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A retired Carrbridge couple had a close encounter of the eerie kind as they were left mesmerised by a silent red "blob" in the sky above their home.

Sixty-four-year-old David Cliff and his wife, Angela, (63), were both stunned to see the glowing red and orange light flying through the night's sky late on Sunday evening.

"I was going to bed and we have a velux window in the spare bedroom which I often go to to look at the stars," said Mrs Cliff, a former teaching assistant.

"I saw this red thing moving across the sky. I didn't know what it was and said to David to wake up fast!

"We are really curious to know what it was."

Mrs Cliff described the moving light as a blob of red-orange, similar to a fire, but whatever omitted the light was not in flames.

"It was very eerie because it was silent," she added.

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