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“…This laboratory speculates that the hovering craft propulsion system has a powerful electromagnetic effect thereby drawing (and concentrating) these iron particulates toward the surface. This has been observed in the analysis of soils from other sites where UFOs landed or hovered close to the ground…”

The Travis Walton abduction is perhaps one of the most famous UFO cases of all. Travis was part of a logging crew on November 5, 197, in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The abduction site is in the east central Arizona mountains and is accessed only by old logging roads. After calling it a day, and with the sun going down, the crew of seven got in the truck to head home.

As they traveled down the road, a UFO was spotted hovering off to the side. Travis got out, approached it, and was hit by a beam. The crew panicked and drove off, but quickly returned to find Travis missing. He was gone five days.

Now, a scientific analysis of the terrain where the incident occurred has produced surprising results.

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