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Ed Waterman aka BF Deal is known around the Bigfoot community for his Stump Squatches. He is always making some absurd claims that his blurry stumps are actual Bigfoot. He claims to see dozens of clans of Sasquatch every time he takes a casual stroll through the woods. One thing I found interesting is that his pictures always seem to be a bit blurry, while his regular wildlife pictures are crystal clear. So it makes one wonder if he is just delusional or intentionally deceiving people.

Now we have him releasing a picture of a bi-pedal PERSON, claiming it is a Bigfoot. The story was originally picked up by Bigfoot Evidence and Ed is quoted as saying: "Very exciting day. Our Patterson-Gimlin moment." I think it's more like his Rick Dyer moment. He also claims it was 7 feet tall! "It was 7 feet tall. At that thickness it was in excess of 700 lbs. There's not a single person close to that size in our county."

In the ONE picture you can see a human hand, human hair, and a human coat. Nice try Ed.

So much for that one. To read more, click here.
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