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Scientists create 'impossible' materials in simple way 28 July 2018
Army Selects Firms To Design Next High-Tech Assault Rifle For "Decades Of Hybrid Wars" 26 July 2018
Someone is Making a Graphene Jacket Because Why Not? 26 July 2018
Team shatters theoretical limit on bio-hydrogen production 26 July 2018
Hydrogen and plastic production: New catalyst with a dual function 26 July 2018
Scientists develop new materials that move in response to light 26 July 2018
Milky Way’s black hole provides long-sought test of Einstein’s general relativity 26 July 2018
Black holes really just ever-growing balls of string, researchers say 26 July 2018
A Classical Machine Learning Algorithm Goes Quantum 26 July 2018
Science insurgents plot a climate model driven by artificial intelligence 26 July 2018
Organic Mega Flow Battery transcends lifetime, voltage thresholds 26 July 2018
Electron images achieve record-breaking resolution 26 July 2018
Time is running out in the tropics: Researchers warn of global biodiversity collapse 26 July 2018
One Woman’s Math Could Help NASA Put People on Mars 25 July 2018
The Army’s Advanced New Night Vision Goggles Are Just Over The Horizon 25 July 2018
What Was Mysterious Cloud That Turned Day Into Night in Eastern Russia? 25 July 2018
Toward Open, Extensible Quantum Programming 25 July 2018
A sweet way to make graphene 25 July 2018
How AI could transform the way we measure kids’ intelligence 25 July 2018
Weaponized drones. Machines that attack on their own. 'That day is going to come' 25 July 2018
Stronger Tests of the Collapse Locality Loophole in Bell Experiments 25 July 2018
Holographic image of a black hole proposed in a graphene flake 25 July 2018
Scientists unlock the properties of new 2-D material 25 July 2018
Closed Loophole Confirms the Unreality of the Quantum World 25 July 2018
Research team uses excitons to take electronics into the future 25 July 2018
Counting Photons from a Laser Polariton Condensate 25 July 2018
Fast photon source lights up quantum technologies 25 July 2018
Deep within Mars, Liquid Water Offers Hope for Life 25 July 2018
Mars Express Finds Huge Reservoir of Liquid Water below Martian Surface 25 July 2018
Towards renewable life-support systems in space 24 July 2018
Researchers find quantum 'Maxwell's demon' may give up information to extract work 24 July 2018
Ytterbium may be the quantum memory of tomorrow 24 July 2018
No sign of symmetrons yet, physicists report 24 July 2018
China’s Robot Subs Will Lean Heavily on AI: Report 24 July 2018
How Defects Alter Graphene Nanoribbons 24 July 2018
World-first quantum computer simulation of chemical bonds using trapped ions 24 July 2018
Researchers report success with complex quantum states 24 July 2018
Scientists revise the Rio Scale for reported alien encounters 24 July 2018
How We Lost the Sky 23 July 2018
Aliens might have lived on the moon, scientists say 23 July 2018
A New 'Periodic Table' for Nanomaterials 23 July 2018
If only A.I. had a brain 23 July 2018
Engineers model a graphene-based artificial synapse after the human brain 23 July 2018
Likely organics and microbial life in all the liquid oceans of the solar system 23 July 2018
Writing the future of rewritable memory 23 July 2018
A Double Take on Unconventional Photon Blockade 23 July 2018
Ytterbium: The quantum memory of tomorrow 23 July 2018
Signs of Life on Europa May Be Just Beneath the Surface 23 July 2018
World-first 'super battery' could charge your phone instantly 22 July 2018
Complete fly brain imaged at nanoscale resolution 21 July 2018
Google wants to make programming quantum computers easier 21 July 2018
Reversing cause and effect in quantum computers 20 July 2018
New battery could store wind and solar electricity affordably and at room temperature 20 July 2018
New double sided membarne metamaterials show limitless technological promise 20 July 2018
Physics treasure hidden in a wallpaper pattern 20 July 2018
Billion-year-old lake deposit yields clues to Earth's ancient biosphere 20 July 2018
Fastest-Spinning Particles: Nanoparticles That Spin A Billion Times Per Second To Test Limits Of Physics 20 July 2018
Where to search for signs of life on Titan 20 July 2018
The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature 20 July 2018
Physics Needs Philosophy / Philosophy Needs Physics 19 July 2018
Single-atom magnets show stability needed for data storage 19 July 2018
Recycling Light from Atom Cooling 19 July 2018
Single atoms shine as catalysts 19 July 2018
Future electronic components to be printed like newspapers 19 July 2018
Moving closer to completely optical artificial neural network 19 July 2018
Reversing cause and effect is no trouble for quantum computers 19 July 2018
Planck: Final data from the mission lends support to the standard cosmological model 19 July 2018
Is Time Running Out On Dark Matter? 18 July 2018
Mysterious radio signals could be from new type of neutrino 18 July 2018
Quantum Dots Serve Entangled Photons on Demand 18 July 2018
Making pions with lasers 18 July 2018
No more zigzags: Scientists uncover mechanism that stabilizes fusion plasmas 18 July 2018
Oddball Galaxy Puts Dark Matter Theory to the Test 18 July 2018
In borophene, boundaries are no barrier—researchers make and test atom-thick boron's unique domains 18 July 2018
The relationship between charge density waves and superconductivity? It's complicated 18 July 2018
What Is (And Isn't) Scientific About The Multiverse 18 July 2018
Making Quantum Computations Behave 17 July 2018
Should We Loosen the Restrictions on Psychedelics? 17 July 2018
Researchers develop new solar sailing technology for NASA 17 July 2018
Army Buys Small Suicide Drones To Break Up Hostile Swarms And Potentially More 17 July 2018
Astronomers Find a Famous Exoplanet’s Doppelgänger 17 July 2018
Graphene-based device enables active thermal camouflage 16 July 2018
A Photonic Circuit for Quantum Computers 16 July 2018
Solving problems by computer just got a lot faster 16 July 2018
Chinese Researchers Achieve Stunning Quantum-Entanglement Record 16 July 2018
You Might Be Slightly Conscious Under Anesthesia 16 July 2018
Hydrogen dissociation measurement puts theory at odds with experiment 15 July 2018
Will Science Ever Solve the Mysteries of Consciousness, Free Will and God? 15 July 2018
A Physicist Wants to Bend Time with Lasers to Save His Father 15 July 2018
Scrambling Time and Causal Structure of the Photon Sphere of a Schwarzchild Black Hole 14 July 2018
Tuning into quantum: Scientists unlock signal frequency control of precision atom qubits 13 July 2018
First machine learning method capable of accurate extrapolation 13 July 2018
Could Brain Stimulation Slow Cancer? 13 July 2018
100 bats and a long, dark tunnel: one neuroscientist’s quest to unlock the secrets of 3D navigation 13 July 2018
NASA Discovers Two Asteroids Hours After They Slipped Past Earth 13 July 2018
How might dark matter interact with ordinary matter? 13 July 2018
New Quantum Computer Milestone Would Make Richard Feynman Very Happy 13 July 2018
Hubble and Gaia team up to fuel cosmic conundrum 13 July 2018
NASA accidentally burned ‘life on Mars’ evidence decades ago 12 July 2018
Ideal Mergers for Measuring Cosmic Expansion 12 July 2018