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UFO sightings have become increasingly common over the past many years. When people see a UFO sighting news, they do not react much. However, recently, a UFO sighted near Colima, Mexico, is making headlines all over the world. In a first-ever UFO sighting incident, a glowing orb of light was spotted near the Mexican volcano near Colima, which abruptly split into six glowing orbs of light.

The army of half a dozen UFOs formed and flew across for a while before disappearing. The whole thing was caught on video and was posted online. The jaw-dropping incident immediately caught the attention of alien hunters and ufologists including the famous SecureTeam 10.

UFO expert Tyler from the SecureTeam 10 team said, "Well, that really made my jaw drop. What we have here is something I really can't explain."

According to Mirror, the UFO supposedly divided and released a group of secondary objects, which flew in a triangular formation. It is also said that the splitting surely confirms that the orb of light was not a drone or an airliner, because it is impossible for these things to split like the way it is shown in the footage.

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