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The world is still adjusting to the discovery that the Pentagon maintained a secret UFO program for over the past half a decade.

Emboldened by the news, many UFO enthusiasts and genuine experts have begun weighing in on the matter, arguing either for or against the existence of the alien visitors that the US government is so eager to study.

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence suggesting that UFOs really are the result of highly advanced technology comes in the form of footage from two F/A-18F super hornets who, in 2004, spotted a white "tic-tac" shaped aircraft off the coast of San Diego.
In footage that has been made public, the pilots involved note that the UFO is flying into the wind, before rotating. While no
moreare seen in the video, the pilots claim that they can see "a whole fleet" of similar UFOs on a scanner.

Now, no doubt as a result of the increased media attention following the Pentagon revelation, one of the pilots who spotted the tic-tac UFO has spoken out with a chilling warning for humanity.

According to the now former US Navy pilot David Fravor, the joke's over. UFOs aren't funny anymore.

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