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Viewers have reported seeing an odd “cloud” in the sky on Monday night, as they looked to the west.

Throughout the night, FOX 10 Phoenix has received photos and video from people in Phoenix, Yuma, as well as Coachell, Menifee and San Diego in California, showing what happened.

Phoenix residents were in for an amazing sight Monday evening. Local news shared photos of what looks like swirling lights or a bizarre cloud taking up a massive portion of the sky in Phoenix (but apparently this was seen in other parts of Arizona, as well as California and Mexico, too). So far, there has been no explanation given for this mass display, but one person commented that this could be an example of “cloud iridescence,” or a rainbow cloud caused by ice crystals hanging in the atmosphere. Others believe this could be the leftover “contrail” of sorts of a missile or rocket launch. The latter is a lot more likely to me, considering this was seen as far as Mexico! Also, there is a Chinese space station expected to crash near this area in the coming days, so perhaps this event is related. As always, you be the judge:

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