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California family recalls underwater UFO incident 01 December 2015
Is this Mars 'alien dome' proof of an ancient civilisation? (probably not;-) 01 December 2015
Dancing UFOs Hula Over Honolulu 30 November 2015
Apollo 15 UFO at Mt. Hadley? 30 November 2015
UFO Appears After UFO Clouds Cause Panic in South Africa 29 November 2015
Art Bell’s Life in Danger? Cancels a Show Due to Serious Incident (Video) 28 November 2015
Amazing UFO sighting filmed over Indonesia – November 2015 28 November 2015
WATCH: Two 'UFOs filmed monitoring Russian drone strike on Syria' 28 November 2015
Witness video shows multiple UFOs flying under jetliner 26 November 2015
Billy Cox: A pair of ragged claws 26 November 2015
NASA 'cut space station live feed' after 'bizarre donut UFO stalked ISS' 25 November 2015
UFO Roswell symbols in Fargo Coen Bros TV series 24 November 2015
New Photos May Show Bigfoot’s Cloaking Ability 24 November 2015
Crazy UFO Sighting From Plane Over Nevada 24 November 2015
Exclusive New Video Shows ‘Alien’ Home Invasion 24 November 2015
MEGA-List of Officials Attesting to Extraterrestrial Life 23 November 2015
Interview With Missing 411 Author David Paulides 22 November 2015
Bizarre 'UFO' spotted above branch of IKEA caught on camera in this remarkable footage 20 November 2015
Blly Cox: Back when you couldn't ignore it ... 20 November 2015
Alpine Loop Utah Bigfoot Sighting and Video breakdown 19 November 2015
UFOs May Be Monitoring Bombings in Syria 19 November 2015
Billy Cox: Lapdog journalism at the NY Slimes 19 November 2015
UFO Seen Over Vineyard in Argentina 19 November 2015
‘UFO’ Captured In Photo Of Earth Taken From The ISS (Debunked!) 18 November 2015
UFO Hunter Spots ‘Alien Megastructure’ Triangle UFO Over Melbourne [Video] 16 November 2015
Minnesota witness describes UFO occupants 14 November 2015
Bright Lights, Strange Shapes and Talk of U.F.O.’s 12 November 2015
Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer posts UFO interview video 12 November 2015
Homeland Security Reads 'The UFO Trail' 11 November 2015
Antarctic UFO mystery deepens after researchers 'find tanks guarding alien crash site' 11 November 2015
Commercial pilot describes Maine rectangle UFO 11 November 2015
Billy Cox: No UFO questions for GOP please 11 November 2015
Bigfoot Sighting Alpine Loop slowed down and zoomed in enhanced 07 November 2015
'It looks like a spaceship' Incredible video captures beaming UFO 07 November 2015
NASA sees ufos again at the ISS. 07 November 2015
Mystery after 'UFO zapped police car, cracking windscreen and blinding driver' 07 November 2015
How the biggest believers in UFOs plan to find proof of alien life 05 November 2015
Skywatcher who filmed UFOs says he was quizzed by men in black 05 November 2015
Strange Daylight UFO Over Jalisco, Mexico 04 November 2015
Man discovers eerie photo of a UFO close encounter on his phone, only he has no memory of snapping it 04 November 2015
Bermuda Triangle: Ship Reappears 90 Years After Going Missing 03 November 2015
Witness captures UFOs interacting in California video 03 November 2015
Rectangle UFO nearly lands on Wyoming property 03 November 2015
Researchers couldn't explain this UFO spotted in North Texas 03 November 2015
Bigfoot Spotted near North California Fire 03 November 2015
Green UFO Seen Entering Mount Etna Volcano on Sicily 03 November 2015
1980 Bigfoot Sighting Remembered 02 November 2015
Bigfoot Photo Creston British Colombia Breakdown 02 November 2015
Bigfoot in the Ozarks Resident Tells Story Of Frequent Visits - ABC 01 November 2015
UFOs Are Being Spotted Regularly At The Delhi Airport, Indian Air Force Put On High Alert 31 October 2015
Bizarre butterfly UFO branded one of clearest 'alien crafts' EVER caught on camera 29 October 2015
Is this the best video ever taken of a UFO? 27 October 2015
Strange Creature Found in Paraguay 25 October 2015
Massive UFO drops to 10 feet from Omaha witness 24 October 2015
Dogs 'mysteriously fall ill after being walked in notorious UFO hotspot dubbed UK Roswell' 24 October 2015
UFOs 'buzz' city of Ulan-Ude with residents seeing 'very big saucer with bright green lights' 24 October 2015
Billy Cox: So a new 501(c)3 called UFO Detection and Tracking, or UFODATA, is making the latest bid to chase The Great Taboo with state-of-the-art technology. Board member Leslie Kean, best-selling author of UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials 24 October 2015
Group of scientists plan to crowd fund UFO data collection stations 24 October 2015
EXCLUSIVE: 'I stopped Large Hadron Collider destroying human race', claims ex-politican 24 October 2015
First China: Now 'parallel universe floating city' appears over seaside at HASTINGS 22 October 2015
WATCH: Eerie footage claims to show latest BIGFOOT sighting 21 October 2015
Revelations of a Naval Intelligence Officer About UFO’s, ET’s and Nazi Scientists 20 October 2015
Idaho Truck Driver Claims He Hit and Killed Bigfoot but Sheriff Burned the Evidence 20 October 2015
UFO Armada Spotted Over Bakersfield In California — Sighting Sparks Rumors Of Chemtrail Planes Over Bakersfield [Photos] 20 October 2015
Strange umbrella-shaped object over Brazil 20 October 2015
Watch bizarre 'squid-shaped' UFO 'return to haunt man after first visit in 1991' 19 October 2015
Utah witness videotapes ‘blue glowing’ UFO 18 October 2015
Some Clearer Pictures of UFOs For a Change 15 October 2015
Real life Star Wars? ‘Millennium Falcon’ UFOs snapped beaming across skies 15 October 2015
The CanAm Missing Project: The first website dedicated to understanding the complexity and issues of searching, rescuing and investigating people missing in the wilds of North America 14 October 2015
I was kidnapped by reptile aliens and taken to the moon for sex': Former U.S. Air Force radar tracking officer claims she remembers bizarre incidents while under hypnosis 13 October 2015
'UFOs hounding International Space Station' or evidence of 'secret Nasa tests?' 13 October 2015
Alien Grey Captured Inside HUGE Flying Saucer? 12 October 2015
Are These Extinct Animals Responsible For Cryptid Sightings? 12 October 2015
Billy Cox: Yo Einstein, what's up with the hair? 10 October 2015
Warwickshire UFO video: What could mysterious object be? 08 October 2015
HOAX: Huge see-through object caught hovering in Manipur 08 October 2015
California witness reports jet chasing UFO 07 October 2015
WATCH: Fears 'aliens cause eruptions' after cigar-shaped UFO targets active volcano AGAIN 07 October 2015
Final proof? THREE separate 'UFOs seen watching moon landings' in new Nasa photos 07 October 2015
Sasquatch? University Professor Shows Evidence Of A Large Unidentified Bipedal Being That Still Lives 06 October 2015
UFO and ‘potential aliens’ sighted by villagers in India 05 October 2015
Does FBI memo prove aliens DID crash near Roswell and THREE UFOs and were covered up? 05 October 2015
Apollo 17 UFO image: The moon isn't a desolate place as we have been told 05 October 2015
Mysterious Japanese UFO Museum Investigated by FBI 03 October 2015
WATCH: Area 51 security guards react to spotting man with camera near 'top-secret' base 03 October 2015
Witness photographs hovering UFO in remote Oregon 03 October 2015
Pink ‘Pig-Human Hybrid’ Spotted in Kentucky 01 October 2015
WATCH: Stunning footage captures mysterious glowing UFOs pop out of nowhere 01 October 2015
‘It’s unidentified, flying and an object’ — UFO baffles experts 01 October 2015
North Carolina witness videotapes star-like UFO 30 September 2015
Papyrus Reveals Extraterrestrials Visited Ancient Egypt 30 September 2015
UfO photo's over Stoke on Trent, UK 30 September 2015
Blood Moon Brought Out the UFOs 30 September 2015
HUGE V-Shaped UFO’s, Above Several Cities During ‘Blood Moon’ 30 September 2015
U.S. Army Sergeant: I was Abducted by a Beaked Alien 29 September 2015
UFOs Over Guadalajara May Be Warnings of Colima Eruption 29 September 2015
Morphing Daylight UFO Over Guadalajara, Mexico 28 September 2015
Aliens DO Exist, Says Top Secret FBI Memo Found By UFO Researchers 28 September 2015
UFO Sighting Over Vero Beach, Florida 28 September 2015