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Black Portal & Alien Cube UFO Over Texas? 6/29/2015(Or, Photoshop?;-) 03 July 2015
Government To Release Secret UFO Files Which 'Could Prove Aliens Visited UK' 03 July 2015
NASA Records Bright Sky Event Over Southeastern United States 03 July 2015
Taxi driver films 'mad' UFO hurtling through the sky over Liverpool 02 July 2015
Black ‘Flying Saucer’ UFO Photographed Hovering Over Stonehenge 30 June 2015
Nasa videos show UFOs flying from Earth just before feeds are cut off, conspiracy theorists say 30 June 2015
NASA photo: Better image of 'Great Pyramid' on Ceres, alien speculation abounds 29 June 2015
Bundestag will issue UFO documents 27 June 2015
NASA Live Feed Was Cut Again: UFO clearly seen leaving Earth's atmosphere 27 June 2015
Hotel guests 'see so many UFOs on the beach' staff keep log of sightings 27 June 2015
UFO appears to morph shape moving away from helicopter 25 June 2015
Ceres' alien PYRAMID will 'unlock key to ancient ET race and origin of man', claim UFOers 25 June 2015
‘Ghostly’ UFO reported 10 feet off ground 25 June 2015
UFO Formation Over Peru 25 June 2015
In 1665, Many Said They Saw a UFO Battle and Fell Sick Afterward 24 June 2015
'It's the stuff of high drama': Q+A with author and cattle mutilation investigator 24 June 2015
Strange humanoid-like figure spotted in the sky over Dublin, California 23 June 2015
The UFO captured by Larry Warren's new 110 camera 22 June 2015
NASA Curiosity Rover photographs pyramid on Mars 21 June 2015
Earthfiles News June 18, 2015 - Ceres Bright Spots Still Mysterious 19 June 2015
Who controls the agreed upon reality through the mainstream media and why they fear disclosing the truth about the extraterrestrial reality? 19 June 2015
Bizarre Kight and Cloud Phenonemon Over Greenwood, Indiana 19 June 2015
Scientists Who Believe in Bigfoot 17 June 2015
Alien UFO Fires Energy Beam Over U.S. Capitol, Lands At Secret ET Base Beneath White House (yea, sure:-) 17 June 2015
Key player in Rendlesham UFO saga, Colonel Charles Halt, returns to Suffolk to tell story 17 June 2015
Giant UFO Mothership Photographed In Adrian, Georgia? 15 June 2015
UFO spotted over Hungerford 14 June 2015
UFOs spotted again over Mexican castle ruins (Video) 13 June 2015
UFO 'Saucer Shaped' Caught Hovering Above A Temple In China 12 June 2015
Another new UFO map produced by data specialists 12 June 2015
Delta shaped 'UFO' photographed flying over Toowoomba region 12 June 2015
Destiny Matrix 10 June 2015
NASA Employees: Huge Alien Structures And UFOs On Dark, Far Side Of Moon? [Video] 10 June 2015
UFO spotted over Loch Ness: Mystery craft 'seen hovering above famous Scottish tourist spot' 10 June 2015
Let's just forget this ever happened 09 June 2015
Why We Won’t Get UFO Disclosure 09 June 2015
Most Impressive Bigfoot Footage Ever? 09 June 2015
UFO emitting strange sounds over the skies of Japan 2015 09 June 2015
NASA consultant: Huge UFO fleet is behind the Moon – intentions unknown 09 June 2015
Spain: U.S. Investigated Strange Sightings in Madrid 06 June 2015
Luminous Orb UFO Fleet Filmed Over Lake Tahoe [Video] 05 June 2015
Data scientist analyzes mass UFO sightings 05 June 2015
UFO videos caught over Lake Tahoe 03 June 2015
Photographer snaps strange 'jellyfish' UFO in the sky 03 June 2015
UFO Sucking Water Out Of California Lake, May 2015 30 May 2015
Some crazy anomaly or a UFO? (or, CGI fake? ;-) 29 May 2015
VIDEO: Bizarre hovering 'UFO' lights are the 'REAL DEAL', claim alien chasers 27 May 2015
Hunting for UFO’s in Monterey Bay 27 May 2015
Listen Closely To What A U.S. Air Force Colonel Has To Say About UFOs 26 May 2015
UFO Caught Sucking Water Out Of California Lake, May 2015? 26 May 2015
Glowing Flying Saucer Spotted over Bitexco Financial Tower in Ho Chi Minh City 26 May 2015
Mumbai Airport 'UFO' Mystery Solved: 'Parachutes' Were Advertising Balloons 26 May 2015
Mystery shrouds UFOs seen hovering over Mumbai airport 26 May 2015
Update: Kodachrome Slide Controversy — “Alien Body” Does Not Match Entity Once Displayed in Closed Million Dollar Museum, White's City, NM 22 May 2015
Mysterious object caught on camera at museum 22 May 2015
Mysterious Ball of Light / UFO Over Dallas Neighborhood - 5/17/15 22 May 2015
Strange lights spotted hovering over deserted countryside spark alien theories 22 May 2015
A UFO or sounds from God - just what is that evil-sounding trumpet noise coming from the sky? 20 May 2015
UFO Fleet vs. US Army at Fort Benning? 20 May 2015
Shape shifting UFO spotted at PGA tournament? 19 May 2015
Very Unusual Energy Display in Florida Sky - 5-15-2015 18 May 2015
Is this new proof of UFOs in the night sky? 18 May 2015
What IS this strange sound from the sky? Noise heard across the globe for nearly a DECADE - but nobody has an explanation 17 May 2015
U.S. Senator Richard Russell Saw Disc-Shaped UFOs In Russia In 1955 17 May 2015
UFO Spotted Circling Mysterious Lights on Ceres 17 May 2015
Amazing First Hand Testimony by Dulce, NM Residents 14 May 2015
Canadian Naval Base Buzzed By A UFO With Several Witnesses and Video 14 May 2015
'Great Whites' on Ceres 'could be ice' but UFO buffs still think aliens live there 13 May 2015
Did A UFO 'Not Made By Man' Hover Over Chile? 13 May 2015
'UFO' filmed over El Paso by amateur videographer 12 May 2015
The Roswell Slides: UFO researcher apologises after admitting 'dead alien' picture actually showed the mummified body of a child 12 May 2015
ROSWELL: Man behind 'irrefutable UFO crash proof' linked to string of alien hoaxes 11 May 2015
UFO expert spots disk-shaped craft speeding high above the Australian desert - and says he has had 500 close encounters 11 May 2015
Daytime UFO Over Rome, Italy (April 2015) 09 May 2015
China Releases Moon Footage of Alien Bases(?) 08 May 2015
More strange sounds in Terrace, B.C. 08 May 2015
Diamond-Shaped Bright Object Spotted Hovering over New York Lake 08 May 2015
REVEALED: 'Images of Roswell ALIEN found in wreckage of crashed UFO' almost 70 years ago 06 May 2015
What are the 'blazing' objects, orange spheres and loud explosions above Auckland? Residents blame UFOs for a string of strange activity in the night sky 06 May 2015
TV Station Refuses To Comment On UFO Over San Diego (gee, how surprising!) 05 May 2015
Watch mysterious glowing UFO move slowly across the sky above Argentina 05 May 2015
Unseen images of 'Roswell alien corpse in crashed UFO' to be released today 05 May 2015
Unsolved riddle: Speculation abounds after B.C. UFO sighting 05 May 2015
UFO Over Yellowstone Supervolcano 04 May 2015
Unseen Roswell 'alien' photos to be unveiled tomorrow - are they an extraterrestrial smoking gun or a cruel hoax? 04 May 2015
Huge cigar-shaped UFO spotted hovering over Mexican volcano in strange video 04 May 2015
Aliens Attack India, Kill 7 People – “Muhnochwa” UFO Caught On Film? (Video) 04 May 2015
San Diego News Crew Captures Large UFO ON Camera 03 May 2015
Bigfoot Sighting near Flagstaff Arizona 02 May 2015
Amazing Nepali CCTV Triangle UFO Video 02 May 2015
UFOs over the White House: Do the US presidents know about the existence of aliens? 02 May 2015
UFO Sighting in Pampanga, Phiilipines 02 May 2015
Unsolved mystery: Speculation abounds after B.C. UFO sighting 01 May 2015
Roswell UFO Metal at Lockheed Martin? 01 May 2015
Mysterious green skull-shaped mass discovered during space experiment is of alien origin, believe researchers 01 May 2015
Mysterious Lights Spotted South of Downtown San Diego 01 May 2015
UFO buzzes NYC? 27 April 2015
Driver claims she found a dead chupacabra on Oklahoma roadside - with photos to prove it 25 April 2015
Has NASA Accidentally Created a Warp Field? 25 April 2015
Florida witness says triangle UFO was silent and muffled local sounds 25 April 2015