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Absolutely Superb Video of UFO Over Mexico City Just Before Recent Earthquake! 20 April 2014
That Time Subterranean Aliens Killed 60 People in New Mexico 20 April 2014
Nick Pope: Why I believe aliens landed in a Suffolk forest 20 April 2014
Fascinating UFO Footage From Tucson Arizona 19 April 2014
Triangle UFO Photographed Over Kansas Possible Secret Craft 19 April 2014
Strange blue UFO video over Singapore 18 April 2014
Unidentified Aerial Object Caught on KLKN Weathercam in Nebraska 18 April 2014
Mysterious UFO photobombs friends' selfie taken outside Grimsby pub 18 April 2014
The Science Behind Bigfoot Odor 17 April 2014
Dutch Daylight UFO 17 April 2014
Very Strange Daylight Mexican UFO Sighting 16 April 2014
UFO Sighting Over Dublin Ireland 14/04/2014 16 April 2014
New evidence emerges that Monroe planned to reveal JFK saw crashed UFOs 16 April 2014
What is the Wallis UFO? Young mother tells how mystery object sped off before her eye 15 April 2014
Schoolgirl videos strange black ring in the sky over UK 15 April 2014
The 1973 Schenectady Sighting of a Massive Flying Saucer 13 April 2014
Proof of Extreme UFOs Encounters Based on Physical Evidence & Ey – Chet Dembeck - PDF, EPUB, DOC Free Download EBook and Audiobook 12 April 2014
Strange Encounter With Disappearing Bigfoot Type Creatures 12 April 2014
MUFON website features UFO picture from Omaha, Nebraska 11 April 2014
UFOs Spotlighting Deer? Trail Camera Manufacturer Offers Possible Answer 11 April 2014
Secret Surveillance Of Ufologists: Diary of A Real-Life Fox Mulder 10 April 2014
Unidentified Light Source on Mars 08 April 2014
Bright Blips on Mars Pictures Spark a Buzz Among UFO Fans 08 April 2014
UFOs over Pucallpa, Peru 4-7-2014 08 April 2014
Hibagon: The Japanese Bigfoot? 08 April 2014
UFO Sightings Two Massive UFOs Over Texas And Michigan 07 April 2014
Hundreds in Bali See a Fireball Thought to be ‘leak’ during Nyepi Observances 07 April 2014
Stunning Photo of UFOs Over Brattleboro, Taken April 5, 2014 07 April 2014
Listen To These Creepy Bigfoot Calls Near Rainier Washington 07 April 2014
Netherlands UFO Aoril 5, 2014 06 April 2014
John who? 06 April 2014
Sierra Nevada Forest Ranger Account of a Bigfoot Burial 06 April 2014
UFO suspicions still cloud disappearance of Frederick Valentich 05 April 2014
Triangle UFO over Bugibba, Malta 2 April 2014 04 April 2014
Superb Hi Definition Video of UFOs Over Newport Beach, CA 04 April 2014
UFO? Mysterious floating light caught on camera in Cumbest Bluff 04 April 2014
Meteorite (or UFO!) almost hits Norwegian skydiver 04 April 2014
Bill Clinton ‘Wouldn’t be Surprised’ if Aliens Exist 03 April 2014
Harrisburg witness reports 'robotic eye' encounter 02 April 2014
Strange Light Seen on Video During LA Earthquake 02 April 2014
Using a Drone to Search for Bigfoot 01 April 2014
Bigfoot seen walking up a hill 01 April 2014
This is What Happens When a “UFO” is Tracked on Military Radar 01 April 2014
Large, Unidentified, Highly Strange Aerial Triangles 31 March 2014
UFO Over Waglan Island, Hong Kong On March 27, 2014 30 March 2014
Coyame UFO Crash, 1974 - Mexico 30 March 2014
Nuclear physicist searches for evidence in Roswell UFO case 29 March 2014
What The Hell Crashed On The Moon NASA And Why Are You Still Silent About It? 29 March 2014
UFO Sighting with Triangle Shape in Albury, Australia 29 March 2014
Chile: A Flying Object As Large as Two Soccer Stadiums 28 March 2014
Secret UFO files of the Italian Air Force subject of new book 28 March 2014
Aviation experts and UFO conspirators have been perplexed by photographs of a mysterious flying object in US air space. 28 March 2014
Controversial New UFO Video Surfaces 27 March 2014
Another UFO spotted flying over Mt Annan 27 March 2014
Best Close Up Video of Bigfoot Ever? 27 March 2014
MIT scientists have developed software that may help prove Bigfoot is real 26 March 2014
Breaking News UFO Sighting Tight Formation Chicago 26 March 2014
UFO Researcher and Journalist Jaime Maussan says: 'They are announcing that they are coming' 26 March 2014
Mysterious 'flying saucer' spotted hovering over Guernsey college 26 March 2014
High-res video of huge hexagon-shaped UFO flying above military base in Nevada leaves many scratching their heads 26 March 2014
Woman claims Bigfoot is real, and is in the Goethe State Forest 24 March 2014
Credible Sighting: Scientist skeptic has early morning encounter behind gas station near Las Vegas, NM 24 March 2014
UFO Photographs Linked to Bigfoot in Oregon 22 March 2014
"Gigantic, Silent Craft Flew Effortlessly, Right Over Our Heads" 21 March 2014
Once a detective ... 21 March 2014
UFOs sighted in south Alberta sky 21 March 2014
UFO sightings in Nanton have people looking to skies south of Calgary 20 March 2014
Triangle UFO over Phoenix March 2014 19 March 2014
Color Changing UFO Caught on Cell Phone Video 19 March 2014
New sea creature discovered? 19 March 2014
UFO activity over Riverside, California - 12 March 2014 19 March 2014
Unidentified lights flying in the sky in Canada 19 March 2014
Real UFOs and Real Disinformation 19 March 2014
Former Air Force officer claims UFOs were cover-up in Mirage Men film 19 March 2014
Large UFO Over Parking Lot 19 March 2014
A leader in the field of alleged alien implant research passes 18 March 2014
UFO Over Bremen Airport 18 March 2014
Mike Wooley’s Incredible Encounter with Two Giant Big Foot Creatures 18 March 2014
Will NSA leak bring disclosure of alien life without official acknowledgement? 17 March 2014
Goblin Humanoid Video 17 March 2014
Malyasia MH370 Crop Circle – Investigators Suggesting Alien Abduction or Wormhole 17 March 2014
Massive UFO Fleet Heading Towards Earth? 15 March 2014
UFOs Over Russia 15 March 2014
More evidence of hog mutilations in Bigfoot sighting area 15 March 2014
Strange UFO hovering over France 15 March 2014
Is That a UFO? Alleged UFO Spotted Over Virginia Mall 14 March 2014
FO/OVNI 2014 - Due UFO filmati a Roma 14 March 2014
The Phoenix Lights: The mystery remains 14 March 2014
Last time we debunked the Henrico UFO, but can you debunk this one? 13 March 2014
UFO reportedly falls out of the skies over England 13 March 2014
UFO Caught on Tape Near of Cloud, China 13 March 2014
UFO sightings soar to new heights in Canada 11 March 2014
Amazing Video of Bigfoot Tearing Up a Trail Camera 11 March 2014
A Bigfoot was captured near Harrison Lake, B.C., a long time ago 11 March 2014
Former Navy serviceman reports UFO monitoring ship 10 March 2014
UFO in the Radar Readings of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? 10 March 2014