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One of the most difficult concepts for an EA to overcome in the process of trying to understand ETI is the concept of a coincidence. EA are taught from an early age that whenever an event occurs that seems to be a remarkable concurrence of events without apparent causal connection all you have to do is attribute it to a coincidence and that will explain it.

Is that really what is happening though? If you read the word COINCIDENCE with ETI using
porphemes it says COordinated INCIDENts. So is it possible that the events on Earth are scripted and not just random?

Unfortunately, the hypothesis that is being proposed, namely, the possibility
Hetlau are using an ET architecture, requires corroboration for most people to view it as fact. Obviously, the soonest that could possibly happen would be if there was disclosure.

For most individuals, it is just
toofar fetched to believe. For some though, the interest in analyzing incidents that appear to be coordinated so that they can look for repeating patterns that will possibly produce a preponderance of evidence, is worth investing the time in.

One of the best arguments people give for claiming the stories surrounding Area 51 about ET and UFOs are false, is that the base is used to develop top-secret state of the art Earthling designed aircraft. The interesting thing about that statement you never hear anyone make a case for is, if that is true, then why was the XB-70 Valkyrie not developed and kept a secret there?

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