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As someone who writes a great deal on the subject of UFO-themed issues, I find myself on the receiving end of a lot of reports and witness testimony. Some such accounts are more controversial than others. Then, there are those incidents which are really controversial. Arguably, we’re talking about beyond controversial. There is one particular case which is coming up to its 30th anniversary. I’m talking about just days away, which is why I mention it now. In many respects, referring to it as an “anniversary” is probably not the correct thing to do. Not because it’s inaccurate, but because an anniversary is so often tied to fun and celebratory events. But, there’s nothing to celebrate here. And, certainly, there is no fun either.

Brenda is someone whose story was told to me personally and which occasionally crosses my mind, such is the deep strangeness attached to it. She is someone who has had a lifetime of encounters with those diminutive, black-eyed entities that have become known as “The Grays.” For Brenda they are encounters which have revolved, primarily, around two issues: (A) medical procedures said to have been undertaken by the Grays and (B) terrifying dreams of a looming apocalypse – always looming but never quite arriving, thankfully.

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