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In a witness report to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) he said: "A light overpowered my headlight, which made me stop and look behind me.

"I witnessed a solid white light with pinkish strobe lights on either side of the main white light in the middle.

"Together they formed an oval saucer shape."

He said the blinking lights had no rhythm.

The man added: "It was close enough to me that it lit up the entire ground and trees around me.

"I killed the snowmobile and the object made absolutely no noise whatsoever.

"It hovered silently slowly moving up and down and they drifted far to the right and slowly went away from me.

"I tried chasing it through the woods, until it flew in a different direction that the trail went, so I lost sight of it."

He called his wife to explain what happened in the "10 minutes" after he left her and he said she yelled at him that he had been gone for more than two hours.

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