25 January 2018
For AI to Get Creative, It Must Learn the Rules—Then How to Break ‘Em 25 January 2018
Lasers trace a new way to create hovering hologram-like images 24 January 2018
‘Princess Leia’ holograms one step closer to reality 24 January 2018
Better than a hologram: Research produces 3-D images floating in 'thin air' 24 January 2018
Scientists develop quantum metamaterial from complex twin qubits 24 January 2018
A new 'atmospheric disequilibrium' could help detect life on other planets 24 January 2018
ALIEN BREAKTHROUGH? Scientists find key to discovering life on other planets 24 January 2018
With successful test fire, massive Falcon Heavy rocket is poised to boost space science 24 January 2018
Big energy savings: Building the world's smallest electro-optic modulator 23 January 2018
Cleaning Up Air Pollution May Strengthen Global Warming 23 January 2018
Your phone is like a spy in your pocket 23 January 2018
Scientists discover 'Legos of life' 23 January 2018
Here’s the reason we’d never halt a geoengineering project midway through 23 January 2018
Trapping Large Objects with Sound 22 January 2018
User experiment at BESSY II: Complex tessellations produce novel and extraordinary metamaterials 22 January 2018
New for three types of extreme-energy space particles: Theory shows unified origin 22 January 2018
Massive dust storms are robbing Mars of its water 22 January 2018
Seabed mining could destroy ecosystems 22 January 2018
In the Search for Alien Life, “Everyone Is an Astrobiologist” 22 January 2018
New metal-semiconductor interface for brain-inspired computing 22 January 2018
Why cutting-edge braneworld theories say our universe began from a white hole 22 January 2018
Could 'Star Trek: Discovery' Be Right About Parallel Universes? Vaulting Ambition 22 January 2018
New smart windows darken in the sun—and generate electricity at the same time 22 January 2018
Making fuel cells at a hundredth of the cost 22 January 2018
Scientists Wrong In Ruling Out ‘Alien Megastructure’ Around Dimming Star [Opinion] 22 January 2018
The Infinite Optimism of Physicist David Deutsch 20 January 2018
Why This Intercontinental Quantum-Encrypted Video Hangout Is a Big Deal 19 January 2018
How NASA Might Sustain Life on Mars and the Moon Using Mini Nuclear Reactors 19 January 2018
Neutron anomaly might point to dark matter 19 January 2018
Information engine operates with nearly perfect efficiency 19 January 2018
Intercontinental, Quantum-Encrypted Messaging and Video 19 January 2018
New technique for finding life on Mars 19 January 2018
Fast computer control for molecular machines 19 January 2018
Watch this wearable electronic skin control virtual objects 19 January 2018
‘Dark matter’ DNA influences brain development 19 January 2018
Method uses DNA, nanoparticles and lithography to make optically active structures 19 January 2018
Google Reveals Automatic Machine Learning: A.I. Can Create Itself 18 January 2018
Quantum gravity can be probed by entangled masses 18 January 2018
Demonstration of a quantized microwave quadrupole insulator with topologically protected corner states 18 January 2018
Building blocks to create metamaterials 18 January 2018