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The pictures of a "human-like alien" and "control panel inside a flying saucer" are being published in an English language book for the first time, according to publisher Flying Disk Press.

The grainy black and white images appear to show inside a cockpit with seating, control panel and other objects.

There is also what looks like a person wearing sunglasses that is said to be a "real alien visitor".

According to staggering claims in the book UFO Contacts in Italy, which is about so-called alien contact and abductions in the country, a flying saucer landed in Francavillia, Italy on the Adriatic Coast. 

Dr Roberto Pinotii, 73, author of the book, due to be published on February 1, spoke about what is claimed happened.

He said: "Two men were allowed to enter the UFO and take photographs. The diameter of the UFO was 24 metres, that of the control cabin was 10 metres

"These rare and extraordinary photographs, as well as two photographs of the alleged extraterrestrial pilot... have been published here for the first time."

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