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The identities of the late officials are revealed in what conspiracists say is a leaked document from the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from the Eighties.

Yesterday, Express.co.uk revealed how the 47-page alleged "above top secret" file had been released and contained claims the 1947 Roswell UFO crash did happen, dead aliens were found and there was a major cover up to hide the truth.

The document is said to have been given to Heather Wade, host of US late-night online paranormal radio show Midnight in the Desert, from a known source who has not been named.

Many UFO experts have branded the document fake, but the release has set the conspiracy theory world on fire, with others convinced it could be genuine.

The document claims a highly secretive team of top scientists, government officials and military leaders - all now dead - was set up in the wake of the Roswell incident to investigate the "captured flying sauce remains" and "four dead aliens" and assess the risk to the planet of "visiting aliens".

The document claims the group was called Majestic 12 and set up on the orders of President Harry S Truman, in the wake of Roswell.

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