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Yesterday, I reviewed the new book from Anomalist Books: No Return by David Booher. Coincidentally, on the same day that the review copy arrived in my mailbox, so did another book. This one – which I am reviewing right now – is very different, but no less a great read. Its title is Wood Knocks Volume II: Journal of Sasquatch Research. It’s the brainchild of David Weatherly, the author of The Black Eyed Children, among other books. Like the first volume in this ongoing series, the new title both promises and delivers a great deal on all things relative to Bigfoot. Also like Volume I, the new book contains a wealth of papers by well-known figures in the Bigfoot/cryptozoological community.

The list of contributors is as follows: Loren Coleman, Chris O’Brien, Richard Freeman, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Dave Spinks, Eric Altman, Jeff Stewart, and, finally, David Weatherly himself. The good thing about Wood Knocks II is that the subjects our writers have chosen to focus on are all extremely varied – but also very intriguing and eye-opening. I’ll start with Loren. His 16-page paper is titled “Fake News: How Wallace’s Fake Footprints Fused With The Film.” This is an excellent contribution that gets right to the heart of the saga of a controversial figure who, in the late-1950s, inserted himself into the then-burgeoning Bigfoot scene. His name was Ray Wallace and he died in 2002. Wallace made numerous outlandish claims, when it came to Bigfoot (and to UFOs, too). He also claimed to have pulled the wool over the eyes of various figures in the Bigfoot arena, by faking Bigfoot prints, film-footage and so on.

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