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An unidentified couple from Santa Rosa, California, became the eye witnesses of a UFO sighting incident last weekend. As per the woman, the UFO was followed by a supersonic jet in the sky, while police cars were tracking the movement of the UFO from below. The question is, if the police authorities were aware of the UFO sighting and they were actually a part of covering it up, then why have they not conveyed it to the public?

The UFO sighting was reported by the couple to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which is the world's largest organization on UFO research. The incident happened at 6:45 p.m. (local time), when the couple were driving back home in their car. They spotted a bright light, which gradually got closer and closer, Express reported.

"Before we knew it, it was flying directly over our car and it was so close we could see details underneath the craft," the woman said.

They saw the UFO so closely that they even mentioned its shape and colour. "It has red and green blinking lights down the belly of the craft and was long, rectangular and wingless," she said.

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