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Strange metals become even stranger 03 August 2018
Our Attitude Toward Aliens Proves We Still Think We’re Special 02 August 2018
Top Scientists Explain to Senators Why We Must Look for Aliens 02 August 2018
Mysterious signal sent from an unknown source in deep space and picked up by a new £12 million telescope in Canada is one of 'only two dozen' fast radio bursts ever detected 02 August 2018
DARPA announces research on next generation processing technology 02 August 2018
AI device identifies objects at the speed of light 02 August 2018
Weyl phononic crystal negatively refracts sound waves 02 August 2018
New binary semiconductor realizes high thermal conductivity 02 August 2018
Life Needs Sunlight — and That Could Change Where We Look for Aliens 02 August 2018
NASA Kills Hope Of Colonizing Mars, But Elon Musk Says Humans Can 02 August 2018
Observing the Birth of a Nanoplasma 02 August 2018
Exoplanets where life could develop as it did on Earth 02 August 2018
Mysterious substance discovered inside Siberian meteorite is 'harder than diamond', say Russian scientists 01 August 2018
The solar-powered drones that can stay airborne for a year 01 August 2018
DARPA's Latest Software Lets Drone Navigate Small Urban Environments, Infiltrate Buildings 01 August 2018
Controlling drones via voice channels 01 August 2018
Russia begins sea trials of nuclear-capable ‘Poseidon’ underwater drone 'doomsday weapon' 01 August 2018
Artificial intelligence system designs drugs from scratch 01 August 2018
Starlight shines on extrasolar life 01 August 2018
Homo sapiens developed a new ecological niche that separated it from other hominins 01 August 2018
Massive non-classical states and the observation of quantum gravity: a user's manual 01 August 2018
Universal Scaling Laws for 2D Schottky Diodes 01 August 2018
Improvement of humanlike conversations in humanoid robots 01 August 2018
To Fight Fake News, SETI Researchers Update Alien-Detection Scale 01 August 2018
HD 26965b: Super-Earth Found Just 16 Light-Years Away 01 August 2018
Einstein's general relativity confirmed near black hole 01 August 2018
Nuclear Fusion Updated project reviews 01 August 2018
A colossal breakthrough for topological spintronics 01 August 2018
Team discovers a first-of-its-kind material for the quantum age 01 August 2018
How Cryptojacking Can Corrupt the Internet of Things 31 July 2018
Memory-processing unit could bring memristors to the masses 31 July 2018
LHC accelerates its first “atoms” 31 July 2018
The catch to exploring water on Mars (and anywhere else in space) 31 July 2018
Major Quantum Computing Advance Made Obsolete by Teenager 31 July 2018
Mesoscopic Interference for Metric and Curvature (MIMAC) & Gravitational Waves 31 July 2018
Testing a Quantum Inequality with a Meta-analysis of Data from Squeezed Light 31 July 2018
No Synchronization for Qubits 30 July 2018
Niobium tungsten oxides help make faster-charging batteries 30 July 2018
Binary semiconductor realizes high thermal conductivity 30 July 2018
String Theory May Create Far Fewer Universes Than Thought 30 July 2018
Sun Vanishes For Three Hours Over Rural Siberia, Russian Authorities Remain Mum 30 July 2018
DARPA has an ambitious $1.5 billion plan to reinvent electronics 30 July 2018
What is time? Physicist Carlo Rovelli ponders the enigmatic fourth dimension 30 July 2018
Flooded internet is possible by 2035 29 July 2018
What does Mars’ lake mean for the search for life on the Red Planet? 29 July 2018
David Bohm, Quantum Mechanics and Enlightenment 28 July 2018
Artificial intelligence has learned to probe the minds of other computers 28 July 2018
Chip lights up optical neural network demo 28 July 2018
Expecting the Unexpected 28 July 2018
New two-dimensional material could revolutionize solar fuel generation 28 July 2018
New algorithm may help find new physics 28 July 2018
New algorithm could help find new physics 28 July 2018
'Aliens on the Moon' Headlines Obscured the Truth About Moon Habitability 28 July 2018
The Troubled Quest for the Superconducting Wind Turbine 28 July 2018
Theorists find mechanism behind nearly pure nanotubes from the unusual catalyst 28 July 2018
A quantum future awaits 28 July 2018
Scientists create 'impossible' materials in simple way 28 July 2018
Army Selects Firms To Design Next High-Tech Assault Rifle For "Decades Of Hybrid Wars" 26 July 2018
Someone is Making a Graphene Jacket Because Why Not? 26 July 2018
Team shatters theoretical limit on bio-hydrogen production 26 July 2018
Hydrogen and plastic production: New catalyst with a dual function 26 July 2018
Scientists develop new materials that move in response to light 26 July 2018
Milky Way’s black hole provides long-sought test of Einstein’s general relativity 26 July 2018
Black holes really just ever-growing balls of string, researchers say 26 July 2018
A Classical Machine Learning Algorithm Goes Quantum 26 July 2018
Science insurgents plot a climate model driven by artificial intelligence 26 July 2018
Organic Mega Flow Battery transcends lifetime, voltage thresholds 26 July 2018
Electron images achieve record-breaking resolution 26 July 2018
Time is running out in the tropics: Researchers warn of global biodiversity collapse 26 July 2018
One Woman’s Math Could Help NASA Put People on Mars 25 July 2018
The Army’s Advanced New Night Vision Goggles Are Just Over The Horizon 25 July 2018
What Was Mysterious Cloud That Turned Day Into Night in Eastern Russia? 25 July 2018
Toward Open, Extensible Quantum Programming 25 July 2018
A sweet way to make graphene 25 July 2018
How AI could transform the way we measure kids’ intelligence 25 July 2018
Weaponized drones. Machines that attack on their own. 'That day is going to come' 25 July 2018
Stronger Tests of the Collapse Locality Loophole in Bell Experiments 25 July 2018
Holographic image of a black hole proposed in a graphene flake 25 July 2018
Scientists unlock the properties of new 2-D material 25 July 2018
Closed Loophole Confirms the Unreality of the Quantum World 25 July 2018
Research team uses excitons to take electronics into the future 25 July 2018
Counting Photons from a Laser Polariton Condensate 25 July 2018
Fast photon source lights up quantum technologies 25 July 2018
Deep within Mars, Liquid Water Offers Hope for Life 25 July 2018
Mars Express Finds Huge Reservoir of Liquid Water below Martian Surface 25 July 2018
Towards renewable life-support systems in space 24 July 2018
Researchers find quantum 'Maxwell's demon' may give up information to extract work 24 July 2018
Ytterbium may be the quantum memory of tomorrow 24 July 2018
No sign of symmetrons yet, physicists report 24 July 2018
China’s Robot Subs Will Lean Heavily on AI: Report 24 July 2018
How Defects Alter Graphene Nanoribbons 24 July 2018
World-first quantum computer simulation of chemical bonds using trapped ions 24 July 2018
Researchers report success with complex quantum states 24 July 2018
Scientists revise the Rio Scale for reported alien encounters 24 July 2018
How We Lost the Sky 23 July 2018
Aliens might have lived on the moon, scientists say 23 July 2018
A New 'Periodic Table' for Nanomaterials 23 July 2018
If only A.I. had a brain 23 July 2018
Engineers model a graphene-based artificial synapse after the human brain 23 July 2018
Likely organics and microbial life in all the liquid oceans of the solar system 23 July 2018