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A bizarre blue 'mutant' fish has been spotted in a lake, according to conspiracy theorists.

Jaw-dropping footage posted on YouTube shows what appears to be a brightly-coloured 4ft creature close to the surface of Gaston County lake earlier this month in North Carolina, US.

The clip was posted on YouTube on a channel called Disclose Screen, which has also posted videos claiming to show Bigfoot and extraterrestrials.

A caption alongside it said: "Can someone please identify this anomaly swimming around on a small lake (approx. 3.5 acres)."

It split opinion, with one commenter, Stephanie Robinson, writing: "I really think that it is a dead peacock.

"The object on top , looks like a foot of a fowl.....it's floating upside down, and possibly something pulling it around from below."

To read more, and view the video, click here.

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