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In the crags and valleys of the Orange County mountains, Black Star Canyon has a gripping history. It's the kind that will set you at the edge of your seat as you drink in stories of the atrocities that have occurred here. Located deep in the heart of the Santa Ana Mountains, Black Star Canyon has been called one of the strangest paranormal locations in Orange County, with hikers certain they are being watched.

"Every time I do this hike the trail is somewhere different," Chris Hazzard of the hikingguy.com website said in his video below. A large part of the hike involves scrabbling up boulders, the farther up you go. Sometimes there are accidents. Orange County Fire Authority is no stranger to the area, where hikers are often airlifted in the middle of the day, or sometimes in the dead of night.

During the day, the hike through Black Star Canyon is bucolic and quiet. Hikers are granted with gorgeous views and a waterfall at the end. But don't stay after dark. After midnight, there have been many deadly crashes on the roadways, and cases of missing hikers located at the witching hour, most residents who are familiar with Black Star Canyon call it "the darkest place" in OC.

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