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At a press conference in Lima, Peru, on Tuesday, a controversial Mexican UFOlogist, Jaime Maussan, claimed that a total of five “well preserved” or mummified alien bodies have been discovered near the famous Nazca Lines of southern Peru. Maussan claimed that the alleged alien or extraterrestrial beings have “reptilian” features that make them “closer to reptiles than humans.”

The alleged discovery, touted as “one of the most important of the 21st century,” has sparked a heated controversy among experts, with some saying it could be genuine, while others dismissed it as a yet another elaborate hoax.

According to Maussan, the mummified bodies, allegedly more than 1,700 years old, were unearthed at a site near the UNESCO World Heritage Nazca Lines. The estimated age of 1,700 years means that the alleged aliens died at about the time that historians believe the Nazca Lines were created, according to Express.

The Nazca Lines are ancient geoglyphs preserved in the Nazca Desert in Peru. Historians believe that they are ancient artwork related to ancient religious ritual, but UFO and Ancient Alien believers have linked them with aliens that visited the Earth in UFOs hundreds of years ago.

During the press conference, Maussan responded to previous allegations by skeptics that the preserved bodies were plaster cast forgeries.

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