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While just about everyone in the western world is aware of the Roswell incident. And most of us have a view as to what we think about the authenticity of the reports from the US military and witnesses alike.


However, an incident that took place less than six months after the infamous crash, while relatively well-known in UFO circles, is almost unknown outside of them. What’s more, the encounter would involve the recovery of both the craft and the alien beings and would take place in a part of the United States that experiences UFO sightings more than many other areas of the country.

The origins of the encounter is available to us thanks mostly to the Frank Scully, arguably the first journalist and UFO investigator who as far back as the 1950s argued that the US military had managed to recover both extra-terrestrial beings and their interstellar spacecraft, predominantly in his book “Behind The Flying Saucers” published in 1950. In the book, Scully speaks of a recovered UFO craft in Paradise Valley which contained two alien bodies. Almost four decades later, an unsuspecting witness would put his views of what he believed to be the incident described by Scully on record.

Just north of Phoenix, Arizona in early October 1947, perhaps unfolded one of the most bizarre, questionable, and convincingly intriguing encounters in UFO history. Perhaps it is the lessons the military learned so harshly – if you believe the original press release was correct – that contributed to their secretive approach to this encounter.

Before we look at this account in more detail, check out the video below. It is one of the many UFO sightings captured in Paradise Valley today.

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