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The MoD has spent ten years releasing a trickle of declassified files relating to UFO sightings... and now the final three documents have been made public.

This final release completes the Government's long process of publishing Britain's real-life X Files, formerly top-secret papers containing eyewitness accounts, sketches and police reports of UFO sightings from the 1970s to the early noughties.

Over the past decade, the files, which have been drip-fed into the public domain to hush any claims of a conspiracy, were ushered out without any fanfare from the Government, with batches steadily and unceremoniously cropping up online.

The final three documents appeared on the National Archives website on January 1, and are all dated from 1986.

One is described as UFO incidents, while the others are filed under UFO reports and UFO correspondence.

But, even after spending the past three decades behind the closed doors of the MoD, they're unlikely to satisfy conspiracy theorists.

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