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While there might be a number of modern mythological beasts stalking our woods, mountains, oceans, and rivers, most of them don't have sinister intentions. Sure, it'd be scary if Nessie poked her head over the water, or if Bigfoot wandered into your yard. But honestly, the worst thing a big ape is going to do is accidentally topple your mailbox, or maybe stare into your windows.

The chupacabra, on the other hand? Yikes. Those things are vicious. Known for ripping out the throats of livestock and draining out their blood, these vampiric "
goat suckers" have been accused of ruining the day for countless farmers throughout Latin America, as well as the southwestern United States. Surprisingly enough, the real scientific explanation behind the whole chupacabra myth is even creepier than the legend, particularly if flesh-eating mites make you uncomfortable. Before getting to that part, though, let's start back at the beginning.

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