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With the help of Microsoft, Google, Bing, Yahoo to place their hoaxed videos atop the listings for the public to view the most with a goal to cripple ufology and the interest in UFOs it seems these two crippling channels have finally gained their goal. Its been two years since this masterplan by internet giants tookplace along with world media to black out and hide the true sightings posted online every day by witnesses and mass witnesses, their videos mysteriously dont appear in YouTube searches under UFO yet they the witnesses who post the videos see it in their YouTube video list but seem to think its just no viewers when really its their video that has been hidden from the whole planet

A small team working for Google and YouTube along with small teams for other internet Giants get to look at the video while its processing and decide by the click of a button if its liable for public viewing or not, there is two servers running together one is the publics and one is a dummy server to make the uploaders "witnesses" think its online, but when these uploaders search for their videos online under the "TAGS" that they used for the public to type to find their videos they find that their video is nowhere to be seen, their tags would go as follows: UFO, UFOs, UFO Sighting, OVNI, Flying Saucer, Orb, Strange Light and so on, the public would only need to type one tag and the witnesses video would appear! but It does'nt and the teams behind this are solely responsible for this problem.

Absolutely SPOT ON! To read more, click here.
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