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Physicists find clues to the origins of high-temperature superconductivity 18 January 2018
Physicists Have Created an Artificial Gamma Ray Burst in the Lab 18 January 2018
Lunar Fountain? Accessible Ice Could Lurk in Moon's Lava Tubes 18 January 2018
NASA’s Been Ordered to Search for Life in Space. They Should Start With Viruses. Really! 17 January 2018
Scientists develop a new material for manipulating molecules 17 January 2018
Future electronics may ride on new three-in-one particle 17 January 2018
Study finds topological materials could boost the efficiency of thermoelectric devices 17 January 2018
Novel 3-D printing technique yields high-performance composites 17 January 2018
Scientists zoom in to watch DNA code being read 17 January 2018
Political corruption scandals may be predicted by network science 17 January 2018
Ultra-thin memory storage device paves way for more powerful computing 17 January 2018
A Possible Failure of Determinism in General Relativity 17 January 2018
Coherence makes quantum systems magical 17 January 2018
The Mars Water Story Gets Ever More Interesting 17 January 2018
Why a “Genius” Scientist Thinks Our Consciousness Originates at the Quantum Level 17 January 2018
Scientists Now Believe The Universe Itself May Be Conscious 17 January 2018
Discovery Could Lead to Materials with Brighter, Faster Light Emission 16 January 2018
From Black Holes to Baby Universes: Exploring the Possibility of Creating a Cosmos in the Laboratory 16 January 2018
Quan­tum physics turned into tan­gi­ble re­al­ity 16 January 2018
Speed of universe’s expansion remains elusive 16 January 2018
Researchers measure single atoms in a graphene 'petri-dish' 16 January 2018
China enters the battle for AI talent 16 January 2018
Five-Planet System Found: K2-138 16 January 2018
Voyage into the dark sector 16 January 2018
Newfound Type of Wormhole Allows Information to Escape Black Holes 16 January 2018
Gamma ray bursts are ‘messages sent from ALIENS’ 16 January 2018
Boeing unveils its ‘Son of Blackbird’ hypersonic spy plane concept that could travel at 3,800mph 15 January 2018
Quantum gravity could be probed by entangled masses 15 January 2018
Light may unlock a new quantum dance for electrons in graphene 15 January 2018
Step aside CERN: There’s a cheaper way to break open physics 15 January 2018
Aerial vehicle flying freely with independently controlled main wings 15 January 2018
Gyroscopes lead scientists to unusual state of matter in a disorganized structure 15 January 2018
Extraterrestrial object holds KEY to solar system formation, exciting scientists 14 January 2018
Trio of dead stars upholds a key part of Einstein’s theory of gravity 14 January 2018
Quick-freezing alloy accelerates phase-change memory 14 January 2018
New HiRISE Images Show 3D Structure of Martian Ice Sheets 14 January 2018
Black Holes as Brains: Neural Networks with Area Law Entropy 14 January 2018
Future spacecraft could navigate by the light of dead stars. Using only the timing of radiation bursts from pulsating stellar corpses, an experiment on the International Space Station was able to pinpoint its location in space in a first-ever demonstrati 13 January 2018
A major step forward in organic electronics 13 January 2018
How to see a memory 13 January 2018
Why an Old Theory of Everything Is Gaining New Life 13 January 2018
New exotic phenomena seen in photonic crystals 13 January 2018
The Secret Zuma Spacecraft Could Be Alive And Well Doing Exactly What It Was Intended To 13 January 2018
The Best Strategies To Identify A Habitable Planet 13 January 2018
"It's Very Likely That Advanced Life Has Evolved Elsewhere" --But, Scientists Ask, What Would They Look Like? 13 January 2018
Taming the monsters of tomorrow 13 January 2018
Fundamental physics is frustrating physicists 11 January 2018
First-Ever Drone Swarm Attack Has Struck Russian Military Bases, Sources Claim 11 January 2018
World's biggest space telescope that could spot alien life passes key simulation tests ahead of its launch next year 11 January 2018
'Serious gap' in cosmic expansion rate hints at new physics 11 January 2018
Researchers implement 3-qubit Grover search on a quantum computer 11 January 2018
Hubble telescope ramps up search for Europa’s watery plumes 11 January 2018
White graphene makes ceramics multifunctional 11 January 2018
Can Dead Stars Orbiting Black Holes Explain Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts? 11 January 2018
Steep slopes on Mars reveal structure of buried ice on Red Planet 11 January 2018
This Physicist Turned Time Crystals From a Theoretical Oddity to an Odd Reality 11 January 2018
Lawmakers look into mystery of $1 billion U.S. spy satellite that apparently crashed into sea 11 January 2018
Mysterious Radio Blasts from a Distant Galaxy Draw Attention of Alien Hunters 11 January 2018
Lasers are getting ten times more powerful every 3 years, soon Exawatt lasers will unlock fusion and more 10 January 2018
How to keep humans from ruining the search for life on Mars 10 January 2018
These Stunning Blue Alien Crystals Contain Water and Organic Molecules 10 January 2018
Exploring alien worlds with lasers 10 January 2018
An Atlas for 2D Metals 10 January 2018
First flashes of light observed from individual graphene nanoribbons 10 January 2018
Astronomers Trace Radio Burst to Extreme Cosmic Neighborhood 10 January 2018
After years of avoidance, Department of Energy joins quest to develop quantum computers 10 January 2018
New oxide and semiconductor combination builds new device potential 10 January 2018
Quantum Dot: Extremely bright and fast light emission 10 January 2018
Dead Stars Orbiting Black Holes May Explain Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts 10 January 2018
Ingredients for life revealed in meteorites that fell to Earth 10 January 2018
3-D printing creates super soft structures that replicate brain and lungs 10 January 2018
Extraterrestrial Stone Found In Egypt Contains Compounds Not Found Elsewhere In The Solar System 10 January 2018
This is what a 50-qubit quantum computer looks like 10 January 2018
SpaceX Zuma Mission: What has happened to US spy satellite? Where is it now? 10 January 2018
Robots, AI, Quantum Computing: How China Is Preparing for a New Generation of War 10 January 2018
Silicon gains ground in quantum-computing race 10 January 2018
Stephen Hawking: Earth will become unbearably boiling hot thanks to climate change 09 January 2018
Has Lockheed Martin FINISHED building the secret hypersonic successor to the Blackbird? Skunkworks boss hints unmanned SR-72 bomber has 'already been made' 09 January 2018
Lasers Used to Create Negative Mass Particles 09 January 2018
Travel Advice for a Trip to the Red Planet 09 January 2018
Exoplanet science 2.0 09 January 2018
Alzheimer’s drug turns back clock in powerhouse of cell 09 January 2018
Weird “Tubes” on Mars Are Probably Not Signs of Life 09 January 2018
Quantum Computers Supreme in 2018 09 January 2018
Intel has hit a “major breakthrough” in quantum computing 09 January 2018
When Reporting News About Aliens, Caution Is Advised 09 January 2018
NASA is going back to the moon — if it can figure out how to get there 09 January 2018
Physicists create first direct images of the square of the wave function of a hydrogen molecule 09 January 2018
It’s Never Aliens—until It Is 09 January 2018
The "Zuma" Missing Spacecraft Mystery 09 January 2018
Surprising result shocks scientists studying spin 08 January 2018
Scientists develop graphene sensors that could revolutionise the Internet of Things 08 January 2018
Mars exploration is not just important – it appeals to our very core as human beings 08 January 2018
SpaceX launches secretive Zuma mission 08 January 2018
PREHISTORIC MARS: Alien frenzy rumbles on over 'fossils' found on Red Planet 08 January 2018
Use new telescopes to scout for ET tech, astrobiologists tell NASA 08 January 2018
Are Alien Civilizations Technologically Advanced? 08 January 2018
Physicists build muscle for shape-changing, cell-sized robots 07 January 2018
Discussion with Kent Peacock on How to Understand Quantum Entanglement 06 January 2018