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Researchers propose new physics to explain decay of subatomic particle 05 March 2020
New carbon-based nanomaterial: Facile diamond synthesis from lower 'diamondoids' 05 March 2020
Novel photovoltaics generate electrical power from thermal sources 05 March 2020
Using molecules to draw on quantum materials 04 March 2020
A talented 2-D material gets a new gig 04 March 2020
A small step for atoms, a giant leap for microelectronics 04 March 2020
Potassium metal battery emerges as a rival to lithium-ion technology 04 March 2020
“Cosmic String” Gravitational Waves Could Solve Antimatter Mystery 03 March 2020
Manipulating atoms to make better superconductors 03 March 2020
Hope for a new permanent magnet that's cheap and sustainable 03 March 2020
Magnetic whirls in future data storage devices 03 March 2020
Nanowire device generates electricity from ambient humidity 03 March 2020
Microstructures self-assemble into new materials 03 March 2020
How to prepare for the coronavirus like a pro 02 March 2020
KITE code could power new quantum developments 02 March 2020
Scientists measure electron spin qubit without demolishing it 02 March 2020
The fall and rise of the Doppler effect 02 March 2020
Using “Noise” to Detect Majorana States 02 March 2020
7 Things in Our Universe That Have Astronomers Scratching Their Heads 02 March 2020
‘You Don’t Want to Play Laser Tag With Us,’ US Navy Tells China Over Laser Incident 01 March 2020
A Key Ingredient for Life Has Been Found on an ‘Extraterrestrial Source,’ Scientists Report 01 March 2020
Helical quantum Hall phase in graphene on strontium titanate 29 February 2020
Why is there any matter in the universe at all? 29 February 2020
Wormholes Reveal a Way to Manipulate Black Hole Information in the Lab 29 February 2020
How to Beat 'The Invisible Man' According to an Actual Invisibility Expert 29 February 2020
Ultrafast probing reveals intricate dynamics of quantum coherence 29 February 2020
The next frontier for Big Science 29 February 2020
The Second Quantum Revolution with Quantum Computers 29 February 2020
Here's the Reason why Russian Aircraft Keep Dying In Syria 29 February 2020
Why is there any matter in the universe at all? New study sheds light 28 February 2020
New study explains why superconductivity takes place in graphene 28 February 2020
Physicists may have accidentally discovered a new state of matter 28 February 2020
Quantum secrets can be teleported and shared between multiple senders and receivers 28 February 2020
Quantum researchers able to split one photon into three 28 February 2020
This Exoplanet Could Actually Be Habitable After All, And It's Not Even That Far 28 February 2020
This Company Will Point Satellites at Earth and Use them to Look for UFOs 28 February 2020
China’s Moon Rover Takes a Deeper Look at the Far Side 26 February 2020
Google Earth user finds ‘Area 51 hidden base entrances’ in time lapse video 26 February 2020
A possible new way to cool computer chips 26 February 2020
A faster, easier way to build diamond 26 February 2020
Isotope movement holds key to the power of fusion reactions 26 February 2020
Magnetic field at Martian surface ten times stronger than expected 26 February 2020
Is There Life on Mars? NASA InSight Rover Detects Quakes 26 February 2020
NASA Continues To Hide Its Astrobiology Program 26 February 2020
How to know if artificial intelligence is about to destroy civilization 25 February 2020
Going super small to get super strong metals 25 February 2020
Design of the W7-X fusion device enables it to overcome obstacles 25 February 2020
Scientists Turn Trash Into Valuable Graphene in a Flash 24 February 2020
The holy grail of clean energy may still be on its way 24 February 2020
A new transverse tunneling field-effect transistor 24 February 2020
Large-area electronic-grade graphene grows on the cheap 24 February 2020
Geometry Rescues Superconductivity in Twisted Graphene 24 February 2020
We’re not prepared for the end of Moore’s Law 24 February 2020
Physicists Observe Three-Atom Collisions in Ground-Breaking Experiments 24 February 2020
Making metallic glasses more plastic 23 February 2020
Black phosphorus tunnel field-effect transistor as an alternative ultra-low power switch? 23 February 2020
Could alien life hitchhike to Earth on space rocks from other stars? 22 February 2020
DARPA 'Glide Breaker’: Hypersonic interceptor developed to blast missiles out of the sky 22 February 2020
Quantum SETI 22 February 2020
The F-35 Will Soon Be Outclassed By 6th Generation Fighters 21 February 2020
Scientists Sculpt Nanoparticle Shells with Light 21 February 2020
Researchers develop high-capacity EV battery materials that double driving range 21 February 2020
Improving Models of How Supercapacitors Charge 21 February 2020
Quantum diffusion of heavy defects defies Arrhenius’ law 21 February 2020
Improving the electrical and mechanical properties of carbon-nanotube-based fibers 21 February 2020
How the Army Plans to Counter and Destroy Enemy Drone Swarms 21 February 2020
Scientists predict new state of matter that can conduct both electricity and energy perfectly 21 February 2020
Physicists Come Closer to Answering Question of Antimatter’s Scarcity 19 February 2020
A spookily good sensor 19 February 2020
Scientists pioneer new way to study exoplanets 19 February 2020
New Physics Possibilities from Kaon Decay 19 February 2020
Looking for Earth’s cousins: ‘biosignatures’ in exoplanet atmospheres 19 February 2020
Graphene Reveals Its Strange Side 19 February 2020
What AI still can’t do 19 February 2020
Future Humans and UFOs 18 February 2020
The CIA Confirms Psychokinesis is Real 17 February 2020
Exotic atomic nuclei reveal traces of new form of superfluidity 17 February 2020
How a quantum technique highlights math’s mysterious link to physics 17 February 2020
New technologies, strategies expanding search for extraterrestrial life 17 February 2020
Interstellar biological experiments could aid human space travel 17 February 2020
Israeli Analyst: Space Exploration Could Bring New Deadly Viruses to Earth 17 February 2020
Fragile topology: Strange electron flow in future materials 16 February 2020
Wanted: A Science of UFOs | Alexander Wendt | TEDxColumbus 14 February 2020
Deconstructing Schrödinger's cat 14 February 2020
Physicists Pioneer New Way to Turn Metal into Insulator 14 February 2020
Introducing the π-ton, which could be the newest known quasiparticle 14 February 2020
The 'electronic Griffiths phase' in solid-state physical systems 14 February 2020
Researchers develop device that mimics brain cells used for human vision 14 February 2020
NASA’s next missions will explore Venus or the moons Triton and Io 14 February 2020
Quantum anomalous Hall effect in intrinsic magnetic topological insulator 14 February 2020
Study uncovers new electronic state of matter 14 February 2020
Slide Show on How Tic Tac UFOs fly 13 February 2020
Time crystals and topological superconductors merge 12 February 2020
New class of materials shows strange electron properties 12 February 2020
New quasiparticle unveiled in room temperature semiconductors 12 February 2020
Classical time crystals could exist in nature, say physicists 11 February 2020
Nanowires made of tellurium and nanotubes hold promise for wearable tech 11 February 2020
DNA-like material could bring even smaller transistors 11 February 2020
Quantum technologies: New insights into superconducting processes 11 February 2020
New technology could help solve AI's 'memory bottleneck' 10 February 2020
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