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AN Inverness man claims his photo shows a UFO with ‘mysterious letters’ on it tearing through the sky above him.


Dougie MacDougall, 49, was flicking through his snaps when he spotted a strange, colourful object in the top corner.

The painter and decorator was out on a drive with his wife around 2pm when he snapped the ‘ship’.


He said: “We were on our way back to Inverness from Invergordon.


“We decided to take a shortcut onto the back-roads because the traffic on the A9 was really heavy.


“And I just stopped the car to get out and take a random photo in the sun.

But it wasn’t until Dougie got home that he noticed the mysterious blur.


He added: “I didn’t actually realise there was anything weird until I got home.

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Category: Weird Desk