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Part 2: Is The Dulce ET Underground Lab Linked to ETs from Zeta Reticuli 1 and Sirius B? 31 August 2014
UFO Over Edmonton, Canada 31 August 2014
‘UFO’ spotted hovering over Melbourne for more than an hour 31 August 2014
Professor David M. Jacobs on the Alien Hybridization Program 30 August 2014
Black Ovoid UFO Over Kentucky 30 August 2014
Major UFO Saucer Sightings- Multiple Witnesses (Video And Photos) 29 August 2014
Police Verify UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania, Another Reported 29 August 2014
UFO Sighting VIDEO Harrisburg PA Police witness REAL UFO in Pennsylvania (Video) 29 August 2014
Amazing Video of a UFO Being Swarmed by Blackhawk Helicopters Over San Fernando, CA 29 August 2014
One of the Clearest UFO Images Captured In Houston 29 August 2014
Mystery glow over the Pacific Ocean: Pilots left baffled by strange orange and red lights spotted in the dead of night 27 August 2014
Cigar Shaped UFO Captured Over Napa Just After Earthquake 27 August 2014
UFO With Changing Colours Sighted By Lower Paxton Township Police In Pennsylvania 27 August 2014
He Moves In Mysterious Ways: The Strange Path of Bigfoot In the Bridgewater Triangle 26 August 2014
UFO Probe Caught Travelling Down Road In Russia 2013? 26 August 2014
Unidentified red orbs spotted off our coast 26 August 2014
Possible underground UFO base In Kongka La Pass, Himalayas? 26 August 2014
10 People Who Say They Have Been Abducted By Aliens 26 August 2014
Illinois witness says giant UFO looked like ‘Star Wars’ ship 26 August 2014
Musician Tom DeLonge sees UFOs in San Diego (VIDEO) 26 August 2014
Tiny Black UFO found in Forest? 25 August 2014
Man Records vocalizations of a "Clan" of Bigfoot near his western Washington home 25 August 2014
Strange UFO Photographed Over Colwyn Bay 23 August 2014
Stanislav Lunev on Russian earthquake weapon and secret war plans 23 August 2014
Mass Panic Over Houston's 'Blinking Lights' in the Sky; UFO Sceptics Still Not Convinced 23 August 2014
NBC Cameraman Interrogated by FBI for 10 Hours After Catching UFO on Camera 23 August 2014
UFOs seen by multiple witnesses over North Carolina beaches (Photos) 22 August 2014
Alien thigh bone on Mars? Odd object on NASA Curiosity rover photo 22 August 2014
Slow moving UFO caught on video over Ohio town 22 August 2014
Canadian witnesses spot ‘tube-like’ UFO hovering over small town 22 August 2014
New Loch Ness Monster Video Emerges 22 August 2014
Woman takes picture of mysterious cloud or UFO? 20 August 2014
Alien Mystery Solved: NASA Reveals the Truth About the Strange Figure Recorded on the Moon? (Watch Video) 20 August 2014
UFO Fleet Or Mothership in Kaliningrad Russia? 20 August 2014
Field Biologist ohn Mionczynski's Bigfoot Encounter 20 August 2014
The Warminster Thing (UFO) Incident 19 August 2014
Morphing UFO Or Angel Filmed In Los Angeles? 18 August 2014
An "Angel" Over London? 18 August 2014
If we down one UFO we'll be facing an interstellar war - Former Defense Minister of Canada 18 August 2014
Man Says He Witnessed Secret UFO and Alien Files 16 August 2014
PHOTOS: More on the Houston Multiple Witness UFO Sighting 15 August 2014
Fast High Altitude UFO Clears Skies Over Plateado Mexico 11/Aug/2014 15 August 2014
More on the Alleged “Humanoid Shadow” in Google Moon 15 August 2014
Incredible UFO video captured by Western Canadian news agency 15 August 2014
Did NASA Capture An Alien And Its Shadow On The Moon? 15 August 2014
Canadian witness says ‘massive UFO’ near Fort Erie cloaked itself 15 August 2014
Excellent Video of Daylight UFO Over Busan, South Korea 15 August 2014
The real Men in Black, Hollywood and the great UFO cover-up 15 August 2014
Illinois law enforcement officer reports sphere UFOs 15 August 2014
New video of possible UFO over Houston 15 August 2014
New York Magazine Writer Declares End of UFOs 13 August 2014
Were there UFOs over Houston? 12 August 2014
‘Enormous triangle’ UFO reported over Quebec 12 August 2014
Witnesses spot UFO over Edinburgh Castle (Photo) 12 August 2014
Mushroom UFO caught on camera over Australian mountain 12 August 2014
Chile Declares UFOs Pose No Threat to Aircraft 12 August 2014
UFO Over Sao Paulo 12 August 2014
Pennsylvania family recounts encounter with landed UFO 12 August 2014
Triangle UFO Above Germany Leaves Questions In Its Wake (VIDEO) 06 August 2014
UFO over Wrexham‽ 05 August 2014
Bigfoot at Red River? 05 August 2014
Bigfoot Encampment Found Into The Giants Lair & Sighting 05 August 2014
Amazing German Night Video of Strange Objects Over a Field 05 August 2014
Google Earth Map Spots Alien-Like Figure on Moon [PHOTO+VIDEO] 05 August 2014
Milan UFO believed to be a biological entity 05 August 2014
Humans Killed By Bigfoot? A Campground Incident In Bishop, California 03 August 2014
Calgary Bigfoot - Stabilized, Zoomed, Enhanced 02 August 2014
Something Strange Is Stalking Cows In North Carolina 01 August 2014
Tourist Films A UFO From A Bus In Nevada By Area 51 01 August 2014
Witness describes two UFOs under 500 feet near Michigan airport 01 August 2014
The possible unsettling implications of UFO sightings 01 August 2014
NY Skywatcher Records Extremely Clear Video of Metallic UFO Over New York 30 July 2014
UFO hovers over Hearst Castle in tourist photo 30 July 2014
Triangular UFO Over Kassel, Germany On June 26, 2014 30 July 2014
PA witness describes rooftop UFO as size of above ground pool 29 July 2014
David Pares – Warp Engines and UFOs – July 28, 2014 29 July 2014
UFO Over North York, Toronto 28 July 2014
UFO over Arlington, Texas 07/20/2014 27 July 2014
Roswell, UFOs and Project Pandora 26 July 2014
John Podesta Returns to the White House, Will Discover Truth About Aliens (yea, sure...:-) 26 July 2014
U.S. Military Computer Hack Uncovers Photos of UFOs In Space – And That’s Not All 25 July 2014
Is That A UFO Flying Over Lucknow, India? 25 July 2014
Grandmother says Wright-Patterson UFO and alien stories are true 25 July 2014
Coloroful Daylight Morphing UFO Over Guadalajara, Mexico 25 July 2014
William Moore: UFO opportunist or agent of disinformation 25 July 2014
Area 51 Scientist Drives His Corvette for Free! 23 July 2014
Very Interesting UFO Sighting Over Studio City, CA 23 July 2014
Take a trip inside the mysterious Siberian hole: New footage emerges from deep within the strange structure 22 July 2014
VIDEO: Can this UFO sighting be linked to Wiltshire crop circle? 22 July 2014
How to Investigate UFOs using your Smart Phone: Tools, tips, tricks and cutting-edge UFO investigation techniques 22 July 2014
Sasquatch spotted in the remote mountains of Mission BC 22 July 2014
‘U.S. UFO Files Should Be Released’ Says Apollo 14 Astronaut 22 July 2014
On the terrifying thought problem 20 July 2014
UFO Cloud ejects Sphere again Over Chile 20 July 2014
Incredible Close up Video of a UFO flying over Mexico City 18 July 2014
Giant Siberian Mystery Hole Video 18 July 2014
Dozens report UFO crossing Texas skies 16 July 2014
MUFON Finds Billy Meier UFO "Cold Case" Suddenly Very Hot - and Very Real 16 July 2014
Multi-colored UFOs photographed in Austria 16 July 2014
University of California Scientists: "Camouflaged' Aliens May Live Among Us 15 July 2014