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Peter is a brave individual and was generous to share his fathers discovery from back in the 1950s, who allegedly killed and preserved a genuine Bigfoot creature shot dead back in September 23, 1953.

He has shared videos of not only a real Bigfoot foot but also a paw and the contents of the beasts stomach including a unrefined diamond verified by geologists from the MIT.

Ignore the slightly demented (and very funny!) messenger and just focus on the package he's delivering. You first need to watch all the videos linked in this article to do that. When I first watched the videos, I was too busy laughing. But after watching them a second time, I wasn't amused anymore. I was fascinated. If this is a hoax, then it's extremely sophisticated. Either the hoaxer is some mad genius taxidermist, and this is some high-level modern day P.T Barnum "Mermaid" kind of mashup of dead biological animal parts, or, the guy is a top tier level Hollywood SFX artist capable of fashioning the kind of extremely detailed seemingly real biological material depicted in these videos. I doubt that this guy fits the description of either one of those. My sense is that this is the real deal. And if it is real, the guy better be very careful at this point. If it is the real deal it will be one of the most important deveopments in history.

To read more and view the video, click here.

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