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The Bigfoot phenomenon is already quite strange enough as it is, and has long been ground zero for all manner of sightings of people seeing something large, ape-like, and decidedly not human prowling the forests of North America. The main theory behind these encounters is that we are possibly dealing with some undiscovered bipedal primate, perhaps even an ancestral species of human, either way a flesh and blood creature. However, there has been much speculation over the years that this may not be the case at all, and that these beings could be something far weirder than that. Among these are reports of Bigfoot that have seemingly phased out of reality, gone invisible, or otherwise vanishing right before witnesses’ eyes. Although perhaps not quite as common as more traditional sightings reports, they nevertheless come in, and suggest that possibly something more is going on here than a mere undiscovered animal.

One very interesting account of an apparently vanishing Bigfoot was related on the radio show Coast to Coast AM on a July 15, 2016 episode hosted by George Noory. The witness, who called himself “Gene,” from Albuquerque, New Mexico, claimed that he had been hunting for elk at around 7 AM out near a border-town on the Arizona-Mexico border called Gallup. The land was located on a Navajo reservation, and described as being very remote, rugged, and mountainous. As Gene prowled through the rough landscape looking for his quarry, he claims that he got the distinct feeling that something large was following him, perhaps even stalking him. He would explain what happened next thus (transcript from the original show):

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