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The footage, uploaded to YouTube by the channel Section 51 2, shows a crowd of tourists looking towards the wonder of the ancient world, while three bizarre triangular objects hover above.

The video is one of the clearest ever captures of alleged UFOs, as critics often claim films of supposed alien craft are blurred or too shaky to watch.

It even shows close ups of the upside down pyramids, looking up from the base of the pyramids, as they appear to hover and rotate above three of the relics.

Section 51 2 includes no real details about the alleged sighting, but says in subtitles on the video that it was filmed in April 2016, and the UFOs were present for four hours.

Easy enough to verify if this is the real deal. Go straight to the images on the camera. Any qualified photographic forensics tech could do that. IF real, absolutely incredible!  But I suspect that it isn't To read more and view the video, click here.
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