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Every year mysterious incidents occur in Pennsylvania. 2017 was a very active year for strange phenomena of various kinds. Observations of mysterious objects in the sky were reported in daylight as well as at night. People reported very close range encounters with mini-UFOs. There were numerous reports of strange creatures being seen as well. From sightings of Bigfoot, to giant birds with huge wingspans, and black panthers, many people encountered creatures they couldn’t explain. There were various other oddities reported such as strange howls, to odd footprints, to mystery booms.

This year will mark 59 years of my research into the UFO phenomena and other strange encounters that continue to be reported yearly from across the Keystone State. I established a Hotline for the public to report UFO sightings in 1969, and I continue to receive such calls on a regular basis along with email reports. In 1970, I founded and directed the first of three volunteer research groups that investigated these incidents across the state. For many years, I was joined in the field by scientists, engineers, and a variety of research specialists that took a serious look into numerous unusual cases.

When I began my in the field investigations in 1965, it became apparent that many UFO sightings and in fact various other oddities reported could be satisfactorily explained with proper investigation. Many UFO sightings were misidentifications such as that of bright stars and planets, lights on aircraft, bright meteors, and weather related events. In more recent years, Chinese lanterns, the International Space Station, and drones have created such reports. Some Bigfoot sightings were determined to be large shaggy dogs, bear, and hunters in ghillie suits.

During my many years of investigations of UFO sightings and cryptid encounters, I still have not had my own unexplained encounter. I have, however, interviewed thousands of witnesses from all walks of life including professionals such as police officers, military and commercial pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers, and educators. The vast majority of witnesses I have interviewed were not seeking any publicity. Many of these people were skeptical of these accounts until they had their own personal strange experience.

When I started my UFO Hotline in 1969, there were very few resources for the public to report UFO sightings. In more recent years, many other researchers and research groups have surfaced to take reports on phenomena in Pennsylvania as well. Some of these sources include the Keystone Bigfoot Project, The Center for Cryptozoology Studies, Jim Brown of Jim’s Destinations, Lon Strickler of “Phantoms & Monsters,” the National UFO Reporting Center, and the PA Chapter of MUFON. I continue to maintain contact with many active researchers from across the state and the nation.

The following is a synopsis of some of the interesting reports that came to my attention during 2017.

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