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A UFO hunter claiming to have video footage of a UFO that appeared during a thunderstorm and disappeared just seconds later has seen their clip go viral on YouTube. But the video, which is labeled an “Analysis,” seems to be a few facts shy of an accurate assessment. Some observant viewers are claiming the video is a fake. Others are saying that not only is the UFO not real, it is CGI (computer-generated imagery). But the UFO video might not be a fake at all — just inaccurate.

The Sun reported this week that a video posted on February 18 on YouTube channel UFO Today has taken criticism for being fake, a product of CGI manipulation. The purported UFO video caught a few minor barbs with viewers mocking the shaky camera and for not being specific with a location (posting that the clip was filmed somewhere in the United States).

Regardless, the video footage itself is “fascinating,” according to The Sun, showing what appears to be a huge disk among a mass of dark clouds. The footage runs for only a minute, with the disk being seen, according to UFO Today, for just 30 seconds.

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