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Those probably were not UFOs that hovered over China recently, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology analyst said.

The images of the UFOs have caused quite a stir in China and on blogs around the world.

But many of the images appear to be faked with the software program Photoshop and the ones that were not faked seem to depict the launch of a Chinese ballistic missile, said Geoffrey Forden, an MIT weapons analyst.

Yes, there is a video of what appears to be a high altitude missile re-entry.  But that is a completely separate incident from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport sighting, which has yet to be adequately explained, in my opinion.  Predictably, the Big Debunking machine is in full swing, and there is no shortage of crapola explanations being bandied about.  Obviously, the powers that be were rattled by the well witnessed Hangzhou sighting, and have directed their hack debunkers to spin this in any way they can.  Notice the typically tentative language in the above MSM spin -- "probably were not UFOs," and "appear to be faked."  I remain skeptically open minded, however. 

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UPDATE -- 7/20/10 6:30 PST:


After reading the above post, along with Bruce Maccabee's and Kentaro Mori's analyses, I'm now leaning in the direction of this being a photographic artifact of a long (1sec+) exposure of a moving, illuminated aerial object.  But what was the object?  A helicopter, fixed wing aircraft, or something else?  Remember, this is China, not the USA.  Over there, this kind of pilot error (or deliberate act) can get you executed, or put away for life.  Remember, they SHUT DOWN the entire airport for an hour.  It's hard for me to envision someone flying around in highly restricted Chinese airspace in a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft for that long of a period.  And something else I haven't heard discussed anywhere: where was the Chinese Air Force all this time?  

Bottom line, is that we still have more unanswered questions, than answers.

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