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All over the world there have long been stories of hairy “wild men.” They seem to be prevalent across geographical and cultural boundaries, and have gone by numerous names such as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Yeren, Almasty, and many, many others. As pervasive as eyewitness accounts are, they have managed to elude us as far as any concrete evidence goes, although they have tantalized us with footprints, video footage, and other frustratingly vague circumstantial evidence. It is often said that the only way we will ever know for sure if any of these mysterious creatures exists is through a body or specimen, and this has been sort of the Holy Grail of cryptozoology. However, while capturing a hairy hominid of any type has not officially come to pass, there are actually a fair few accounts that claim to have done just such a thing, with these beasts not only being caught, but brought in alive. Here are some of the more curious of such tales.

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