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Dr. Erol Faruk, a chemist, claimed to be in possession of proof that the 1971 Delphos, Kansas UFO sighting is true. The 40-year-old incident is considered to be the most compelling UFO sighting in the United States. The chemist published his findings in a book titled The Compelling Scientific Evidence for UFOs.

The Delphos, Kansas UFO sighting became so controversial because witnesses claimed that an actual space craft landed in the area. The craft left a ring in the ground. This is said to be the most tangible evidence of the alleged UFO landing.

Faruk, a British-born chemist of Turkish heritage, said he investigated the substance left on the ground. His findings mainly concluded that there could be no other explanation but an extraterrestrial activity. Faruk has a lifelong interest in the UFO phenomenon. His work chiefly concentrated on the chemical make up of the soil from the ring left by the craft.

According to Express UK, Faruk requested for a soil sample from the area where the space craft is said to have landed. “Placing water onto the affected soil was very like placing it onto a glass surface, with the water spontaneously forming into droplets sitting on the surface,” Faruk said. However, he was unable to entirely identify the soil compound.

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