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Turning up the heat to create new nanostructured metals 20 November 2019
Quantum physics: our study suggests objective reality doesn’t exist 20 November 2019
Europa mystery: Why life unlike we know it could live there 19 November 2019
Has the U.S. Army Created Its Ultimate Weapon? 19 November 2019
Nanooptical traps: A promising building block for quantum technologies 19 November 2019
Light-sensing camera may help detect extraterrestrial life, dark matter 19 November 2019
Complex organ models grown in the lab 19 November 2019
Magic-angle bilayer graphene enters a new phase 19 November 2019
Clean carbon nanotubes with superb properties 19 November 2019
‘The discovery of primitive life on another planet wouldn’t change the world’: Andrew May, Astrobiology 19 November 2019
Alien life could be more common than we thought, scientists say 19 November 2019
An artificial intelligence algorithm can learn the laws of quantum mechanics 18 November 2019
Deeper Insights Emerge into How Memories Form 18 November 2019
Kick-starting Moore's Law? New 'synthetic' method for making microchips could help 18 November 2019
Nanowire circuits allow for transparent and flexible LED screens 18 November 2019
Researchers discover an origin of dendrite growth in lithium-metal batteries 18 November 2019
A whole new world: astronomers draw first global map of Titan 18 November 2019
'Are we alone?' Study refines which exoplanets are potentially habitable 16 November 2019
Neutrinos Lead to Unexpected Discovery in Basic Math 16 November 2019
Space flight looks exciting for those who are watching from Earth, but what they are aware of is that there are apparent changes on astronauts after they went to space; it could be physical or psychological. Since space is quite a dangerous place for huma 16 November 2019
What's the best way to sail from world to world? Electric sails or solar sails? (Neither. Why crawl when you can jump?) 16 November 2019
Cold fusion: A potential energy gamechanger 15 November 2019
Star Wars-style 3D images created from single speck of foam 15 November 2019
Plasma Scalpel Takes On Cancer 15 November 2019
Real-time 3-D reconstruction of complex scenes from long distances are shaping our present and future 15 November 2019
Fine-Tuning Search for Faraway Alien Life Signs Possible through 3-D Climate Modeling 15 November 2019
Storing energy in hydrogen 20 times more effective using platinum-nickel catalyst 15 November 2019
Space-based radar suggests North Korean nuke equivalent to '17 Hiroshimas' 15 November 2019
Distant worlds under many suns 15 November 2019
Research reveals new state of matter: a Cooper pair metal 15 November 2019
Will quantum computers revolutionize the world? 15 November 2019
Physicists irreversibly split photons by freezing them in Bose-Einstein condensate 15 November 2019
The World’s Smallest SuperComputer Could Completely Change the Drone Industry 13 November 2019
If alien life exists in our solar system, it may look like this 12 November 2019
Proposed Interstellar Mission Reaches for the Stars, One Generation at a Time (stupid!) 12 November 2019
With Mars methane mystery unsolved, Curiosity serves scientists a new one: Oxygen 12 November 2019
How could we find a wormhole hiding in the Milky Way? 12 November 2019
Smart metamaterials that sense and reprogram themselves 11 November 2019
New photonic liquid crystals could lead to next-generation displays 11 November 2019
Will Drone Swarms Render the Submarine Obsolete? 10 November 2019
The Navy's Secretive And Revolutionary Program To Project False Fleets From Drone Swarms 10 November 2019
Motions of the planets put new limit on graviton mass 10 November 2019
How Does Gravity Work and Could We Ever Develop Anti-gravity Technology? 10 November 2019
Squeezing an Electron Crystal 10 November 2019
Researchers convert 2-D images into 3-D using deep learning 10 November 2019
New research synthesizes different aspects of causality in quantum field theory 09 November 2019
This Is What Plants Would Look Like on Other Planets 09 November 2019
We Now Have The First-Ever Permanently Magnetic Liquid, And It's Absolutely Trippy 09 November 2019
Finding extraterrestrial life 'probably going to take a long time,' astronomer says (BS!) 08 November 2019
Douglas Trumbull: a mutual appreciation between scientists and moviemakers 08 November 2019
Quantum Computer Made from Photons Achieves a New Record 06 November 2019
The US Army is creating robots that can follow orders 06 November 2019
Researchers Develop Fast-Charging Self-Heating Lithium-Ion Battery 06 November 2019
Nuclear fusion is 'a question of when, not if' 06 November 2019
What Would Happen If the Navy SEALs Fought Iran's Special Forces? 04 November 2019
Our understanding of the universe could be fundamentally wrong, astronomers say 04 November 2019
The Universe Might Be a Giant Loop 04 November 2019
Kilometer-Long Space Tether Tests Fuel-Free Propulsion 04 November 2019
Magic-angle graphene reveals a host of new states 04 November 2019
Scientists create 'artificial leaf' that turns carbon into fuel 04 November 2019
Dynamics of silk proteins are key to outstanding stability of spider silk as biomaterial 04 November 2019
New printer creates extremely realistic colorful holograms 02 November 2019
Liquid-in-liquid printing method could put 3D-printed organs in reach 02 November 2019
Shedding new light on charging lithium-ion batteries 02 November 2019
The Growing Problem of Space Debris 02 November 2019
The U.S. Interior Department Has Grounded Its Fleet of 800 Drones, Fearing Chinese Surveillance 01 November 2019
What caused the Big Bang? 01 November 2019
A new twist on the quantum vacuum 01 November 2019
Scientists tame Josephson vortices 01 November 2019
Second-Ever Interstellar Comet Contains Alien Water 01 November 2019
Researchers create quantum chip 1,000 times smaller than current setups 01 November 2019
Nanotechnology breakthrough enables conversion of infrared light to energy 01 November 2019
Black Hole Assembly Line 01 November 2019
Researchers build a silicon-graphene-germanium transistor for future THz operation 01 November 2019
The strange science of the US Air Force's top-secret space plane 01 November 2019
Why No One Wants to Buy China's CH-4 "Killer" Drone Anymore 01 November 2019
Scientists Demonstrate Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans 30 October 2019
Is a New Particle Changing the Fate of the Universe? 30 October 2019
Dielectric metasurfaces for next-generation holograms 30 October 2019
Twisted physics: Magic angle graphene produces switchable patterns of superconductivity 30 October 2019
Making Diamond Qubits Talk to Light 30 October 2019
NASA video shows space junk ‘trapping’ humans on Earth in terrifying toxic vortex 28 October 2019
Dark energy debate reignited by controversial analysis of supernovae data 28 October 2019
Cosmic Predictions from the String Swampland 28 October 2019
Topological nanoelectronics 28 October 2019
Study casts doubt on carbon capture 28 October 2019
New research finding gives valleytronics a boost 28 October 2019
Researchers transmit energy with laser in 'historic' power-beaming demonstration 28 October 2019
New Clues in the Hunt for a Room-Temperature Superconductor 27 October 2019
Researchers create blueprint for 'quantum battery' that doesn't lose charge 27 October 2019
Using Quantum Computers to Test the Fundamentals of Physics 26 October 2019
Interstellar Conversations:Could there be information networks across the galaxy? 26 October 2019
Humans will ruin outer space just like they’ve ruined everything else 26 October 2019
Why Quantum Computers Will Be Super Awesome, Someday 26 October 2019
Hands-On with Google’s Quantum Computer 25 October 2019
Google and IBM Clash Over Milestone Quantum Computing Experiment 25 October 2019
New Electrochemical Device Removes Carbon Dioxide from Stream of Air 25 October 2019
Full-Speed Ahead: NASA Aims for Manned Mars Mission by 2035 25 October 2019
Hydrogen boride nanosheets: A promising material for hydrogen carrier 25 October 2019
US Air Force acquires new anti-drone lasers that can fire 'a nearly infinite number of shots' and can be powered by a standard electrical outlet for $23.8 million 25 October 2019