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An unidentified object releasing a thick cover of dark brown smoke was seen over the skies of Switzerland.

The arrival of the mysterious object, potentially of alien origin, was photographed leaving a long trail of brown gas over Littau in Lucerne, Switzerland.

observers who have seen the staggering footage of the ‘death cloud’ are stumped as to the origin of the smoke.

According to local media reports, the young woman who witnessed the object in person, saw the UFO from her kitchen window in the late revving hours.

But the young woman, who has not been named, said the object did not fly through the sky.

Instead the witness said she picked up her camera to film the object as it motionlessly chugged out the smoke before vanishing into the sky.

She told 20 Minuten: “The object with the tail just stood in the sky and it did not move for two or three minutes.”

The object then rapidly reared back into life and “turned to the right and disappeared” the witness recounted.

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