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Yvonne Smith, a hypnotherapist and UFO researcher, told a conference so-called alien abductees "hold the key to advancing humanity" and "receive warnings from aliens".

She told the annual Roswell UFO festival in New Mexico she has worked with people allegedly abducted by intelligent beings from outer space for 25 years, Currentargus.com reports.

However, she said that far from being sinister, the aliens were doing it to warn them to try to save earth.

She said those people abducted "feel a sense of urgency and fear for the future" as a result.

She claimed the sense of urgency had increased since 2010, but "spiked dramatically during the 2016 Presidential election."

She said: "New patients were coming into my office saying they needed to do something, time is running out. 

“They felt they needed to know more about their experience to find out what it meant.”

Maybe it meant that they should consult their psychiatrists about adjusting their medications. ;-) To read more, click here.
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