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A man said he spotted a UFO 'not from our world' hovering in the sky and flashing strangely in broad daylight.

Bob Wise, 49, said he saw the bizarre object at around 12pm in Easthampsted, Bracknell, Berkshire on August 27.

The day was hot and sunny, with perfectly clear skies. But despite the bright sunlight, Bob said the object stood out, prompting him to take out his iPhone and capture some photographs.

Bob told Mirror Online: "It was stationary. Just flashing. It was dim at first, but then it got brighter and brighter, which is when I decided to take the pictures on my iPhone."

But it wasn't until Bob edited the live photos together (each photo is made up of three seconds of video footage) that he noticed how strange the object was.

Describing the UFO as the shape as a "ball bearing", Bob said the object hovered for around six or seven minutes, before eventually moving slowly across the sky.

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