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If aliens are choosing the Cyprus as a holiday destination, it appears it is becoming more popular, as the number if sightings have shot up recently.

In Protaras on Monday, over a dozen people reported seeing a strange orange light passing slowly through the sky, before ascending over a hill.

“It was beautiful and mesmerising,” Shirley Daniels told the Cyprus Mail, “It was fairly high in the sky and moved with no sound, it also had a beautiful white aura.”

The mysterious object appeared to float from Famagusta towards Protaras, but was also later spotted by other baffled witnesses in Dherinya, Ayia Napa and even Oroklini.

“My niece and I watched it for about 20 minutes, it really was the most awesome sight I have ever seen,” Daniels added.

A few weeks ago witnesses watched an oval shaped object accelerate very quickly and then swing from side to side near Larnaca beach, that was followed by reports of a ‘comet shaped craft’ hovering in the skies near Xylophagou.

Clusters of mysterious craft, bright white lights and strange, triangular shaped objects are just some of a huge surge in UFO sightings reported in Cyprus over the past year.

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