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Online community on UFOs has been debating about the video showing an inexplicable fleet of UFOs recorded on video from a plane. The footage was initially sent to US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which keeps a global database of UFO sightings, for investigations and it went viral after several UFO and conspiracy theory websites shared it.

The video was allegedly shot above Taiwan. It shows apparent eight bright circular orbs flying slowly just beneath the plane. According to the report from an unnamed witness, they were on the aeroplane of Eva Airlines from Vancouver, Canada to Taipei, Taiwan when they saw bright lights flying underneath. They saw around eight UFOs flying under the plane.

They managed to get a slow-motion video of the UFOs until they were asked to shut down their camera as part of a landing policy.

Many online viewers of the video thought it was a fleet of UFOs moving beneath the plane.

The video was recorded in October 2014, but only recently it has been shared online.

To read more and view the video, click here.

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