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Rocker Tom DeLonge has finally released information about a big UFO project he has been teasing for months, and is planning a live event tomorrow morning to provide more information.

In February 2016, rocker Tom DeLonge made headlines when he announced at the International UFO Congress that he had big UFO news to reveal and it would be coming in a few weeks time. HIs address to the conference was recorded and in response to being awarded the UFO Researcher of the Year. However, the news never came. Some gave up on anything being revealed. I had faith, but I also had messages from DeLonge letting me know he had been delayed, but that the information was still on the way.

Finally, the wait is over, and we now know his new project will be tiled To the Stars Academy, and its mission is to “strive to be a powerful vehicle for change by creating a consortium among science, aerospace and entertainment that will work collectively to allow gifted researchers the freedom to explore exotic science and technologies with the infrastructure and resources to rapidly transition them to products that can change the world”

We've been through this before. Remember the press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., with a large panel of high-level military-intel professionals testifying? NOTHING CAME OF IT. The major networks relegated the story to a sarcastic snippet or ignored it completely. If a fucking UFO landed on the White House lawn, it would be treated as though it never happened. This is the most closely guarded secret on the planet, and the Deep State gatekeepers are not about to lift the lid. They can't. It would utterly destroy them. To read more and view the video, click here.
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