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Our strange planet features a variety of magical locales (such as the San Luis Valley) that have a history of unexplained events—such as bizarre aerial activity, strange phantasmal creatures and other phenomena—centered around specific locations. East, west, north or south, it doesn’t matter where you travel on this blue globe hanging in space, there will probably be a paranormal “hotspot” region near you. Generally, these hotspots are little known outside of their particular region and most of these areas appear to have a high incidence of UFO sightings, unusual geophysical properties, rare weather phenomena, crypto-creature reports and they often feature myths and legends that describe hallowed grounds containing sacred sites. Many of these hotspot regions have been subjected to waves of anomalous activity, inexplicable phenomena that have been observed for generations and many of these locales are still held sacred by their original inhabitants.

A partial sampling of so-called hotspot regions from around the world would include: Ayer’s Rock and the Alice Springs area in central Australia; the Tully district in Queensland, Australia; Wiltshire and the Salisbury Plain in England; the Falkirk triangle and the area of Scotland around Bonnybridge; the Perm Anomalous Zone in the Ural Mountains; several locales in the Altai including Uimom; Puerto Rico’s el Yunque; the Zone of Silence in north-central Mexico; and in South America, Argentina’s Santa Fe and La Pampa states. To fully list all of the world’s known hotspots would be difficult, if not impossible, for most are little known to the outside world. It is safe to say these special regions number in the hundreds.

North America features more than its share of hotspot regions—some more celebrated and documented than others. A brief, partial listing of North American hotspot regions would include: the Uintah Basin’s infamous “Skinwalker Ranch” inside the Uintah Ute Indian Reservation; New Mexico Highway 70 (and the mountains around the Mescalero Apache Reservation); the White Sands Missile Range; and Mothman country back east in the Ohio River Valley around Point Pleasant, West Virginia. While we are on the East Coast there’s Pine Bush in the Hudson River Valley; the mysterious eastern tip of Long Island, New York; and the magical Seashore State Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia. At the top of North America, in the southern Rocky Mountains, we find Colorado/New Mexico’s San Luis Valley (“SLV”)—quite possibly America’s most anomalous region. There appears to be a lid of disclosure clamped shut over this special area that we will examine later in this article.

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