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So says Nick Pope who investigated the strange phenomenon for the Ministry of Defence.

The massive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) also explored reports of flying saucers.

Since it was exposed last year, three videos have shown bizarre enouncters with pilots and inexplicably-fast aircraft.

And Mr Pope believes AATIP could solve the famous Rendlesham Forest incident on Boxing Day December 1980 in Suffolk.

Two members of the US Air Force (USAF), John Burroughs and Jim Penniston from the nearby Bentwaters and Woodbridge bases, went to investigate a suspected civilian plane crash.

They stumbled upon an unknown craft displaying strange “hieroglyphic symbols”, which accelerated away at high speed after they touched it.

The UFO was briefly tracked on radar and reportedly returned two days later and fired beams at air force crew and a “sensitive area” of the Woodbridge base, according to Mr Pope.

The former MOD expert said: “When the story about the Pentagon's secret UFO project first broke, there was an intriguing reference to AATIP having a dossier detailing the best UFO cases from around the world.

“Apart from Roswell, the Rendlesham Forest incident is the best-known UFO case in the world, so it's logical it would be in AATIP's dossier, especially as the Rendlesham witnesses were US military personnel.”

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